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McBru Brand Identity Case Study: SMSC


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McBru Brand Identity Case Study: SMSC

  1. 1. Case studysMsC Brand Positioning and Identity
  2. 2. Summary Thriving in “the unstable middle” of the semiconductor pack, with $160 million in revenue, SMSC competes against much larger, broad-based rivals leveraging mature brand names such as NEC, Philips and National Semiconductor. The company had reorganized and prepared itself to exploit fast-growing USB and embedded Ethernet markets in three major regions: North America, Japan and Asia. SMSC chose McClenahan Bruer Communications (McBru) as its advertising agency of record to develop a new brand that would unify and renew the company’s visual identity and provide a basis for stronger connections with customers, partners and shareholders through consistent, measurable brand executions worldwide.Research & Planningusing its proven brand vision process, the team navigated through extensive researchand analysis of competitors, customers and market conditions. In our branding model,companies inhabit one of four categories: power, explorer, identity and icon. It’s farmore common to find high tech brands as a power (lead by product features) or explorer(bleeding- edge) brand and far less as an identity or icon brand. What distinguishesan identity brand is it leads with the customer’s point of view, void of fantasy andbased in reality. an identity brand also incorporates an emotional component. sMsCclearly earned its “identity” brand vision by practicing customer intimacy that builds andsustains relationships with engineers and product developers who buy largely on trust.Executionarmed with McBru’s creative brief that defined the project’s objective, audience,strategy, key benefit, supporting rationale and tone, the team began the arduous task ofestablishing the corporate design system and tactical initiatives. McBru revamped allgraphical elements, such as the existing sMsC logo, website and collateral. We delivereda series of templates and color palette options that established a foundation for thecorporate identity across its many applications including business cards, letterhead,business forms, collateral and presentations.
  3. 3. We packaged the components in a corporate style guidebook that illustrated all theappropriate uses of the sMsC look and feel in its many possible applications acrossvarious media.Resultsthe new sMsC logo is aligned with the message: sMsC is the right fit for its customers’needs. the company’s new tagline – “suCCess By desIGN” – highlights a culturethat is deliberate in the manner in which it ensures success for customers, investors,suppliers, partners and employees. through dramatic macro photography combined witha warm and passionate color palette, we created a sense of emotional intimacy with alook that is rich and engaging.McBru took sMsC’s new brand identity to its key stakeholders:• employees. McBru helped sMsC establish a brand launch team, a collection of key stakeholders that coordinated the rollout across the company – including procurement, operations, human resources, manufacturing, sales, finance and, of course, marketing. through an email strategy that had a feedback option, we conducted a dialogue with employees over a four-month period, letting them know what was happening and what to expect. On the day of the launch, sMsC corporate staff orchestrated a live video-conference in a town-hall-type forum where the CeO addressed the company worldwide at one time. We recommended sMsC place senior management as ambassadors in each location to address any questions. each location also enjoyed a celebratory environment with posters, cake, balloons and sMsC-branded tee shirts.• Markets. McBru facilitated sMsC’s unveiling of its new global brand identity – including a new corporate logo, tagline and website design ( – at the NasdaQ Marketsite in the heart of New york’s times square. as part of this launch, the CeO presided over the NasdaQ’s opening ceremonies, which was attended by key corporate accounts, financial analysts and key trade media representatives. Following the opening, a briefing was held for the editors and analysts in which they met with the CeO and other senior executives and saw the company’s latest and greatest technologies. this was all topped by a 30-second video spot that ran on the NasdaQ video wall in times square – the world’s largest at seven stories tall. the video spot, featuring the company’s new look and messaging, played throughout the day and was picked up by key financial sites such as CBs MarketWatch.• Customers and partners. McBru created a brand-in-a-box kit that included a letter from the CeO, a release, a corporate fact sheet, photography and associated branded
  4. 4. trinkets such as sMsC specialty coffee, mints and fun gizmos such as silly putty andpuzzles – all favorites of engineers. For sales support, we also coordinated and facilitatedWeb seminars to reach sMsC’s channel and third-party sales representatives. By theday of its brand launch, sMsC had touched its customers, partners, the channel,investors, media, analysts and prospects. In the end, sMsC and McBru enjoyedsuccess by design. old logo new logo SMSC phone 631-435-6000 80 Arkay Drive fax 631-435-6110 Hauppauge, New York 11788-8847 USA web SMSC 80 Arkay Drive Hauppauge, New York 11788-8847 USA Employee Name Employee Title email SMSC phone 631-435-6000 80 Arkay Drive fax 631-435-6110 Hauppauge, New York 11788-8847 USA web stationary
