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Agile1 scope of services

  1. 1. More than 80% of an organization’s operating costs can be attributed to the workforce –making the challenge of acquiring, managing and retaining the right talent yourorganization’s number one value proposition.Agile•1 provides custom workforce service programs and a suite of Web-hostedapplications to support talent acquisition and management. Driven by a consultative,best-practices approach, Agile•1 solutions are aligned with your business objectives.Agile•1 programs are scalable and flexible to meet the needs of your organization–today and in the future.Manage contingent and direct staffingneeds more efficiently and effectivelyComply with legal hiring practices anddata management requirementsSupport consistent enterprise hiring processesacross departments and around the globeDecrease costs and increase the value ofyour workforceSingle Source for Workforce Procurement Technologyand Program ManagementYour Workforce ManagementSERVICE ANDTECHNOLOGYAcceleAutomSourcingconsuminmanageAutomattime andstaffing sAccelerProvidesfrom youSystem pAccelerHelps maThe StateSOW supAccelerAutomatCompliafederal tAccelerSolutions PartnerVMSATSICCSOWRecruitmentProcessOutsourcingRPOWorkforceConsultingWCSSolutionsCorporateAlumniProgramALUMNIProfessionalServicesPPSPayrollingManagedProgramsMSPServices
  2. 2. Acceleration Workforce Recruitment and Management Technology Suite:Automating the Workforce Procurement ProcessSourcing talent, managing time and expenses, invoicing suppliers, and reporting program metrics using traditional methods can be timeconsuming and costly. The Acceleration Technology Suite simplifies communication between applicants, workers, suppliers and hiringmanagers, providing modular solutions that improve contingent and direct staffing needs.Automates contingent hiring processes—from creation of the job requisition through the interview and screening process, applicant selection,time and expense keeping, as well as invoicing and reporting. The Vendor Management System provides Web portals for contingent workers,staffing suppliers and hiring managers.AccelerationVMSProvides an online database to post and track job openings, distribute job listings to multiple job boards, capture applicant information enteredfrom your company Website and manage the process of screening and hiring direct workers. By customizing the external Applicant TrackingSystem portal to match your Web presence, Agile•1 provides a seamless transition to the jobs portal via your company Website.AccelerationATSHelps managers and contractors clearly communicate and track project milestones, including changes in time and materials.The Statement of Work tool helps maintain a clear and consistent understanding of project deliverables, budget and timeline.SOW supports consolidated invoicing and assists in keeping projects on schedule, avoiding unnecessary expense.AccelerationSOWAutomates the independent contractor (1099) qualification process and helps mitigate co-employment risk. The Independent ContractorCompliance application collects data to screen independent contractors against company standards, legal regulations, and current local andfederal tax laws.AccelerationICCACCELERATION FEATURES ACCELERATION BENEFITSConsistent Job Order ManagementFaster and easier job order creation across departments and an entire enterprise usingcustomized templatesStreamlined approval processes configured to meet distinct business needsValue-driven Order Fulfillment ProcessAutomated identification of the most qualified candidates within your budget from trustedsuppliers using an auction approachFaster review of resumes using the candidate matchCentralized, faster, more effective order fulfillmentRobust ReportingReal-time reporting of program activity, including worker time and expenses, order fulfillmentturnaround times and budgets by departmentAccess to more than 100 standard reports and ad-hoc capabilitiesCentralized Diversity Spend ManagementManagement of diversity and total workforce spendSupport for OFCCP and EEOC requirementsEmail AlertsEmail alerts pertaining to system activityTimely approval of requisitions and time cardsPrompt resume review alerts as qualified candidates are receivedExecutive Dashboard – Workforce Management SnapshotFast, informed workforce program management decision-making using on-demandgraphical view of workforce activityWorkflow TemplatesStreamlined, consistent communications with candidates using customized templates forjob order creation and communicationIntuitive, consistent processes and standards©2009AGILE•1
