McBru Influencer Relations Case Study – Altium


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Customer Feedback Builds Better Messaging for Influencer Relations

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McBru Influencer Relations Case Study – Altium

  1. 1. ALTIUM CASE STUDY Customer Feedback Builds Compelling Messaging for Influencer Relations
  2. 2. Objective Engineers use Altium Designer software to design increasingly complex electronics projects. The company found itself between major announcements, and sought a way to generate news hooks the media would find compelling. McBru recommended a survey of Altium’s most recent customers, totally nearly 500 over the previous 12 month period. The survey collected dara about the customers’ experiences with EDA tools, and look for interesting trends that could translate into storylines. The plan:To dig into what matters to designengineers worldwide, McBru fired • Delve into the experiences of its most recent customersup its proprietary intelligent dialog for insights into preference and purchase • Provide direction and content for a major influencer relations push. 2
  3. 3. StrategyFor this fast-turn, multi-faceted program, McBru fired up one”) with qualitative ones (“you said yes, why do you feelits proprietary intelligent dialog technology. Unlike a static that way?”). In our parlance, we ask for the what, and weweb survey, it mimics an interactive discussion with an ask for the why.Altium representative, asking a series of related questionsthat build understanding and affinity. This service helps Why go through all this effort to support an influencerMcBru clients to “mine the minds” of thousands of well- relations (IR) campaign? The challenge for Altium wastargeted prospects around the world, all at the same time. that most of the features of the Altium Designer 10 were already public knowledge, through an extensive betaMcBru loaded a list of Altium’s most recent customers program and “soft launch” among its customer base. The— representing 500 companies company needed fresh, substantive,using Altium Designer v10 — into media-worthy content to support Customers feel that theythe McBru Direct email marketing the formal launch of this versionplatform. Through a series of high are learning even as they of the software. Backing up keyimpact, personalized invitations, provide their input. product features with real customerthe program engaged several experience, gleaned from hundredshundred of these customers in the dialog. of users, infused the rollout with greater impact.These respondents shared their views on the use, Resultschallenges, and benefits in moving from a competitor’s The program unearthed a number of valuable insights thatsoftware to Altium Designer 10. Because the dialog illuminated customer decision-making and experiencessimulates an interactive Q&A with an Altium expert, with the software. For example, Altium Designer iscustomers feel that they are learning even as they provided significantly more affordable than the products from itstheir input. This technique builds goodwill, a concrete chief competitors, yet its customers value the product’sstep to maintaining a positive reputation. It also makes unified design environment more than price. This is a muchit more natural to follow quantitative questions (“choose better position than “low cost” to take in the company’s 3
  4. 4. We rolled the dialog results from Altium’s IR campaign to the blogosphere and trade media and received extensive coverage: inclusion in a cover story in EDN magazine and articles in major blogs and periodicals. In fact, Chip Design magazine repurposed a graph pulled directly from one of the intelligent dialog reports. Through careful questioning, we were also able to identify the best evangelists in the customer pool and discern what they care about most. Their opinions are critical to refining the strategy to build revenue. For example, we asked them if they would serve as a reference. Fully 30% of the group saidmessaging. Other dialogquestions exposed strengthsand weaknesses of thosecompetitors, giving the message even better positioning.We also asked questions about specific proof points,such as the level of productivity boost from using theAltium Designer. The result: 84% of the respondentssaid 2X or better. That powerful statistic became a keyasset in the client’s website as well as the subsequentmarketing program. 4
  5. 5. Survey results fueled up front-page coverage inmagazines and blogs.yes, representing hundreds of opportunities to pursue These evangelists played an important role as the IRcase studies for specific industries and job titles. With campaign coverage hit the blogs and periodicals. McBruMcBru’s help, Altium has developed numerous success noticed that Altium competitors were leaving negativestories from the customer pool that continue to reinforce comments on the stories and blog posts. McBru invitedits marketing efforts. certain evangelists to read the coverage, and they jumped 5
  6. 6. to Altium’s defense, publically, in the forums. Many of these questions could be answered by listening to customers over time—through traditional means likeFinally, the intelligent dialog responses are important customer visits and trade shows, and using social mediainput to fine-tune the sales monitoring tools as McBruprocess itself. For example, does. But an intelligentAltium gained first-hand 30% of the group said yes, representing dialog is a better choice whenintelligence about the size hundreds of opportunities to pursue case you need answers to specificand responsiveness of studies for specific industries and job titles. questions fast. Under thevarious market segments. right circumstances, youAltium learned the average can engage hundreds orsize of the customers’ designs. The responses also thousands of individuals and derive actionable answers—helped define the length of the sales cycle and at what the whats and the whys—in a couple of weeks.level sales decisions are made. 6
  7. 7. Elise F. Burke Director of Marketing and Sales direct: 503.546.1017 mobile: 503.459.7545 www.mcbru.comLET’S START SOMETHING. @mcbru McClenahan-Bruer McClenahan-Bruer McBru McClenahanBruer McBru McClenahanBruer