SuccessFactors Application Management Services


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SuccessFactors Application Management Services

  1. 1. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. Application Management Services 1 Ensuring cloud efficiency with SuccessFactors
  2. 2. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. • Integrations and Reporting Management • Workforce Analytics • Application Management • Release Management • Organization & Employee Data Management • Benefits Enrollment • Deduction and Leave Administration • Learning Administration • Talent Administration • Payroll Processing & Compliance • Court Ordered Deductions Administration • Tax and Filing • Time Administration Support • Policies & Procedures • Inquiry / Case handling • Self-Service Navigation Support • Document Management • Knowledge Management NGA Services to SuccessFactors Clients Service Center System Services HR Administration Payroll Processing 2
  3. 3. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. Cloud System & Application Management Services Service Center Services Case Management System Support Voice Call Management Systems Support Service Center Infrastructure and Security Document Management System Support Knowledge Management System Support Application Management Services Application Maintenance Application Configuration Modifications Application Testing Services Release Management Third-Party Vendor Integration 3 HR System Services Service Delivery System Support “Keeping HR applications up-to-date is critical to a company’s business.” To ensure an efficient and correct cloud HCM landscape at all times, NGA provides you with the resources and expertise to manage the following tasks, freeing up resources in your organization to focus on running the business: • Application optimization & interface assistance • Incident & problem resolution • Release management, change enablement & testing automation • Integration, configuration, security, reporting & tenant maintenance
  4. 4. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. SuccessFactors Application Management @ NGA 4 To maximize your investment in SuccessFactors, and to ensure that you can rely on a correct, efficient and up-to-date HCM landscape at all times while reducing complexity and minimizing business risk, NGA manages your SuccessFactors applications on your behalf, including: Configuration Management Integration Management Security Management Reporting Management Release Management SAP BPO partner since 1994 SuccessFactors BPO partner since 2012 Certified Cloud Consultants 50+ Successful Cloud Implementations 20+ Proven track record in 35countries
  5. 5. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. Configuration Management 5 NGA provides support for business process configuration and administrative maintenance including designing, developing, testing, and implementing custom configurations required to support business needs and process changes. You don’t need to have and train internal resources to maintain your custom configurations. Process and Policy Changes
  6. 6. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. Integration Management • Built to scale • Tested to uphold SLA’s • Leverage best practices across clients • Managed for timeliness and accuracy 6 In support of the unique and sometimes complex nature of integrations, NGA maintains a staff of advanced certified integration consultants with the expertise to design, build and support the most complex integrations linking SuccessFactors BizX with Employee Central as well as other third-party systems and data sources. NGA has invested in designing and building the best integrations, and we sign up to managing them continuously rather than handing them back to you to manage them. Connect and integrate
  7. 7. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. Security Management 7 Ensuring quality and consistency Ensure the quality and security of your SuccessFactors application and provide consistent service delivery to your HR department by relying on NGA’s expertise. Control what you can do and what you can access. NGA will manage workflow or templates changes, role based permission maintenance and post-implementation data migrations on your behalf, according to your business needs.
  8. 8. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. NGA has advanced certified HCM consultants with the expertise to perform advanced report developments and to design and build ad-hoc reports in addition to supporting the standard SuccessFactors reports. Reporting Management 8 It is all about the data... Design Develop Test Assign Access Schedule Publish
  9. 9. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. Release Management 9 Controlling the release Every 3 to 4 months, SuccessFactors releases a new update of its HCM platform. NGA helps SuccessFactors customers in adopting these new releases in the most efficient way, through the following services: • Change enablement for standard SuccessFactors platform changes • Provision of a preview of the changes and new functionality at the field level • Testing and adoption of the selected new functionality • Customer specific configuration release management Integrated Applications (Pay, Benefits, Time) Successfactors Coordinated Releases in an integrated world
  10. 10. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. Transitioning to AMS is Simple and Quick Simple Terms 10 Standard Contractual Agreement • Proper legal risk protections • Matrix of roles/responsibilities within Statement of Work • Defined transition schedule with acceptance criteria • Established governance and service levels Straightforward Pricing • Standard baseline pricing tied to scope and assumptions • Compare standards against interface counts, reports and support hours • Fixed terms to be agreed upon; tied to performance
  11. 11. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. Benefits of NGA’s SuccessFactors AMS 11 Tailored Services Providing tailored application maintenance, integration and/or release management services to meet individual company needs. Enlarged in-house IT team Employ a highly skilled SuccessFactors consultant with the competencies of your choice. Avoid the cost and time spent on hiring an extra employee, and focus on your core business. Standardized Tools, Processes & Metrics Use of qualitative methodologies & tools, globally standardized processes and proven SLAs, ensuring real-time monitoring, timely response and guaranteed service levels In-house network of expertise Our worldwide availability and large pool of SuccessFactors consultants enables us to access a trusted network of expertise and experience. One Single Point of Contact Managing all application maintenance and release management activities through one single vendor reduces risks and communication issues.
  12. 12. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. Why should you consider NGA Global Team Proven Track Record • Global team with resources in all regions globally (EMEA, NA, LATAM, APJ) • Global roll-outs, leveraging in-country, local experts • Over 8 years of cloud implementation experience • Deep knowledge of the entire BizX suite • SAP integration partner since 1994 • SAP BPO partner since 2004 • SuccessFactors services partner since 2012 Expertise • Deep & wide HRIS integration expertise, including SAP HCM, Oracle E-business Suite, Oracle Fusion, PeopleSoft and others. • Unique EC >< Payroll BPO standardized integration • Solely focused on HR processes Payroll & BPO services • Ability to deliver payroll in more than 145 countries across the globe • Easy connection to NGA’s Payroll Exchange solution to optimize data flow and exchange • Ability to add BPO services with call center technology and Tier 1 support * Several NGA staff have previously worked at SuccessFactors or an SF Partner in implementation delivery roles
  13. 13. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. Download our SuccessFactors AMS datasheet Visit our online Resources Center and download the datasheet. Read more on how NGA can support you in getting the most out of your SuccessFactors solution. management-services-successfactors 13
  14. 14. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. Why NGA? 14 We can help you transform your business-critical HR operations to deliver more effective and efficient people-critical services. In so doing, you’ll become a better employer through smarter, more streamlined business processes — saving money, managing employee lifecycles and supporting an agile, globally connected organization. Making HR Work — Better
  15. 15. ThankYou. 15