  5. 5. corporate brochure “The overall support we Mixed-Signal Growth Networking Products Providing substantial customer cost efficiencies, mixed-signal SMSC’s Advanced I/O products are making major strides to Today, Ethernet networking solutions are being embedded in receive from SMSC through solutions, which combine analog and digital circuitry, are in ensure your desktop, single-board and industrial PC applications electronic products that proliferate on factory floors, in office high demand for both communications and computing applica- are meeting performance requirements, staying on schedule and environments and in the home. When you want to lower system innovative, high-quality tions. For example, in mobile applications, a mixed-signal remaining cost efficient. Addressing the system as a whole, costs by not using a PCI bus, turn to SMSC. We are the solution can significantly reduce size and power consumption, rather than as discrete parts, we have developed digital and undisputed leader in the embedded non-PCI Ethernet market, products, together with our thereby lowering costs and increasing your margins — the mixed-signal computing platform solutions that interconnect making Ethernet connectivity that much easier for customers focus on demand creation, metrics of success. Currently, more than 50 percent of the ICs SMSC is shipping are mixed-signal devices. disparate functions. In turn, these integrated, high-performance, high-productivity systems are designed to save you valuable around the globe. SMSC delivers an easy and cost-effective way for you to intercon- has proved to be a time and money. nect various subsystems inside embedded applications. With trustworthy and successful Percentage - Analog/Mixed-Signal (units) SMSC also offers stand-alone analog semiconductors for notebook, desktop and single-board industrial PC applications. SMSC’s family of embedded connectivity product solutions, you now have the ability to reduce both wiring and microcontroller 60% partnership” For PCs and embedded systems, managing and safeguarding these computing platforms ensures the stability and reliability of costs, plus you can create a much more flexible and modular embedded architecture. – David Ashworth 40% your end product. CEO, The Memec Group Fueling Success A member of the PCI-SIG, the Special Interest Group developing Understanding that streamlined processes and efficient supply and promoting PCI-Express specifications as open industry 20% chains are paramount to ensuring your success, SMSC maintains standards, SMSC is actively participating with other industry the utmost respect for your time-to-market-pressures. With more leaders in the development of new standards for a high- than $215 million in revenues in fiscal 2004, a 39 percent 0% performance I/O interconnects to transfer data between CPUs FY02 FY03 FY04 increase over the prior year, SMSC’s dedication to your success and peripherals. is making us a stronger company. The Gateway to USB Interoperability To help ensure the smooth delivery of the right product, on time, Integrating Disparate Parts The paradigm shift from parallel to serial communications has every time, SMSC deploys a broad set of internal information As we deepen our expertise in analog and mixed-signal design, created explosive growth opportunities for USB connectivity technologies. From manufacturing to research and development, SMSC is addressing an even larger piece of the total comput- solutions in the consumer electronics, multimedia computing and from sales to customer satisfaction audits, every effort is ing system. We add value by supporting a broad range of and mobile storage markets. To help you, SMSC has been leading being made to always keep pace with your fast and efficient reconfigurable content, which includes both cutting-edge and the charge for USB interoperability. Where you need efficient and supply chain. legacy IP. We also support a collection of system management flexible solutions, we focus our development efforts around SMSC’s perseverance and strong financial performance offers functions that perform services for power management, thermal predominant open standards. We are also actively involved in solid proof that our dedication to customer success is working for management and fan control. Plus, we are creating ways for many key standards groups, such as the Memory Stick Organiza- our customers, shareholders, employees, channels and manufac- you to differentiate platforms through the implementation of tion and the USB Implementers Forum, as well as many working turing partners. We have accelerated our investments in new features unique to you, such as BIOS controls and varying groups and subcommittees. product development. We never stop working hard to attract types of glue logic. SMSC is dedicated to solving the challenges you face with regard experienced and talented employees, and continue to maintain Few markets have moved as hard and fast as PCs. In this intense to interoperability, low-power, high-speed and aggressive time-to- a strong global presence to best serve you across broader markets environment, we have consistently been the market leader for market requirements. Our ability to solve your compatibility and a broader set of applications. It’s a strategy that works. Advanced I/O solutions with a portfolio of PC-related products issues, enable differentiated features, and deliver silicon and that includes I/O, system controller hubs, microcontrollers and software all create tremendous price/performance and time-to- EMC solutions. market advantages. EMBEDDED COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS High-performance, easy-to-use embedded networking solutionsETHERNET SOLUTIONSOptimized throughput and design flexibility for Ethernet in embedded applications COMPUTING PLATFORM SOLUTIONS Customized, feature-rich solutions for applications inside and outside of the PC product brochures
