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A Cop's Legacy: 1.3 Growing Pains


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Madison and Elissa watch as Aly and Bennett continue to grow up and welcome the last generation two baby into the family.

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A Cop's Legacy: 1.3 Growing Pains

  1. 1. Aly took a deep breath as she stepped onto the school bus for the first time, only to find it completelydeserted. The bus driver said a quick hello to her as she took the first seat on the right and wished herluck on her first day of elementary school. Maybe things wouldn’t be so bad after all.
  2. 2. Aly made it through her first day without any incidences. Her teacher was a kind, older woman. At theend of the day she’d shyly talked to a few other youngsters and decided not to take the bus back home.Instead, she stopped by the ice cream truck stationed outside city hall and purchased a Push Pop withher leftover lunch money.
  3. 3. As the days went on, Aly continued to be the best big sister ever. She constantly showered Bennett withaffection, playing peek-a-boo, feeding him on occasion, and giving him lots of hugs. She also tried hardat school, staying to herself and reading lots of books, specifically cook books.
  4. 4. Four years after Bennett’s birth, Elissa found out she was pregnant again. This new baby had not beenexpected and she was worried about how Madison would react as his spy career was just taking off.When she announced the news after he got back from the gym one day a smile lit up his face and he tookhis wife into his arms, placing a soft kiss on her lips.
  5. 5. When he wasn’t working, Madison tried to help his daughter with her school work. He was worried thatshe had not made any friends of her own and chose to spend her time with her little brother instead ofmeeting new people. He knew she was shy, but she was also very bright and had lots of interesting thingsto say. Surely, someone wanted to be friends with her.
  6. 6. One day Madison got an urgent call at work. Elissa had gone into labor while giving a speech on waterpollution. Madison raced from the police department, running at top speed to reach the hospital.
  7. 7. The couple welcomed Carter Ryan Greene into the family on July 29th. He was a Leo and born with thesame traits as his older brother: loves the outdoors and virtuoso. It had been so long since Madison andElissa had had a baby in the house they had almost forgotten what it was like. Carter was not a heavysleeper and cried throughout the night, waking up his father for food or a diaper change on a regularbasis.
  8. 8. With all the excitement surrounding Carter, the Greene’s almost forgot about their oldest son’s birthday.Bennett celebrated his birthday and aged up into a child. He gained the Athletic trait like his father andloved to watch his old man work out, dreaming of the day he could finally run on the treadmill himself.
  9. 9. To celebrate Bennett’s birthday, Madison took him and Aly to the lake near their house and taught themhow to fish. Aly had more success than the others, which was surprising, considering she was a girl. Theycaught small minnows and goldfish most of the day and then headed back home for steak and cake.
  10. 10. Bennett had finally joined Aly in the world of education. However, his athletic attitude did not gounnoticed by the other children and he had an easier time making friends than Aly had. On the otherhand, he struggled with his grades and most of the time looked towards his older sister to help him makethe A.
  11. 11. Carter aged up well and soon Elissa taught her youngest child how to talk. It was clear Carter could be agenius with how quickly he picked up on the words his mother was saying. Words like bottle and deskcame easy to the little toddler.
  12. 12. Aly showered her youngest sibling with lots of love, as she had with Bennett when he was still a toddler.Carter loved playing peek-a-boo with her and could giggle the day away with his older sister.
  13. 13. Having two children clearly out of diapers made it easier for Elissa and Madison to focus more on theircareers. Elissa invited new friends over, schmoozing them with her political knowledge and asking forcampaign donations as she ran for mayor of their great city.
  14. 14. After long months of hard work and training, Madison was finally sent out on his first undercovermission with the department. He drove the squad car carefully, taking deep breaths to calm his shakinghands. He knew what could happen if he was caught spying at the old, abandoned warehouse.
  15. 15. The warehouse was the favored hide out of the most notorious criminals in Sunset Valley. Thedepartment had been working on a case against the head haunches for months. Madison knew he had tobe sneaky, approaching the warehouse on foot and watching as a drug/money exchange went down.
  16. 16. Because of his undercover work, Madison received a promotion plus a raise and a weekend off work. Hetook the time to spend with his children. He taught Carter how to walk. He tossed a football around withBennett and he helped Aly decipher a new recipe.
  17. 17. Madison couldn’t believe it when his princess aged up into a teenager. She was beautiful and he wasworried about all the teenage boys taking care of his shy daughter. She had her mother’s eyes andbeautiful long, blonde hair which she chose to tie back with a headband.
  18. 18. It seemed that, with age, some of Aly’s shyness had disappeared. Instead of spending evenings at homewith her family, she began going over to a friend’s house to hang out and do homework. She’d alsocaught the eye of a few boys, but chose not to pursue anything as she was still too much of a coward toask anyone out on a date for fear of rejection.
  19. 19. As she got older, Madison and Elissa thought it would be important for their daughter to learn a sense ofresponsibility. After applying for positions at the library, the movie theater, and the stadium, Aly finallyfound a job at the day spa her mother frequently visited. Having an after school job hindered her sociallife, but the teen didn’t mind.
  20. 20. Soon Bennett was joining his sister in teenhood. He gained the Brave trait and was constantly doingreckless, daredevil things to impress the ladies. Madison and Elissa wondered just how they were goingto manage two moody teenagers and a toddler.Woohoo! Two teenagers. And did anyone else notice Bennett’s stink clouds in the photo above? Thanksfor sticking with this legacy and come back for more soon!