Creative post-16 MFL ideas

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A presentation for Links into Languages dealing with creative ways to inspire and raise standards in post-16 MFL.

A presentation for Links into Languages dealing with creative ways to inspire and raise standards in post-16 MFL.

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  • Suggestion: what key verbs / nouns can you find as well
  • Where is it? What can you see? Who is there? Where are they going? What are they doing? Why?
  • do as running dictation- who spots the errors?


  • 1. Chris Fuller
    Creative ideas for 6th form
  • 2.
  • 3.
    Predict what the article will be about
    Write the title
    Write the opening paragraph – thinking of style
    Argue their case
    Compare , contrast, assess
  • 4. text prediction
    cut news stories into 2, pupils write summary of their part
    • then have to describe what happened
    • 5. guess to match the 2 halves
    • 6. predict follow-up to the 2 sections: pair work
  • Just a Minute
    Challenge: talk, in TL, for 1 minute
    Pupils allowed to challenge for hesitation, deviation or inaccuracy
  • 7. Have I got News for You gap-fills
  • 8. Balderdash
    1) Create a series of cards with a very high level word PLUS its definition
    2) 1 player has that card
    3) All players are told the word and have to create a definition
    4) Definitions are read out by person who’s turn it is (including the correct one)
    5) Players guess the accurate definition
  • 9. Thinking Skills
    Where is it? What can you see? Who is there? Where are they going? What are they doing? Why?
  • 10.
    • rewrite as serious article
    • 11. present “live from the scene”
    • 12. what happened next?
    • 13. What caused the person to act like that?
    • 14. Character biographies
  • 15. wiki
  • 22. Edmodo
    ‘A private social platform for teachers and students to share ideas, files, events and assignments’
  • 23. Edmodo
    Teachers are able to set up classes and groups (for which Edmodo generates a unique alpha-numerical code) set and collect assignments, send alerts, link to online resources, attach documents and embed audio visual material. When students log on to Edmodo for the first time, they are prompted to enter the unique code generated for their class and thus both teacher and student accounts become linked and they can begin communication privately and safely.
  • 24. Edmodo
  • 25. Voicethread
    (Northgate MFL)
    • develop banks of opinions in response to visual stimulus
    • 26. collaborate before evaluative essay
    • 27. devil’s advocate roles? Online debate
  • Adverts –
    Listening exercises
    Use as examples for own
    Critical analysis- why interesting?
  • 28. Writing subtitles
    Write subtitles, either for something they’ve watched or over a muted clip- then compare, contrast, evaluate
    Can be done as homework from a video on blog / wiki
  • 29. continue the article / story
    Forces pupils to think through the appropriate register
    - creativity
    - need to fully understand the text in order to continue it
    Equally, what is the backstory to any incident?
  • 30. Write comments on blogs
    Sometimes they reply!
  • 31.
  • 32.
  • 33. Xtranormal
  • 34. podcasts
    • Effectively a digital audio recording
    - edited using Audacity
    - published online (blog / itunes)
  • 35. podcasts
    • Create topic podcasts
    - ANYTHING your imagination can think of
    - even to replace some speaking tests?
  • 36. podcasts
    • Make a radio advertisement
    e.g. for biscuits
    Language needed: comparisons
    basic adjectives of taste / cost / health
  • 37. podcasts
    • Create a Slidecast
    - using pupils can upload a PowerPoint and then record a voiceover for each slide
    - can be embedded into a blog
  • 38. Podcasts as listening materials...
    Coffee Break Spanish
    -excellent topic explanations
    2) Notes In Spain
    - come with supporting materials
    - based around topics affecting life in Spain
  • 39. Podcasts as listening materials...
    3) Elliot school podcasts
    - KS5 topics, with exercises
  • 40. Podcasts as listening materials...
    4) iTunes as a podcast search engine
  • 41. Use of Audacity
  • 42. create a display
    Encouraging creativity
    - emphasis still on end output but without the intensity
    - increases cultural materials for other pupils
  • 43. interviews in pairs / groups
    Can be done as serious or comic
    - an expert on climate change
    - a historian
    - an immigrant
    Even get in touch with international bodies to see if you can organise an online interview for real!
  • 44. Flip- dialogues
    Opportunities for creativity
  • 45. Skype / Pamela
    Potential speaking homework
    + practises key skill
    - can be put onto blog / wiki
  • 46. Songs
    Fantastic to break down for grammar points
    or to analyse cultural aspects
    Spanish: Manu Chao, Clandestino
    (immigration, great video)
    Bebe, Malo(domestic violence)
    Alex Ubago, La Quinta Estación,
    La Oreja de Van Gogh
  • 47. Running dictation
    Rules: only Target Language allowed
    1 player to write, 1 player to run
    good to encourage communication of simple ideas, such as positions + to practise complex ideas
    focus on accuracy so ideal for key structures e.g. subjunctives
    fun + motivational
    deliberate misspellings to focus on a specific point?
  • 48. create grammar exercises for year 11
    Forces pupils to think through structures
    - creating a piece for a genuine purpose
    - could be accompanied by an explanatory podcast guide
  • 49. Self-check list on folder
  • 50.
  • 51. Free, constant CPD
    - become part of a global Personal Learning Network
  • 52. For more info…
    (where this presentation will be available to download)