  3. 3. AllSource Program Management and Consulting:Workforce Procurement and Management ServicesManaging supplier and recruiter relations, negotiating rates and managing on-boarding procedures on a departmental level can cost yourorganization valuable time and money. The AllSource service suite includes a comprehensive series of options that can be combined to createa customized enterprise workforce service delivery solution.Identifies, attracts and maintains relationships with former company associates, much like university alumni programs. Agile•1‘s Accelerationtechnology integrated with Web 2.0 social networking tools and best practices in workforce solutions create a strong Corporate Alumni Programthat allows your organization and its alumni to draw on your collective resources to explore new business opportunities and alliances.AllSourceALUMNIProvides a comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective Managed Services Program solution to meet your contingent workforce acquisition,program management and supplier management needs. A single point-of-contact helps standardize business practices, support servicelevel requirements and facilitate communication with hiring managers, contingent workers and staffing suppliers.AllSourceMSPIncludes a comprehensive series of services that can be combined to create a customized direct-hire workforce Recruitment ProcessOutsourcing. Services include acquisition management, leveraged recruiting, learning and evaluation, offer and negotiation manage-ment, uniformed on-boarding and comprehensive performance metrics. Select elements to support specific program needs or implementan end-to-end recruitment process outsourcing solution.AllSourceRPODelivers Professional Payrolling Services for contracted workers. Agile•1 onboards, manages time capture and payrolls named workers,contracting them to clients to whom they provide services under the Agile•1 program. This service allows clients to leverage the expertiseof named resource workers as part of their contingent workforce, while mitigating co-employment risks and liability—decreasing the costsassociated with workforce management.AllSourcePPSOffers stand-alone or bundled Workforce Consulting Services to help clients improve talent acquisition and workforce managementprocesses, increasing program value. Key offerings include best practices in workforce planning, change management, employeelifecycle consulting, workforce diversity & inclusion strategy and organization design & development.AllSourceWCSALLSOURCE FEATURES ALLSOURCE BENEFITSStandardized Talent Acquisition and WorkforceManagement ProcessesReduced costs and increased productivityConsistent, streamlined processes across departments, functions and geographiclocationsRisk Mitigation SupportWorker acquisition and on-boarding in accordance with legal requirements and businessgoalsCentralized, consistent supplier contract managementRetrievable audit trail of system activityIndependent Contractor (1099) ComplianceStreamlined, consistent contractor review processes in accordance with tax regulationsand company rulesBenchmarking and Market Research ReportsReal-time access to program activity, including worker times and expenses, orderfulfillment turnaround and budgets by departments.Customized market research and rate analysis reportingWorker Screening and On-boardingCustomized worker screening, including management of background checks, drugscreening and interviewsCustomized orientation and training for new-hiresContinued Program ImprovementProgram report analysis and augmented talent management processes supporting workerretention and other program goalsCustomized templates for creation of job orders and communication with candidatesSupport for consistent processes and standards
  4. 4. THE AGILE•1 DIFFERENCESingle Software System to Support Talent ProcurementA single technology resource for all of your hiring needs—contingent and direct. Agile•1 is one of feworganizations offering scalable software modules that deliver end-to-end workforce solutions for both contractand payrolled workers.Proven Workforce Consulting ExpertiseAgile•1 consulting solutions support organizations large and small throughout North America and around theworld. Our experts deliver premiere consulting services that streamline processes, mitigate risk and controlcosts—optimizing your workforce as well as the overall goals of your organization.Proprietary TechnologyBuilt on more than 30 years of industry experience, Agile•1 technology solutions are designed to supportcustomer needs and promote industry best practices. By leveraging our own in-house developmentresources, turnaround on products and services designed to meet your distinct business workforce needs isminimized.One-Stop Workforce Management Resource for Service and SoftwareThe Agile•1 suite of service and software solutions delivers flexible options that can be implemented asneeded to maximize the effectiveness of your workforce. By combining exceptional service with the latesttechnologies, Agile•1 eliminates the need to manage separate service contracts. Your organization gainsdirect access to industry experts who specialize in implementing customized programs that meet yourongoing needs. Enlisting Agile•1 as your single-source provider for talent acquisition, vendor management,recruitment process outsourcing and workforce consulting needs saves you time and money.Agile•1 is MBE/WBE Certified and a Corporate Plus Memberof the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC).About Agile•1Built on decades of experience with Fortune 1000 customers and committed relationships with highlyrespected, global workforce partners, Agile•1 is a leading provider of talent acquisition, supplier manage-ment and total recruitment process solutions. In response to industry needs, Agile•1’s customer-provensolutions are carefully engineered to help hiring managers, suppliers, workers and applicants collaborate,decreasing liability and streamlining the entire talent sourcing and management process. Agile•1 workforcesolutions empower people to spend more time focusing on their core competencies, maximizing the valuethat each new-hire brings to the organization.800.365.2281