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Newsletter Banca IFIS Group 7

  1. 1. 03 2013 Newsletter 7 30 September 2013_Quarterly newsletter 01_Editorial: From reputation to reputational risk by Kristian Tomasini 02_Banca IFIS, growing earnings and profitability in first six months of 2013. Prospects for the second half of 2013 are positive 03_Contact, innovation, dialogue: it’s Credi Impresa Futuro, new service for Enterprises from Banca IFIS 04_The 2nd NPL Meeting: 06_Initiatives: on twitter #CapireBorsa the International workshop and on the blog SalvaRisparmio on the Non Performing Loans sector (with a new look) Savings Dictionary 05_Success for the first Credit Storming, 07_Giovani Leoni: digital lab on the theme of Innovation new growing talents 08_Careers: job opportunities in the credit world _New methods of communication for the Bank: the visual works of Laura Bortoloni 09_In Agenda 10_Contacs I N T E R N AT I O N A L W O R K S H O P O N follow us on: T H E N O N - P E R F O R M I N G L O A N S S E C T O R
  2. 2. 02 01 Editorial: From reputation to reputational risk by Kristian Tomasini Several scandals have hit the financial sector is one of the key elements that can help build in recent years, creating a generalized decline long-lasting relationships and it therefore in trust, attested to by ample market research forms the foundations of “ecological” business. conducted by prestigious research institutes. CeSaR defines this trust as “the long-term Research by the Reputational Institute for reputational component on which it is possible Kristian Tomasini, example, shows a decline of around 4% in the to build stable relationships with stakeholders” Chief Risk Manager reputational index from 2012 to 2013. Emotional Involvement: it can easily be Gruppo Banca IFIS. What does “reputation” mean and to what risks imagined how difficult it is to create reputation does it expose us? in conditions of social anxiety; the economic Most likely, if a person were asked to define the context of a country influences the public word “reputation” they would think back to a perception of companies and their ability to situation that had caused embarrassment and/or respond to needs. Hence it becomes essential created some form of “image damage”, that is; to prove, with facts, the value of the alternative each of us has our own personal interpretation. approach taken by Banca IFIS as opposed to that The centre for reputation studies (CeSaR) of the general financial environment. gives the following definition: “Reputation is Reputational risk is meant as a negative an overall judgement on an organization, given perception of a bank’s image that can affect its by those who, directly or indirectly, influence the ability to maintain or develop its business. work (stakeholders).” This risk has, in recent years, become an aspect What, then, can influence this judgement? about which brokers are particularly sensitive, The trust that a person puts in an organization so much so that it has been dealt with at a Fig. 01 - Emotional involvement follow us on:
  3. 3. 03 prudential supervision regulation level. The process of risk management can be thought The measurement of risk, which can occur through of as divided into two essential situations: qualitative or quantitative methodologies, presents • Minimization of cases through actions aimed obvious difficulties due to its nature. Identifying at reducing the probability of the occurrence of economic or financial losses related to reputation events that worsen reputation. is a difficult process which can, however, be traced • Minimization of damage through mitigation to a decline in market share, reduction in brand actions. value, the loss of strategic relationships with Banca IFIS, in the specific activity of the recovery partners and suppliers, difficulty in recruiting and of non-performing loans, has adopted a series of retaining talent, rating agency downgrading etc… rules aimed at mitigating risk ex-ante, ranging One factor that can amplify the consequences from the creation of the CrediFamiglia brand of risk is visibility: not all events that contain to the initiation of ad hoc training programs. potential risk result in crisis if they are not It also provides ex-post monitoring aimed both at accompanied by a “sounding board”. In this assessing conduct during the recovery process regard, attention must be paid to how, in the last and the resulting image of the bank, and of decade, the use of innovative communication monitoring grievances/complaints received, tools such as the Internet, social media and making sure to perform checks on the quality of blogs has increased this risk. information provided. Fig. 02 - Exposure: social media and risk follow us on:
