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  1. 1. FULL NAME: AUBREY DRAKE GRAHAM aka: DRIZZY DRAKE DATE OF BIRTH: OCTOBER 24 1986 GENRE: R&B/Hip Hop/ Rap/Pop PLACE : Toronto, Ontario, Canada ERA: 21ST CENTURY MAINSTREAM HIP HOP/ RNB OCCUPATION: RAPPER, SINGER, ACTOR AND SONGWRITER -ACTOR: 2001 -SINGER: 2006 LABELS: YOUNG MONEY, CASH MONEY, UNIVERSAL REPUBLICDrake has collaborated with manypopular artists such as Lil Wayne, NickiMinaj, Jay Z, J Cole, Young Jeezy, TreySongz, Rihanna, Eminem, KanyeWest, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, RobinThicke, Timbaland and many more
  2. 2. Thank me later – Album:So far gone mixtape: 1) Fireworks1) Successful 2) Karaoke2) Im goin in 3) The resistance3) Fear 4) Over4) Uptown 5) Show me a good time5) Best I ever had 6) Up all night6) Houstatlantavegas 7) Fancy 8) Shut it down7) The Calm 9) Unforgettable 10) Light up 11) Miss me 12) Cece‟s interlude 13) Find your love 14) Thank me now 15) Best I ever had
  3. 3. Drakes song titles portray that he sings and raps from his heart about his journey to fame and his life as a famous celebrity.Drakes first mixtape “So Far Gone” song titles are more about his journey to fame and the beginning of his new life. The song titles from “Thank me later” are about him living the glamorous celebrity life which all hip hop artists have. Song titles that display this are “fireworks”, “fancy”, “Up all night”, and “light up”. The “Thank me later” album also shows that even though hes caught up in fame, he is still searching for love, song titles that show this are “Shut it down”, “Find your love” and “Best I ever had”. Drakes sings and raps about his family and friends and how his life has dramatically changed, although he is still the same old Drake. He raps about how the glamorous celebrity life has changed him and he‟s just a lost man trying to find his way back.Target audience: Drakes target audience are young people aged 16+ who appreciate hip hop and rap, both male and female as they relate to his lyrics and understand his music. As drake raps about drugs, sex, alcohol and life issues which is what 16 and overs can relate to.
  4. 4. -Ranked #3 Hottest MC by MTVAwards Wins Nominations (2009)BET AWARDS 2 7 -MTVs Hottest Mixtape of The YearBET HIP HOP 3 14 for "So Far Gone" (2009)AWARDS -Complexs #3 Best Albums of 2009GRAMMY AWARDS 0 6 for "So Far Gone"JUNO AWARDS 2 10 -Complexs #5 Best Mixtape Album of The Decade for "So Far Gone"MOBO AWARDS 0 3 (2009)MTV VIDEO MUSIC 0 3 -Ranked #4 Hottest MC by MTVAWARDS (2010)MUCHMUSIC VIDEO 3 9 -GQ Man of The Year (2010)AWARDS -Named #4 Man of The Year bySOUL TRAIN MUSIC 1 7 MTV (2010)AWARDS -Thank Me Later #6 Top-SellingTEEN CHOICE 2 9 Album Of 2010 on iTunesAWARDS -"Thank Me Later" ranked #5 on TopYOUNG ARTIST 1 5 TIME LP List (2010)AWARD "Thank Me Later" A #1 album at one point during 2010.TOTAL AWARDS WON = 28TOTAL NOMINATIONS = 85
  5. 5.  Album cover:The colour theme for this album cover is red, black and white, all bold, bright colours that contrast from each other to stand out. The cover is simple yet interesting, drake is not portraying any big brands or expensive jewellery like other hip hop artists, this challenges conventions and shows that he is a simple man, not obsessed with glamour and fame just a motivated artist passionate about his music. The background and his face are white which symbolises innocence whereas he has a black shadow highlighted in red over a quarter of his face showing he may have another side or split personalities. He is looking up with an inspired expression on his face as if he is looking up to reach his goals and succeed.
