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McBru Social Media for the IT Industry


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McBru Makes the Social Media Connection with Your IT Marketplace and Your Marketing

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McBru Social Media for the IT Industry

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA McBru Makes the Social Media Connection with Your Marketplace and Your Marketing
  2. 2. Since 2007, McBru has been connecting tech B2BSOCIAL MEDIA 360 companies with their audiences via social media. From DISCOVERY blogs and LinkedIn; to Twitter and Facebook; and across We identify key audiences and create YouTube and Slideshare, McBru has innovated techniques audience profiles, confirm your business objectives, and then identify the marketing that find and build trusted relationships that generate and communications infrastructure for awareness, preference, and engagement. your business. ANALYSIS We determine the optimal social media channels for your key audiences, review your current program vis-à-vis the industry and your competition, and analyze your business needs. RECOMMENDATIONS We provide a written overview and presentation of key findings, detailing necessary infrastructure and resource investments, and recommend an optimal strategy and action plan for your social media efforts.COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT RECOMMENDATIONS Optional management and reporting programs integrate social media into your existing marketing, communications, and With a unified strategy across Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare and PR efforts. YouTube, McBru community management services are helping IT storage leader Panasas to engage with its audiences around breaking technology issues such as Big Data. 2
  3. 3. McBru introduced the Social Media 360 into the tech We also provide detailed monthly reporting and analysis ofB2B industry, a program that fast-tracks clients to social media activity, both for accountability and also as aappropriate, sustainable levels of social media activity. source of refinement and continuous improvement. In sum:For companies new to social media, the Social Media 360 McBru can help tech B2B companies grow communities,builds a solid foundation and long-term goals for social build relationships, and seize involvement, tailored to the needs and resourcesof each client. Companies that are already active insocial media find that the service helps bring more focus,efficiency, and new opportunities to leverage their contentand audience connections.McBru also delivers ongoing community management.McBru can launch and manage optimal social mediachannels, develop a pipeline of content activity, and engagewith stakeholders and influencers. For some clients, weconstantly monitor the web and all social channels forrelevant mentions, and then provide the clients a real-time opportunity to engage in the conversations, offeringguidance and message support. Other clients choose to McBru used Social Media to support Isilon’s trade show news andhave us engage on their behalf; either way, we do the heavy announcements as well as drive traffic to the event booth for panels, demos, and give-aways.lifting associated with monitoring and responding, providinga more consistent and robust social media presence than As a full-service agency, moreover, we are suited tomost clients have capacity to manage on their own. leveraging social media initiatives to amplify the rest of your marketing programs better than any boutique social media firm can. 3
  4. 4. Why McBru• McBru began working in tech B2B social media in 2007, and has been steadily helping companies build their audiences and reach ever since. At McBru, social media expertise is not bolted on: it’s been methodically baked in.• Our tech B2B experience and Social Media 360 process ensures that your social media programs fit your audiences, business objectives, corporate culture and resources.• Social media expertise resides in all our staff and programs, not some isolated resource. We can amplify any and all of your marketing initiatives.• In-house creative, writing and design expertise can help you prime your social media programs and maintain a steady flow of valuable content.• In tech B2B, social media is not a numbers game; it’s about the quality of your network, not quantity. Our experienced community management helps you identify and nurture relationships that have an outsized impact on your marketing and sales efforts.• Like everything we do, our social media programs are planned with metrics in mind; reporting and analysis yield insight about your social media activities. 4
  5. 5. Elise F. Burke Director of Marketing and Sales direct: 503.546.1017 mobile: 503.459.7545 www.mcbru.comLET’S START SOMETHING. @mcbru McClenahan-Bruer McClenahan-Bruer McBru McClenahanBruer McBru McClenahanBruer