  4. 4. 04 02 Banca IFIS, growing earnings and profitability in first six months of 2013 Prospects for the second half of 2013 are positive The Board of Directors of Banca IFIS met today under the chairmanship of Sebastien von Furstenberg and approved the results for the first half of 2013. The first half (1 January-30 June 2013): • Net banking income increasing by 22,7% to 132 million Euro. • Net profit from financial activities increasing by 14% to 105 million Euro. Giovanni Bossi, • Cost/income ratio further improving, down to 28,1% from 32,2%. C.E.O. Gruppo Banca IFIS. • Profit for the period increasing by 16,7% to over 44 million Euro. • Turnover for the first six months: 2.509 million Euro. • Retail funding exceeded 3,9 billion Euro. • Non-performing loans/total loans in the trade receivables sector: 3,5%, compared to 4,3% at the end of 2012 and 3,7% at 30 June 2012. • 70 new employees taken on in the first six months of 2013. • Solvency: 13,9%. • Core Tier 1: 14,2%. The second quarter (1 April-30 June 2013): • Net banking income amounting to 65 million Euro (+18,2%). • Net profit from financial activities increasing by 14,0% to 52 million Euro. • Net profit amounting to 21,6 million Euro (+19,6%). “With its excellent results for the first half of the year, Banca IFIS confirms the soundness, why we have launched two new projects we sustainability and profitability of its business strongly believe in: CrediFamiglia and Credi model. Increasing profit margins, continually Impresa Futuro.” falling decreasing The Group’s prospects for the second half of impaired assets bolster the Group’s position to 2013 are positive. Operations in support of grow in the future” says the Chief Executive businesses could be positively influenced Officer Giovanni Bossi, adding: “households by both the opportunities to acquire new and businesses continue to be the pillars of customers and new loans, which will be a focus our daily work. We are committed to building follow us on: new confidence in Italy’s economy, and this is for the bank in the second half of the year, operating costs and
  5. 5. 05 and the still modest availability of credit on As far as non-performing loans are concerned, the market in the light of the caution of non- the several portfolios of receivables due from specialist banks in supporting companies with households that originators are expected to traditional credit instruments. Performance place on the market will be thoroughly assessed. in the year will in any case be influenced by As for funding, the reduction in interest rates the trend in credit quality, a key variable for paid to customers due to market changes will the banking market in challenging economic lead to a significant and increasing fall in the times. Three new branches will open in average cost of funding, which has reached Italy, and a new recruitment campaign will be truly exceptional levels in absolute terms. launched with the aim of strengthening the bank’s relations with business customers. HIGHLIGHTS NET PROFIT BALANCE SHEET - ASSET STRUCTURE BALANCE SHEET - FUNDING STRUCTURE follow us on:
  6. 6. 06 03 Contact, innovation, dialogue: it’s Credi Impresa Futuro, new service for Enterprises from Banca IFIS “Contact, innovation and dialogue”: are the the ‘web-user’ to the people at Credi Impresa main ingredients making up Banca IFIS’s Futuro from whom the web-user can obtain new service dedicated to enterprises and, in assistance and information (like toll free particular, entrepreneurs. numbers, this direct line is completely free); Indeed, Credi Impresa Futuro doesn’t only offer • Read and get more information on doing companies the possibility of obtaining financing business thanks to the contents of the MondoPMI Visit the website but is also a multi-channel tool through which blog, directly viewable from the branches’ home it is possible to ask for information, deepen pages of the website; one’s knowledge on particular topics, and use • Have at one’s disposal dedicated, local the new communication tools that Banca IFIS information; well-researched, highly detailed has provided for entrepreneurs. local news important to help the enterprises The new logo will be inseparably accompanied, and Banca IFIS’s sales network in each area of therefore, by a new way of working: for Credi Italy to do business; Impresa Futuro this means the website, both • Compare and confront, share discussions innovative and useful; boasting numerous and, generally, talk to other enterprises and already-active on-line tools which allow businesses linked to this sector thanks to Credi enterprises to: Impresa Futuro’s and MondoPMI’s Facebook • Apply for financing directly from the website; and Twitter platforms, so as to encourage • Find information and contact details for our and develop a shareable, entrepreneurial and various branches and respective consultants; social dialogue; • Use the on-line telephone service, “Filo • Use all the above services – above all through diretto” (Direct line), which can be activated mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. directly from the site and which connects follow us on:
