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Budhha Gautam -Budh

  1. 1. BudhhaThe FounderEarly Name -Sidharthawww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  2. 2. Prince SiddharthaGautama was born into aroyal family 2500 yearsago in what is now calledNepalWhen he was born aholy man called Asitapredicted thatSiddhartha would beeither a great holy manor a great kingThischild willchangetheworld!www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
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  4. 4. Siddhartha’s father wanted hisson to follow in his footsteps andbecome a king. He did not wanthis son to become a holy man. Sohe tried to prevent Siddharthafrom wanting to leave the palaceby shielding him from anythingthat might upset him and givinghim a life of luxury. The kingthought that this would make himso happy that his son would neverwant to leave.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  5. 5. One day, despite his fathers orders, Siddhartha decided toleave the palace grounds with his charioteer Chanda. Theyhadnt gone far when they came across a frail old man. As hisfather had kept him away from things that might upset himSiddhartha was shocked! He asked Chanda to return him tothe palace at once.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  6. 6. During the next three days Siddhartha left the palace three more times and each day hesaw something that both shocked and perplexed him…On the second day he saw a man lying onthe roadside who was very ill.On the third day he saw a dead manbeing carried through the streets.Siddhartha was inspired to change his life after seeing whatBuddhists call the ‘Four Sights’: the old man, the sick man,the dead man and the satisfied holy man..www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  7. 7. But on the fourth daySiddhartha saw a man calmlywalking through the crowds,dressed in rags, carrying abegging bowl. This man wasa wandering holy man whoappeared content and happyeven though he owned verylittle. This inspiredSiddhartha to become awandering truth seeker,looking for the answer to theproblem of suffering in theworld.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  8. 8. Finding an answer to thequestion, ‘Why do peoplesuffer, get old, get sickand die?’ became themost important thing inSiddhartha’s life. To givethe question his fullattention he decided toleave behind hisprivileged background.That night he left his oldlife behind forever tospend his time as awandering holy man.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  9. 9. For seven years Siddharthatravelled around learningfrom wise holy men andtrying to find the answer tohis question. He was agood student and he learnta lot but still he could notfind the answers he wasseeking and the people hewas being taught by didnot know them either!On one occasion he decidedthat he would put his bodythrough great hardship incase that helped. So he ateonly one grain of rice a dayand grew so thin that if he puthis hand on his stomach hecould feel his backbone! Butthis did not help him. Hedecided to sit under a tree ina place called Bodh Gaya andmeditate until the truth cameto him.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  10. 10. It is not known how longSiddhartha sat beneath theBodhi tree in Bodh Gaya butas he sat there drifting deeperand deeper in meditation agreat change came over him.Siddhartha came to know thetruth—he became an‘enlightened one’, the‘Buddha’. He felt totally free,peaceful, happy and kind. Hehad reached a state of mindcalled ‘Nirvana’.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  11. 11. What Did Buddha Teach?• He taught the 4 Noble truths which sum up Buddhismreligion• He also taught the noble eight fold path• He taught to lead a moral life, be mindful and aware ofthoughts and actions and to develop wisdom andunderstanding• He also taught the 5 preceptswww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  12. 12. Buddhism word is derived from Hindiword Budhi , which means WISDOM. Inthat sense Buddha means wise man.
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