Music questionnaire results


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Music questionnaire results

  1. 1. Morgan CloughMusic Questionnaire ResultsI made a questionnaire to find out if people consume music magazines and if so what attracts themto it and how they want to buy it. I gave my questionnaires to 10 people within Eccles College ofdifferent age ranges to make sure I got a different set of results. Also to get a different set of results Igave the questionnaire to different genders to also get different views on the favourite genres ortype of magazine they want to read. The results of my questionnaire will be shown through thecharts and paragraphs following this. Favourite Genre Pop Rock Heavy Metal Soul Country Indie RnB OtherMy results showed me that the most popular genres of the people who answered my questionnairein Eccles College were Heavy Metal and Indie. Through the increase of popularity of Indie musicwithin the music industry, this is shown through this chart and the results of my questionnaire. Theresults may have been different if there were more females taking part in the questionnaire. 60% ofthe results were from males and 40% from females. If the percentage of females would have beenbigger I would assume that Pop and RnB would have been more popular. The other category isbecoming increasingly popular which is genres such as Dubstep which over the past few years hasbecome more common to the music industry.
  2. 2. Morgan Clough Consumption of Magazines Every day Once a week Once a month Hardly ever NeverThe results of this question showed me that music listeners don’t consume music magazines and ifthey do it is very rarely. Music listeners normally use Web 2.0 technology such as YouTube, Myspace,Facebook to get information on their favourite bands and artists. Through the release of YouTube in2004 Web 2.0 technology has become increasingly popular as people download their music andwatch videos through this. What attracts you to a magazine? Front cover Articles House Style OtherMy results show me that the front cover is the main appeal which attracts somebody to a magazine.This shows that whoever the main picture is on the front cover will result in whether somebody buysthe magazine or not. So if a rock audience seen an image of the Rolling stones they would most
  3. 3. Morgan Cloughlikely buy that magazine over the one with an image of Justin Bieber on. Also what attracts people tothe magazine is the articles. My results show me that the House Style of the magazine effects about20% of people buying magazines. From the results I got of the first question the Rock genre is mostpreferred, if the results from this shown that most people like a Pop genre then maybe the housestyle would have been considered more and appealed more to the target audience. Which music magazines do you buy? NME Kerrang Mixmag Rolling Stones OtherMy results tell me that over half the percentage of the people who filled out the questionnaire chose‘other’ most people then wrote that they didn’t read music magazines. This shows me that web 2.0technology is where most people get their information about music and music releases from. Thiscould also be from the age range of people whom filled out the questionnaire. If more people of anolder generation filled the questionnaire out I may have had different results. Age Range 0-15 16-25 26-40 41-60 61+
  4. 4. Morgan Clough The results I got from this questionnaire don’t influence the design of my magazine becausemost of the results I consumed from this questionnaire are from a Rock/Alternative audience whereas I will target my magazine towards a Pop/RnB Genre. The audience for my magazine will beperhaps more for a female audience because of the Pop genre of the magazine so the results wouldbe somewhat different. They affect the layout of my genre because the results from the question‘What attracts you to a magazine’ tells me what the audience look for in a magazine so I willcarefully take the results from that into consideration.