  6. 6. USB MultiSwitch Hub ™ Industry’s first device combining a Hi-Speed USB hub and switching functionality in a single solution HighlightsLAN9131 Unique Dual-Host Hub Architecture Minimum Host Software Overhead USB Peripheral Sharing Small Footprint High Throughput Ease of IntegrationHigh-Performance Multimedia Co-Processor, Featuring RipStream™ Technology Key Benefits Equipped with two upstream and four downstream ports, SMSC’s USB MultiSwitch™ HubIndustry’s first high-performance, wired 10/100 network multimedia co-processor employingRipStream technology, which combines support for multiple high-definition (HD) streams, ARCNET SALES STRATEGIES (USB2524) enables easy sharing of peripherals by electronically switching them between two USB hosts. Two discrete hub devices and expensive analog switches that were previously required are no longer needed to share Hi-Speed USB peripherals. The USBa software protocol stack management and security. The LAN9131 co-processor allows T H E B U IL D IN G A U T O MAT IO N & C O N T R O L MA R K E T MultiSwitch provides a cost-effective, single-chip solution enabling this powerful functionsystem designers to leverage existing SoC and host-processor based designs to create to be implemented in the most cost-sensitive consumer applications. Requiring no moreDigital Living Network Alliance™ (DLNA)-compliant solutions with minimal design risk and than standard USB Hub-Class support in host software, the USB MultiSwitch appears as Key Selling Pointsfast time-to-market. a four-port USB hub to either USB host system and supports standard USB topology. The Lower microprocessor overhead USB MultiSwitch is targeted for applications such as printers, desktop PC drive-bays, Higher performance and bandwidth LCD displays and mobile PC accessories. The USB MultiSwitch is also well suited forHighlights Easy to implement on exiting embedded applications EIA-485 twisted pair cable host and device functionality. that require dual-role USBn RipStream technology supporting DLNA n Two Transport Stream Interfaces (TSIs) Inherently deterministic protocol guidelines to MPEG encoder/decoder SoCs Device Sharing and Switching BACnet over ARCNET is ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2001 and ISO 16484-5 standard Supports multiple HD video streams Either interface can be used in Per-port switching provides high degree of device sharing flexibility Built-in UPnP, HTTP, TCP/IP protocol server or rendering applications Multiple switching options ease system design stack n Video codec agnostic Programmable auto-switch mode enables unique applications Integrated 128AES encryption/ Supports MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV9/ decryption for Digital Rights VC-1, H.264/AVC High Throughput BACnet Workstation Management (DRM) n Integrated ARM926™ core SMSC MultiTRAK™ technology provides a dedicated-transaction translator for ARCNET/Ethernet Full-Speed/Low-Speed devices that are attached at every downstream port • Supports Windows® Media n Integrated 10/100 MAC/PHY with Router DRM10 (WMDRM 10) HP-Auto MDIX and multiple power Maximum, Full-Speed USB data rate at 12 Mbps per port even under full load Ethernet 960 Mbps maximum aggregate data rate when both USB Hi-Speed hosts are active • Supports Digital Transmission management modes Content Protection over Internet n TCP/UDP checksum offload Minimum Host Software Overhead Ethernet Protocol (DTCP-IP) • Fast DTCP-IP AKE key exchange Appears as a standard USB2.0 hub controller on either host system Requires no more than standard USB Hub-Class driver support time - 0.6 sec. Standard USB connect and disconnect behavior as device is switched from one host to the otherTarget Applicationsn Ethernet-based Video/Media Distribution n NAS (Network Attached Storage) Ease Of Integration Systems n Thin Client Set-top Boxes Small 8x8 mm QFN package occupies minimum PCB spacen Digital Video Recorders n Digital Media Clients/Servers Flexible configuration options ease embedded system designn High-definition Televisions n Home Gateways USB-IF certified silicon building block ensures full USB compliance on integrated system HVAC Control System Security Control System Elevator Control System Lighting Control System Fire and Alarm Systemn Video Servers on ARCNET Network on ARCNET Network on ARCNET Network on ARCNET Network on ARCNET NetworkFeatures and Benefits FEATURES BENEFITS BACnet in Building Automation & Control Market RipStream technology combines support of multiple HD streams, High throughput; two HD MPEG2 or multiple MPEG4 streams BACnet stands for Building Automation Control Network — a data communication protocol. BACnet standardizes commu- software protocol stack management and security Two bidirectional TSI ports which directly interface to video Overcomes system host bus limitations. High bandwidth audio/video HD nications between building automation devices from different manufacturers, allowing data to be shared and equipment to processing functions streams can be handled without burdening system Host Bus. Ports support work together easily. ARCNET is one of the five specified network technologies by BACnet standard. The other four network- extended modes with flow control and allow transfer of non-MPEG2 TS formats. ing technologies are Ethernet, LonWorks, Master Slave/Token Passing (MS/TP) and Point To Point (PTP). It is NOT unusual Integrated 10/100 MAC/PHY with HP-Auto MDIX Complete networking solution that eliminates the need for special “crossover” cables when connecting LAN devices together to see a hierarchical networking architecture in a building network. Ethernet is typically used as the backbone data network Crypto block supports both DTCP-IP and WMDRM 10 Provides DRM copyright protection. Flexible support for major industry inside the building. ARCNET & MS/TP, on the other hand, are more suitable for the control-oriented network between the standards; eliminates need for separate crypto device. field-level building controllers. Video codec agnostic Handles any video codec (MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV9/VC-1, H.264/AVC) Can boot from Flash memory or host processor Reduces need for additional components Integrated DLNA, UPnP and TCP/IP stacks Consumer Electronics interoperability; ability to recognize other UPnP devices and offload host TCP/IP implementation Highly flexible software architecture; customer can decide Allows ease of integration to various architectures; allows system designer to whether LAN9131 or host runs UPnP stack optimize the architecture to application needs data sheets website
  7. 7. For further information or questions: Jeff Hardison 503.546.1009 jeff@mcbru.comCONtaCt us 5331 s.W. Macadam ave, suite 220 Portland, OR 97239 503.546.1000