  6. 6. Drakes star image in this portrays the genre which is Hip Hop. He is wearing baggy trousers, trainers, a t-shirt, a leather jacket and a silver chain. Although drakes star image portrays hip hop, he is also very unique showing he doesn‟t conform to other hip hop artists. The typical hip hop look would be a big white t-shirt, with baggy jeans, a lot of jewellery and a new era cap or a lot of jewellery with a suit. Drake challenges these conventions and sticks to his own look with a cool stylish leather jacket, unique brown jeans and a simple silver chain. This shows he is not all about flashing brands and „bling‟ like all hip hop artists. Although the Aston Martin car behind him does portray the glamorous life which displays the hip hop genre.
  8. 8. Goodwin stated that lyrics will have constant references with visuals on screen. An example of this in Drakes video is when he says “one thing bout music when it hits you feel no pain” as he says this the words come up on screen in sync with the lyrics.
  9. 9. Goodwin also stated that the music and visuals will have a link. This is found in the video at the beginning, as the loud thunder sounds hit, the fire effect inside drake flashes in sync with the thunder sounds.
  10. 10. Another example of this is as the song slowly starts the lights turn off and theres a dim projection on the wall of a slow journey on a road but as the beat kicks in the projections gets brighter and faster which is also in sync with the beat Starts slow with less light and effects but as it gets faster effects and light increase
  11. 11. Goodwin stated that you can spot the genre characteristics in music videos. A genre characteristic in this video is drakes clothing as he is wearing a white t-shit, a hoody and a silver chain. This is a typical look for the hip hop genre as it portrays money by his silver chain and hoodies are typical of the genre.
  12. 12. A really popular intertexual reference is used in this music video, the lyrics “one thing bout music when it hits you feel no pain” which is from „hip hop‟ by Dead Prez. This is used to interest the audience as it is significant to them as Dead Prez are a well known hip hop duo and also „hip hop‟ was a big hit in the hip hop industry
  13. 13. There is frequently reference to notion of looking (gaze), Goodwin stated that in music videos women are usually seen as objects. Drakes video includes this as there is a woman dancing in revealing clothes. This attracts an audience as males see it as pleasurable as its an attractive woman. Females see the model as a style icon and also desire to have a similar body as its the „ideal‟ body.
  14. 14. Record labels have many demands over their artists. This involves close ups so the artist is more recognisable and appeals to certain audiences , how the artists represents themselves and also mentioning the record label in songs so that it is well known to the audience. In drakes video there are many close ups of Drake. The reason for this is as many females like R&B and Hip Hop therefore close ups are used so that females find Drake more attractive and sexy. Also males look at him as a role model and style icon. Also at the beginning of the song Drake mentions his record label as he says „Young Money‟
  15. 15. Website : FULL NAME: JERMAINE LAMARR COLE aka: J COLE DATE OF BIRTH: JANUARY 28TH 1985 GENRE: R&B/Hip Hop BORN IN : FRANKFURT, GEMRANY MOVED TO : FAYETTVILLE , NORTH CAROLINA (AT AGE OF 8) ERA: 21ST CENTURY MAINSTREAM HIP HOP/ RNB OCCUPATION: RAPPER, SINGER, AND PRODUCER -SINGER: 2007 LABELS: ROC NATION , COLUMBIA, SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENTJ Cole has collaborated with manywell known artists such as Drake, JayZ, Miguel, Wale, TreySongz, Beyonce, Rihanna, B.o.B, TalibKweli, Big Sean and many more
