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A Cop's Legacy: 2.3 Toddling Around


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Carter and Sharon teach their crazy adorable toddlers some important life skills.

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A Cop's Legacy: 2.3 Toddling Around

  1. 1. Madison’s ghost became a regular appearance in the Greene home. He sulked around, feet nevertouching the ground for most of the night. Or he stole the occasional nap on a bed in the boys’ room.
  2. 2. Carter would sometimes find his father following him around, trying to warn him about a future riff inthe family that would come when the boys were much older. This prophecy worried Carter, but his boyswere still too carefree and the warnings soon slipped his mind.
  3. 3. Elissa’s age was showing more and more with each passing day. She started spending more timelounging around the house and sleeping in order to keep up the energy to chase after her energeticgrandsons.
  4. 4. Dakota was a pleasant toddler, until he was hungry. When hungry, the boy screamed and cried evenwhen placed in his high chair until presented with food. He was also a picky eater, preferring applesauceto mashed peas and prunes.
  5. 5. Sharon took joy in teaching Dakota how to talk, while Elissa sat nearby, watching. Dakota was stubbornand took quite a while learning the most basic words. Although Sharon tried to challenge him far toooften, according to her mother-in-law.
  6. 6. Carter was learning how to balance family life and work. When the boys were asleep in their cribs, Cartersnuck down to the basement gym and ran on the treadmill or pumped iron in order to improve hisathletic skills for whatever task may lie ahead in his career.
  7. 7. One evening, Elissa invited her oldest child and only daughter’s children over to spend the night.Ashleigh (black hair) and Julia (blonde) had finally joined their brother in childhood. Dalton was verystudious and volunteered to help his sisters with their homework while grandma made dinner.
  8. 8. Dakota received much of his mother’s attention. Sharon had neglected to work off her pregnancy weightwith Elijah to spend time with her oldest. She didn’t want Dakota to feel as if his parents loved the newbaby more than him. Though Dakota had struggled with words, he was quick to walk and was soon alittle terror, running around the house.
  9. 9. When he wasn’t being a rambunctious toddler, Dakota slowed down enough to play with the blocksGrandma Elissa had purchased for his birthday. He loved the blocks and soon was able to place theproper shapes in the correct slots with little hassle.
  10. 10. Just before Elijah’s transition to a toddler and still a year before Dakota’s transition to a child, Sharondiscovered that she was pregnant again. Secretly, she prayed for a little girl. Two boys were already ahandful.
  11. 11. Elijah’s birthday party was filled with family. The little baby wasn’t quite sure about all of the noise andhullabaloo, but felt safe in his mother’s arms.
  12. 12. Of course, before Elijah completed his birthday transition, the guests were distracted by this deer grazingon the property.I just thought the deer was cute and had to add it into the photos. It really was present for Elijah’sbirthday though.
  13. 13. Elijah grew up into a seriously adorable toddler. His hair is slightly darker than Dakota’s, but he tookafter his brother in many other ways.
  14. 14. Carter took over the task of teaching Elijah how to talk on his days off. The process was slow as Dakotastumbled over vowels and consonants numerous times.
  15. 15. Sharon taught Elijah how to walk. Once he’d successfully learned to put one foot in front of the other hewas running, keeping up with Dakota.
  16. 16. The two Greene brothers were quite adorable and doted upon every moment possible. When one playedwith blocks, the other played the xylophone. Both were quite tone deaf, which was hilarious andannoying to their adult family members.
  17. 17. When playing with the doll house that Sharon had bought them (much to Carter’s dismay) the boys oftenshoved dolls up their nose or chewed on their heads. No doll was safe.
  18. 18. Finally, the last generation three baby joined the Greene family. Carter and Sharon named their youngestboy, Forrest Bennett Greene. He’s a Libra and was born with the Artistic and Heavy Sleeper traits.Immediately, Forrest was the easiest baby for Carter and Sharon to take care of and easily Elissa’sfavorite grandson.
  19. 19. Soon after Forrest’s birth, Dakota had another birthday. His parents decided to throw a pool party forthe little tyke, even though he wasn’t quite big enough to swim.
  20. 20. Even the cousins came to celebrate the oldest generation three birthdays. The party was a success.Stay tuned for more of the Greene family as Sharon and Carter raise three boys in Sunset Valley.