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A Cop's Legacy: 1.5 Becoming Adults


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nAly, Bennett, and Carter continue to develop lives of their own and we get closer to naming the second generatio heir.

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A Cop's Legacy: 1.5 Becoming Adults

  1. 1. “’Bennett, I don’t even know what I want to do with my life yet. Something science oriented perhaps. Is there even a career field for that at the police department?” Carter questioned, a worried look creasing his brow.” “Bro, you’d be perfect in the forensics department! I heard mom and dad talking about it. They need someone like you,” Bennett encouraged his younger brother. “But…what about you? You were the first born boy. I don’t want to overstep boundaries by being named heir.” Carter was always thinking of others. “I’m not sure what I want to be yet either. I don’t even have a steady girlfriend. I think we both have positive and negative aspects. Mom and dadBennett and Carter sat on the couch discussing just have to weigh those to make their decision,”their possible futures. Bennett was just a few Bennett answered.days away from being a young adult, and thoughMadison had yet to make a decision, the Both boys walked away from the conversationbrother’s knew it would be coming. even more confused about what their futures would hold.
  2. 2. Instead of worrying about which brother would find himself heir, Aly was busy wooing the man of herdreams. Emmett Cornett was a perfectionist and an animal lover. He was also mean spirited, but withAly his demeanor changed and he was sweet and good.
  3. 3. The couple soon shared their first kiss. It was a moment of intense happiness for Aly as sparks flewbetween the two. It wasn’t long before Aly accepted an offer from Emmett to move in together and leftthe nest. Madison and Elissa were sad to see their baby girl go, but knew that they would support her aslong as she was happy.
  4. 4. Bennett was now the oldest in the house, having aged up and become a young adult. He developed thefrugal trait, after growing up in a home where money was normally tight. He also decided to take on thelifetime wish Perfect Mind, Perfect Body. He knew that with this wish he could attain a career inAthletics or in Law Enforcement.
  5. 5. In case he was to become heir, Bennett immediately headed down to the police department and appliedfor a position. He received the title of Snitch, but finally held his first job. (His parents had been unableto get him to follow in his older sister’s footsteps and take a part time job during high school.)
  6. 6. Bennett also set out to heal one broken heart he’d left behind. Growing up had made Bennett realize justhow much he needed his best friend, Kerri Vogel. She’d been there for him through everything, just as awife should do.
  7. 7. “Kerri, I’m sorry I was such an arse in high school. I’ve realized now I wouldn’t want to spend my lifewith any other girl. Would you go out with me?” Bennett asked her one day when they’d met at CentralPark.Kerri didn’t even bother with a reply. Instead, she pulled Bennett towards her and the couple sharedtheir first kiss.
  8. 8. Carter let worry over who would become heir cloud his every day thoughts. He didn’t know why it was soimportant to him, but he’d never felt like the favorite of his parents’ three children. He wanted to provehimself. He kept working hard in school and got a part-time job at the book store.
  9. 9. He watched as his older brother and sister found love and as Aly left the nest to be with Emmett. Now hewas the only child still single. However, he had someone in mind to change that.
  10. 10. Sharon Myles was the first girl Carter had ever tutored back in elementary school. She’d been a greatfriend at the start of high school, one of the only people who didn’t bully him for his glasses and geekyimage. He decided to take her out on a date. There Sharon confessed her attraction for him and thecouple was soon going steady.
  11. 11. After moving in with Emmett, Aly had started working as a Kitchen Scullion. One night when she camehome from work, Emmett had a lovely meal planned. Aly was famished and ready to dig into the lobsterthermidor. However, Emmett bent down on one knee and asked Aly to be his bride.
  12. 12. Of course, she said yes and dinner was quickly forgotten.
  13. 13. They rushed their marriage as Aly had found out she was pregnant and was worried about what herparents would think. They had a private wedding near one of the popular lakes of Sunset Valley. Aly wasno longer a Greene, but had taken Emmett’s last name. She became Aly Rose Cornett.
  14. 14. Madison was disappointed he had not been able to walk his daughter down the aisle. Still the arrival ofhis first grandson, Dalton Emmett Cornett, brightened his life just a little bit with his tiny toothless smileand baby smell.
  15. 15. Grandma Elissa was overjoyed with her grandson. She showered him with affection on a regular basis,often stopping by the Cornett house on her way home from city hall.
  16. 16. Speaking of romances, it wasn’t long before Bennett asked Kerri to move in with him, his parents, andCarter. He wanted to provide her a house of her own but was still not sure who the legacy would pass to.However, Kerri was only too willing to move in with Bennett. He was the man of her dreams.
  17. 17. Kerri’s lifetime wish was to become a Professional Author; however she wanted to be able to help providefor the family she hoped she and Bennett would be blessed with one day. She decided to apply for a job atthe stadium and soon earned the title of Rabid Fan.
  18. 18. Though his age was starting to get to him, Madison continued working with the department, travelingsome to pursue cases. He also kept in shape, exercising every day.
  19. 19. He was joined by his son. Bennett was very eager to move his way up in the Law Enforcement careerfield. He pushed himself too hard sometimes and was often sore and grumpy because of it.
  20. 20. Feeling that, despite his healthy mind and body, his days were numbered, Madison decided to retirefrom his place as International Super Spy. He was only willing to spend the last of his days with hisfamily.Two more chapters until Generation Two chapters begin. Thanks for sticking with me. Feel free tocomment with constructive criticism and come back to see what the Greene family goes through next.