  16. 16. Friday Night Lights mixtape: Sideline Story – Album:1. Friday Night Lights (Intro) 1. Intro2. Too Deep For The Intro 2. Dollar And A Dream III3. Before Im Gone 3. Can‟t Get Enough4. Back To The Topic (Freestyle) 4. Lights Please5. You Got It 5. Interlude6. Villematic 6. Sideline Story7. Enchanted 7. Mr. Nice Watch8. Blow Up 8. Cole World9. Higher 9. In the Morning10. In The Morning 10. Lost Ones11. 2Face 11. Nobody‟s12. The Autograph 12. Never Told (prod. No I.D.)13. Best Friend 13. Rise & Shine14. Cost Me A Lot 14. God‟s Gift15. Premeditated Murder 15. Breakdown16. Home For The Holidays 16. Cheer Up17. Love Me Not 17. Nothing Lasts Forever [Bonus]18. See World 18. Work Out [Bonus]19. Farewell 19. Daddy‟s Little Girl [Bonus]
  17. 17. J Coles song titles show that he raps about real life issues and his life experiences before and after fame. He also raps about love similarly to Drake he is searching for love. J Cole raps a lot about his childhood, family and friends. Most of his lyrics are about past experiences in his neighbourhood such as losing close friends and family over drugs and violence. However he doesn‟t just rap about his story, his lyrics also tell the story of other people such as young women who lose themselves in life somewhere along the line (Daddy‟s little girl), or girls who‟s hearts get broken by infidelity (Never told), to the torment of a potential breakup (Nothing Lasts Forever), to the struggles of young parenthood and the decision of aborting a child (Lost Ones).Target Audience: J Cole‟s target audience are males and females aged 13 and above. The reason for this is as he raps about his childhood regrets and problems, he‟s trying to send a positive message out to help people going through the same thing such as growing up without a father, drugs or pregnancy. His lyrics are true and from the heart as he reveals his emotions and feelings which an audience aged 13 and above can relate to. Also he is telling the story of peoples everyday struggles such as abortion, break ups and young parenthood or death.
  18. 18. Awards Wins NominationsBET AWARDS 1 3UNDERGROUND 1 2MUSIC AWARDS •J Cole – „Friday Night Lights‟: Won Best Mixtape 2011 BET MUSIC HIP HOP AWARDS •Nominated Best New Artist 2011 BET MUSIC AWARDS •Nominated Rookie of the Year 2010 BET MUSIC HIP HOP AWARDS • Won male artist of the year 2011 UNDERGROUND MUSIC AWARDS
  19. 19. Varsity baseball jacket with baggy jeans fits the hip hop genre. Although he is not portraying any brands or J Coles face is expensive jewellery which expressionless which shows he is simple, this portrays him as calm and challenges conventions as relaxed,. However it also other hip hop artists always creates mystery being have expensive clothes and expressionless which jewellery. attracts the audience to the CD cover as they might think why is he expressionless. Closed hands symbolises peaceJ Cole is wearing rosary and serenity thisbeads which portrays also complementsreligion and peace. his facialThis complements his expression andcalm facial expression. rosary beads ‘J Cole’ is written in plain white font which The spotlight on J stands out from the background to make it Cole contrasts from easier for the audience to read. The ‘O’ has the background to devil horns whereas the ‘E’ has a halo which portrays evil and good, which suggests he may stand out and show have split personalities one being evil and one J Cole is the Star being good.
  20. 20. This is J Cole at the awards ceremony where he was also doing a performance with Wale and Rick Ross. He looks very casual not as dressed up as other artists would be. Casual checked shirt shows he is simple, he also doesn‟t expensive designer brands Baggy jeans fit the hip hopHigh tops also genre as it isfits the hip typical of a hiphop genre hop artist to wear them
  21. 21. J Cole – Work Out Music video
  22. 22. Through out the video there is a relationship between J Cole‟s actions and the lyrics. One example of this is when he say “Or is it just a hit and run” and he does a running action with his hand.
