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McBru Customer Listening


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McBru's Creative Director, David Smith, demonstrates how to apply insight gained from customer listening into tangible marketing, PR, and sales benefits.

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McBru Customer Listening

  1. 1. From Research to Recognition and Revenue - A Story in Listening David Smith, creative director, McBru–1–
  2. 2. Customer Listening–2–
  3. 3. Customer ListeningSocial Media = Reactive
  4. 4. Customer ListeningSurvey = Proactive
  5. 5. Not these kind of survey results Photo – dusty old book
  6. 6. Customer listening for recognition Listening Influencer relations InsightCompetitiveintelligence Strategy
  7. 7. Customer listening for revenue Listening Influencer relations Sales tools Insight Evangelists SoMe SalesCompetitive Lead nurturingintelligence Strategy
  8. 8. The Altium story• 
  9. 9. From survey to intelligent dialogEmail Intelligent dialog Listening
  10. 10. From survey to intelligent dialog QuantitativeEmail Intelligent dialog Qualitative Listening
  11. 11. Customer insight Data removed Data removed Data removed
  12. 12. Competitive intelligence Data removed Data removed
  13. 13. Proof points Data removed
  14. 14. Influencer relations
  15. 15. Net promoters = evangelists Data removed Data removed Data removed Data removed
  16. 16. Evangelists = references, referrals Data removed
  17. 17. Lead nurturing strategyQuantitative Data removed Data removed Data removed Data removed Data removed Data removed And qualitative!
  18. 18. Customers drive sales via social media
  19. 19. Proactive listening with surveys Plan ahead Execute quickly Think dialog, not checklist Drive content out
  20. 20. For more dialog… @davidtweets David Smith, creative director, McBru– 20 –