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  • 1. A new reporting in Co&Com show «Communication in LCL» Special correspondents : Grégoire Macqueron Siham Sadmi Chadi Torbey Josiane Kengne 1
  • 2. Web investigation. Acquintances. Local Agency’s director. What is LCL? Why LCL? Bank = strong communictaion. Recent change of name/Logo. Gathering the information French bank company. A growing importance. Ex-Crédit Lyonnais . 2
  • 3. How can you describe your company? Presentation of the bank 3
  • 4. Presentation of the bank Established on the 28th of August 2005 Owned at 99% by the « Crédit Agricole » 25911 person collaborate to the success of LCL Presence on the whole french territory with 1970 agencies with 50% of them dispatched in agglomerations of more than 200000 person 6 million client in 2007 4
  • 5. Board of directors at LCL 5
  • 6. LCL Structure 6
  • 7. Director: CASA subsidiary. An important brand. So: Part of a branded company. A specific image. A specific marketing positionning. But a separate corporate communication. 7
  • 8. Can you describe how communication contributes to your success? - In 2004 the bank fixed a self objective which is to be « the bank of reference in France by the horizon of 2007-2008 » - For this a whole communication project was necessary in order to motivate our team and inform the market of our motivations and goals - The communication main route established is fixed with by the directors - Every person at LCL contributes to this plan 8
  • 9. Communication objectives To improve our employees performance To keep the renowned type of clients of « le credit lyonnais » and target more the young generation. Inform the clients that the bank takes responsibilites of its engagments. This is due to a more exigent type of clients « LCL s'engage, LCL assume »  To change the bad image clients had of the « credit lyonnais » 9
  • 10. Is the reflection of the image you send up to your attents Measuring the success of our communication is not an easy task to do Our means of measurement rely on 3 main parameters 1-the achievement of our targets which we measure quarterly. We adapt our communication based on whether our results are positive or not 2- the satisfaction of our employees and the success of team work which means that information circulated freely and everyone was able to express his concerns about the job and the current projects 3- the information we can collect from our clients and the reports in the media and the specialized magazines give us a good assessment of the success of our communication 10
  • 11. LCL corporate culture: « Pushing » communication. High technology and online services. Patronages. 11
  • 12. Policy of Communication 12 What’s the policy of communication in your company, LCL? Mr. : 1) A permanent communication on the national territory scale. 2) A communication on the regional territory scale.
  • 13.
    • What are the budget and the ressources
    • set up to assure an efficient communication?
    • Mr.
    • Investments:
    • 20 millions Euros on advertisements in 2005.
    • 45 millions Euros for renewing LCL agencies.
    Budget & Ressources (Greg) 13
  • 14. Public Concerned 14 What is the public concerned by communication? 1) on 1st level students 2) General public 3) Up-market public.
  • 15.
    • Who communicates?
    • The communication Direction;
    • Marketing Direction;
    • Legal Direction.
    Who communicates? 15
  • 16. What are the means of communication ? I- Internally: - Annual, monthly, weekly & daily reports on the market; - Between agencies & the headquarters. Means of Communication 16
  • 17. What are the means of communication? II- Externally: 1) Advertising: the most important mean is the 2008 TV campaign. Eg: « Solution Conso » & « Assurance vie taux boosté », using Polnareff music. 2) Advertising in the agency itself: advertising on place of sale. 3) fliers, leaflets, brochures, catalogues... Means of Communication 17
  • 18. Externally: 4) Sponsoring « tour de France » & judo federation 5) Sponsorship of Children Cardiac Surgery association MCC. 6)newspapers such as: Le Figaro, La Tribune. 7)online by creating a new web site « » Means of Communication 18
  • 19. Interviewing people What is the image people have about LCL? S.Sarah : the marketing is focussing on young people , students specially. S. Magdalina : the communication is well mastered. Z. Juana : the advertisements we see on TV hide some harmful truth behind. 19
  • 20. To sum up: A new brand to araise the bad history. Aim young people & up-market public. So: A pushing & Hight Tech corporate communication. Strong commnucation strategy with a huge investment. Some success & regaining the good image of LCL. A lack in some public of communication (internal). 20
  • 21. Mazlow Hierarchy: Acceptability. Try leadership. A strong corporate communication. On the good way. Need to enhance communication to other public than customers/locals. 21
  • 22. That was Grégoire, Siham, Josiane and Chadi for Co&Com movie, on Economia TV. Thank you for joining us 22