  23. 23. Another example is when he says “I know whats on your brain” and at the same time points to his brain.When he says “Youprobably hoping neverwould end” he does thepraying gesture with hishands closed whichsymbolises hope When he says “or is it just a one night stand” he puts one finger up and smiles implying it is
  24. 24. All through the video the cameras movements are steady and calm and there are no effects in the video. However the camera movement at the start is just slow and still but when the bass kicks in at 0.50seconds the camera rocks side to side slowly and also when ever the beat drops the camera switches to a new location or camera angle
  25. 25. Throughout the video you can spot many genre characteristics. Firstly the setting and location portray a hip hop genre. The location is a basketball court which is a typical setting for a hip hop video as it displays „the hood‟ where all hip hop artists start and include in there videos. Many hip hop artists use basketball in there lyrics and videos such as Drake (forever, best I ever had), J Cole, Skee Lo (I Wish), Wiz Khalifa (roll up), Chris Brown (Excuse me miss), The game, 50 cent, Lil Wayne and many more.
  26. 26. The clothes is another obvious genre characteristic. The male characters in the video are wearing sport clothes such as the baggy shorts, big t-shirts and fitted hats and high tops, which portrays the hip hop genre as its urban clothing. The females in the video are wearing very tight revealing clothes such as tight denim shorts/jeans, crop tops/bikinis and also a lot of make up, this also portrays the hip hop genre as it is voyeurism and portrays the women as object to attract the male characters attention.
  27. 27. The women is this video are portrayed as object as they are wearing very revealing clothes such as denim shorts, crop tops, bikinis and also a lot of make up. This attracts the audience a males would find it satisfying and find the women attractive. Also females would look up to them as role models with there clothes, jewellery, make up and figures.
  28. 28. In the video there are many close ups of J Cole and the camera is focussed on him through out the video to portray his start image and show he is the main artist. Many camera angles are used such as high angle shots, low angle shots, close ups and mid shots. This is so the audience recognise him more and are able to identify him.
  29. 29. FULL NAME: DWAYNE MICHAEL CARTER, JR. aka: LIL WAYNE DATE OF BIRTH: SEPTEMBER 27 1982 GENRE: Hip Hop PLACE : New Orleans, Louisiana US ERA: 21ST CENTURY MAINSTREAM HIP HOP OCCUPATION: RAPPER, SINGER -SINGER: 1990 LABELS: YOUNG MONEY, CASH MONEY, UNIVERSAL REPUBLIC AND YNIVERSAL MOTOWNLil Wayne has collaborated withDrake, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, JaySean, Eminem, Chris Brown, BustaRhymes, Birdman, The Game, MikePosner, Kevin Rudolf and many more
  30. 30. Rebirth - Album Tha Carter IV– Album:1. American Star 1. Intro2. Prom Queen 2. Blunt Blowin3. Ground Zero 3. MegaMan4. Da Da Da 4. 6 Foot 7 Foot5. Paradise 5. Nightmares Of The Bottom6. Get a Life 6. She Will7. On Fire 7. How To Hate8. Drop the World 8. Interlude9. Runnin 9. Abortion10. One Way Trip11. Knockout 10. John12. The Price Is Wrong 11. So Special 12. How To Love 13. President Carter 14. Its Good 15. Outro
  31. 31. The first album “Rebirth” song titles portray that the album is about Lil Wayne‟s life and probably past too as titles like “Prom Queen”, “paradise”, “drop the world” and “the price is wrong” suggest this. “Prom queen” hints his life in college or at school and titles such as “paradise” and “the price is wrong” suggests him living the glamorous life as all hip hop artists do. The second album “Tha Carter IV” song titles suggest the album is about his life at the moment . Similarly to J Cole his album mentions “abortions” and love problems, this implies that his album is targeted to male 13years and over but also females as they go through a lot of love problems all the time and may face problems such as abortion and pregnancy therefore listening to his album may provide answers , help and also feel like someone understands them and supports them.Target Audience: both males and females ages 13 years and above, this is because Lil Wayne discusses his life as a child and problems people face such as pregnancy, abortion and break up which affects both males and females therefore this artist attracts them as they can relate to his music and lyrics.
