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Primary search results


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Primary search results

  1. 1. Morgan Clough Primary Search ResultsI collated these results for my market research. The purpose of this research is to find out a potentialtarget audience for my short film by asking questions such as ‘What is your preferred genre of film’this will help me decide a genre of film that I will use to base my coursework on. The method I usedto collect this data was Questionnaires by collecting both Quantitative and Qualitative. Asking broadquestions and collecting word data from participants gives me the relevant information to be able tostart to build my target audience for my short film.Firstly, I asked participants for their gender. This gives me relevant target audience information to beable to work out who I want to target my film too. I found out that a lot of the people who had filledout were mainly Females. Gender Female MaleThis shows me that a female audience watch short films more than males do. This tells me that Ishould target my film more to an audience of females because they are shown to watch them morethan a male audience.Secondly, I asked participants for their preferred genre of film. This will help me decide on the genreof the short film I will be making for my coursework. I found that Males would typically chooseHorror and Action films and Females would choose Comedy or Rom-Com. This is stereotypical of theFemale and Male genre as Males are stereotypically known to be masculine and like blood, dangerand gore. Females are stereotypically known to enjoy romantic films.
  2. 2. Morgan Clough Genre Horror Comedy Sci-Fi Romance Rom-com Adventure Action OtherThis shows me that the most popular genre of film is Romance, Rom-com and Comedy. This alsogives me a better insight into what genre of film I would base my short film around. This tells me themost enjoyed genre of film by a female is Romance, rom-com and comedy so this means I wouldtarget my film at a mainstream audience of females who enjoy romantic but comedy films.I then asked whether the participants watched Short Films. The majority of the participants putdown that they did not watch Short Films. This made it harder for me to target to a preferredaudience because a wide audience would mostly enjoy watching regular films that have more of astoryline to it than a shorter film. Do you watch Short Films? No Yes
  3. 3. Morgan CloughThis shows me that I would have to make the Short Film more interesting and catches the audienceeye to keep a wider audience attracted to the film. Making a mainstream audience want to watchthe film and not get bored.I then asked the participants how they watched short films. Because a frequent amount of theparticipants didn’t watch short films they ticked the boxes for how they watch regular films. I askedthis question for my market research to find out how films are watched by an audience. How do you watch Short Films? Television Download off the Internet Tablet/iPad YouTube OtherFrom these set of results I came to the conclusion that most films are watched either on television or‘Other’ which could be anything from Netflix to paying for them on demand off a television. Thishelps me because it helps me determine how an audience would watch a Short Film.I then asked do the participants like a film when it has a narrative enigma (audience aren’t sureabout what will happen within the film – it is perhaps elliptical, leaving the audience guessing) Do you like it when the film has a narrative enigma? Yes No
  4. 4. Morgan CloughFrom the results of this question I came to the conclusion that over half of the people I interviewedliked a narrative enigma in a film – this helps me determine how I will set the storyline of my filmout. Whether to follow a linear narrative (in chronological order) or whether to keep the audienceguessing by using a time fragmented narrative which can then create a narrative enigma, a highfrequency of a mainstream female audience would enjoy this because it leaves the audience tocome to their own conclusion about what could happen in the film and then their conclusion can bemade true of false when the ending is revealed to the audience. As a media producer I will use HallsEncoding and decoding theory, as a media producer I will encode the meaning of a romance comedyinto the film by including typical conventions of the film so they can be decoded by the audience.This helps the film achieve the correct target audience. The mise en scene for example may havestereotypical representations of a romance-comedy through the use of male and female characters,although some of the characters e.g. the male character in the film, challenges the stereotype ofmale characters. This can target a new category of romance-comedy film, this creates a new genre offilm.I then asked the audience what were their favourite films – this helped me determine a structure tobase the film around whether to get inspiration off another popular film. This also carries on fromthe narrative enigma – this helps me decide what to base my film around and whether to take someideas from the audience’s favourite films.I then asked the question ‘how long would your ideal film last?’ this was to find out how long aconsumer would prefer their film to last. Whether they like long films which have narrative enigmaand take a couple of hours to get to the point of the film, or whether they enjoy a short film whichgets straight to the point of the storyline. How long would your ideal film last? 30 mins 1-2 hour 2-3 hours 3+ hours
  5. 5. Morgan CloughThis tells me that an audience enjoys a film of 2-3 hours which tells me a consumer enjoys narrativeenigma, the storyline gets slowly told throughout the film. This has helped me determine how longmy film will last and how I will put the storyline across to the audience.After reviewing these questions I have come to the decision that the chosen genre of my film will bea Romance-Comedy, this is a hybrid genre so it can be watched by a mainstream audience whoenjoy either romance or humour. I will use a narrative enigma which will keep the audience guessingby giving them false hope on what may or may not happen during the film.The use of narrative enigma would appeal to my audience because in conventional rom-com anarrative enigma is used, I would use Uses and Gratification theory as a media producer to targetthe preferred audience by using Personal Relationships and Personal Identity. This is directlyappealing to the target audience because whilst watching the film they will be able to relate to thefilm because of typical conventions of the use of gratifications within the film. Although someaudiences may have an oppositional reading to the film because of the complex narrative enigma, awider audience will have a preferred reading of the film because it leaves suspense and also givesthe audience time to come up with their own conclusion for the film.