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McClenahan Bruer (McBru) crafts content marketing strategies,
practices, and assets that
feed tech B2B audiences.

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McBru Content Marketing

  1. 1. CONTENTMARKETING Crafting strategies, practices, and assets that feed tech B2B audiences.
  2. 2. STRATEGYPinpointing market needs and your currentasset inventory, and then defining theprocesses and plans to hone your content McBru Content Marketing Servicesmachine. McBru has been developing content for technology markets since long before the term “content marketing” caught fire. We’ve come to know technologists intimately over the years: engineers and IT managers hate being marketedCREATIONWriting, design, and development of to, but they hunger for relevant information to help themtech B2B assets, based on our expert work smarter and create more competitive products andknowledge of your market and the latest services. So we’ve fed that appetite, serving up nutritioustechnologies. white papers, web content, case studies, email blasts, newsletters, videos, infographics… you name it.DELIVERY We do this better than just about anyone because we liveAugment your marketing programs withMcBru interactive, social, print and event and breath technology. We understand tech B2B buyersexpertise, available on-demand to engage and influencers and – being a full service firm – we knowyour audiences. how the whole marketing machine needs to work. 2
  3. 3. Content strategyMcBru has honed its tech B2B marketing expertise across In parallel with funnel mapping, we conduct a contenta spectrum of clients and disciplines, including content inventory to determine exactly what assets you have, whichmarketing, customer engagement, and market research. need to be updated, and where they all live. The deliverableWe apply those rare insights and proven methods to our for this phase is a gnarly spreadsheet detailing every contentcontent strategy practice. type and its location, grouped by product or market focus.We start with funnelmapping. First, we defineyour target audiences’content needs at each stage ofthe sales cycle. We zero in on whatquestions technical and economicbuyers will ask at which point in thecycle, and where they look for answers.We do this through: Research and strategic planning paves a path ahead.• Interviews with internal executives, product managers, and subject matter experts, and Our final phase is analysis and strategy. We conduct a gap analysis, determining which of the assets needed from the• Direct market research among technical and economic funnel mapping phase already exist in your inventory, and buyers through online smart surveys and one-on-one which don’t. We also create a custom content development interviews. process that takes into account your internal resources, budget, program needs and business objectives. 3
  4. 4. As we map this knowledge to your in-house expertise and assets, we use our experience running and measuring real- world makerketing programs to tune our reccomendations. In other words, we know content itself is not the end goal; engagement and revenue are the results we’re focused on.Videos for raising awareness and preference.We can put arms and legs on your content strategy bydeveloping planning documents and editorial calendars,in collaboration with your subject matter experts. With ourunderstanding of web, email and social media processes, wecan connect the dots between content sourcing, productionand distribution. White papers, case studies and other in-depth assets. 4
  5. 5. Content creation:WRITING, DESIGN AND PRODUCTIONIf there’s one thing we hear again and again from clients, it’sthat McBru really understands technology audiences andhow to effectively communicate with them. That’s becauseour in-house writers have deep experience in understandingand explaining very technical subjects. Strangely, theylove the challenge, and have a commitment to clarity andresults. And, whether the deliverable is a whitepaper, casestudy, blog post, tweet, video or infograhic, it all starts withwriting. We are justifiably proud of our writing and wouldlove to share examples.Our design, development and project management resourcespractice excellence in their crafts as well as sensitivity tohow technology should be presented. Our work is regularlyexperienced through websites, email, banner advertising,video players, and, yes, even print. In every case, our clientscount on consistently high quality content, on time, with aminimum of explanation and review on their parts. Infographics and motion graphics for visual storytelling. 5
  6. 6. Delivery over any mediumIn many cases, we deliver content assets to clients to use intheir in-house programs and channels. But just as often wealso have the responsibility to deliver the content to targetaudiences and measure the response, be it views, sign-ups,leads and other forms of engagement. Only a full-servicefirm can do that: help you at every step of your contentmarketing from initial strategy to another satisfied customer.Social media content development and management. Writing, design and development for email and web. 6
  7. 7. Why McBru?• For 20 years, McBru has helped B2B marketers communicate with technologists around the world. We understand the audiences’ information needs, their terminologies, even what keeps them up at night. We can quickly understand your content needs, and weave in our expertise to make a powerful content arsenal.• Nothing beats having in-house writers dedicated to the tough business of tech B2B content. You won’t have to waste time explaining what your product does; together, we’ll craft the best expression of value that your market has ever seen.• Our design team not only wins acclaim, but also the eyes and minds of technology audiences. For large brands to small companies, we have designed and developed materials that fit the requirements of online, print, social, and live channels. In 2012 alone, we won a Best in Show Davey Award and a• McBru is your content marketing machine packaged Webvisionary Award; let our next award-winning project be yours. within a full-service marketing firm. We know how content works out in the wild. So our programs and deliverables are designed to achieve your ultimate marketing results. 7
  8. 8. Elise F. Burke Director of Marketing and Sales direct: 503.546.1017 mobile: 503.459.7545 www.mcbru.comLET’S START SOMETHING. @mcbru McClenahan-Bruer McClenahan-Bruer McBru McClenahanBruer McBru McClenahanBruer