  33. 33. There is a lot of the colour gold in the background. Gold symbolises money, royalty, heaven and religion. This portrays theLil Wayne‟s clothing does not glamorous life as theportray a hip hop genre as he location looks like anis wearing a t-shirt, scarf, brown expensive room also thetrousers and his shoes are gold displays money,converse Chuck Taylor, this wealth and royaltychallenges conventions as hisclothing is different to other hiphop artists and it does notportray the hip hop genrealthough it displays moneywhich suggests the genre hiphop The electric guitar and wires portrayHis posture displays a music and also thecare free attitude genre of rock as thesuggesting he has no „rebirth‟ album has aworries and lives a lot of rock songs andrelaxed life, this Lil Wayne is startingdefinitely portrays the to produce moreglamorous life which such as “promsuggests the genre of queen” and “let ithip hop rock”
  34. 34. He is smoking whichshows the genre is hiphop as all hip hopartists rap and singabout „weed‟ andother drugs. It also Gold and Silverportrays a rebellious diamond chainsbehaviour, this also fits portray money andthe hip hop genre as wealth which fits inmost hip hop artists are with the hip hoprebellious genre as all artists live a glamorous life flaunting there expensive clothes, jewellery, money and cars. His body is covered in tattoos, this is typical of hip hop artists as it is part of there look. It also portrays rebellious behaviour this also displays hip hop
  35. 35. Lil Wayne – 6 foot 7 foot music video
  36. 36. When Lil Wayne says “and death is her sister” there is a shot of a girl beside another girl with a skeleton face painted on her face, also this shot is in black and white which emphasises death as the shot switches from colour to black and white and these colours portray death.Then he says “you know father time, we all know mother nature” as he says this there is a black and white shot of an old man displaying father time and then a colourful shot of a girl with flowers on her head and colourful eye makeup to portray mother nature.
  37. 37. Another example is when he says “Im a celebration” at the same time a girl jumps out of a cake, this portrays celebration as cakes symbolise celebrations and ceremonies. As he says “I think you stand under me if you dont understand me” a low angle shot is used which is shot under his feet, as if he is standing over the audience and the audience is standing under him, this makes the lyrics feel more real and the audience feel more involved.Another example is when he says “I be seeingthrough them like sequins” and theres a shot ofhim looking through the sequins which againmakes his lyrics seem more real to theaudience
  38. 38. At the beginning when theres a slow beat, the visuals are also in slow motion as Lil Wayne falls into the bath tub the water slowly splashes up, which makes it appear more affective As the beat kicks in the cameras movements keeping moving forward zooming in) and backward (zooming out) in sync with the beat, this makes it look as if the people and setting is shaking fast but its just the cameraThis shows the camera shaking
  39. 39. Many characteristics display hip hop such as the clothing. Firstly the boys behind Lil Wayne are all wearing baseball jackets, baggy jeans, high tops and fitted hats. This is urban clothing which all hip hop artists wear thus this foreshadows hip hop is the genre.The girls in the video are all wearing tight revealing clothes, and also a lot of make up such asred/coral lipstick. This also indicates it is a hip hop video as all videos of this genre includewomen in tight revealing clothes.
  40. 40. Other obvious genre characteristics are the money and smoke, as this portrays the glamorous life which hip hop artists live. It also portrays rebellious behaviour.
  41. 41. A very popular intertexual reference is used in this music video, this is from the movie inception. Firstly the video begins the same as inception with the scene of Leonardo DiCaprio asleep on the chair not waking, and then Joseph Gordon Levitt says “Dunk him” and Leonardo falls into the tub in slow motion. Lil Waynes „6 foot 7 foot‟ music video Leonardo DiCaprio Inception scene
  42. 42. Another scene from inception is when Leonardo DiCaprio and everyone is asleep in the car part of their plan. This is imitated in Lil Wayne‟s video. Inception is a very popular film therefore imitating seens from the film also makes Lil Wayne‟s video popular and recognisable.
  43. 43. I have learnt to create a successful hip hop music video I will need to include hip hop conventions such as designer clothes, jewellery, expensive cars, urban clothing, money and possibly portray women as objects as that is typical of the theme. However I can also challenge conventions by changing the clothing or end of the story