  7. 7. 07 04 The 2nd NPL Meeting: the International workshop on the Non Performing Loans sector September has been a moth full of events International speakers discussed about in Banca IFIS: one of the most important various themes. The participation of the For further information ones was the 2° NPL Meeting on the 19th public was also active. and to discover the program of October, organized in collaboration with Opening the conference Ms. Jan Stieger, and the speakers of PwC and Credit Village, hosted in Villa President of DBA International (American the 2° NPL Meeting Furstenberg, Banca IFIS’s Headquarters. Debt Buyer Association): a presentation that visit the official website About (originators, allowed speakers and public to compare the collection and funding societies) took part American system of collection with Italian at the conference in which Italian and and other foreign countries. 150 professionals follow us on:
  8. 8. 08 05 Success for the first Credit Storming, digital lab on the theme of Innovation in the credit world The 17th and 18th September Banca IFIS Business School (Milan) and from the Masters literally got “stormed” by ideas of the in Scientific Journalism of Sissa (Trieste). participants of Credit Storming, the first lab Some “mentors” and managers from Banca focused on the link between innovation and IFIS supplied content support together with credit. Forty young innovators developed useful consideration for the processing of the ideas concerning credit across different projects. Discover tweets and themes: each of the four groups consisted of The participants, particularly the storytellers, photos on momentz young innovators belonging to the H-Farm tweeted Incubator, Digital Accademia and Marketing (#creditstorming) describing, via the Net, the Arena, mixed together with some employees development of Credit Storming. At the end of and some storytellers, who were students the second day a jury, composed of Banca IFIS from the Masters in Economic Journalism top management and Riccardo Donadon, Head of and Digital Information of Il Sole 24 Ore H-Farm, identified the most original projects. follow us on: the themes of their groups
  9. 9. 09 New methods of communication for the Bank: the visual works of Laura Bortoloni For the whole duration of the Credit Storming event, Laura Bortoloni, freelance speakers and workgroups, catching the most communication designer, relevant moments of the events. A new method produced the images that accompany this of communication, in line with Banca IFIS’s newsletter. desire to experiment with new styles of dialogue For the CreditStorming, the Workshop on and information, useful to anybody keen to learn the Non Performing Loans Sector and the synthesis of the concepts expressed by the about certain topics that are sometimes treated presentation of Credi Impresa Futuro, Laura in an overly complicated manner. and graphic transformed live events into illustrations, a I N T E R N AT I O N A L WORKSHOP ON THE NON-PERFORMING LOANS SECTOR follow us on:
  10. 10. 010 06 Initiatives: on twitter #CapireBorsa After the success of #capirebilancio, Banca IFIS launched, on September 23rd, a new “social education” project called #CapireBorsa, in collaboration with the Italian Stock Exchange, explaining stock See the launch video values and market terms on twitter to improve on the Banca IFIS the economic knowledge of its readers, useful YouTube channel. for managing everyday situations and for developing cultural and economic awareness, also through social networks. The video that launches the initiative highlights the keywords of finance: local, global, real. In particular, real means “actually in existence or in existence on the Stock Market”. It means to know and to measure in order to make an investment. Tweets with the hashtag #CapireBorsa are published daily on the @BancaIFIS profile, on that of the C.E.O. @GiovaniBossi and on the accounts of @rendimax, @contomax4you, @MondoPMI, @streetnetworkIT. follow us on: #CapireBorsa
  11. 11. 011 On the blog SalvaRisparmio (with a new look) Savings Dictionary More than a year after its birth, SalvaRisparmio wants to bring discussion SalvaRisparmio, Banca IFIS’s blog dedicated and debate around the topic of savings: it to Saving, has been given a new “look”: the gives information on how to save in different colours are green and yellow, energy and daily situations, on how to run a current or Do you want to know vitality and the new creativity recalls the deposit account, on the various bill payments the definition of a term growing trend of economic graphs, but with a space dedicated to comments by the related to savings? Ask it to lighter and more harmonious. On the left, users. The research and the publication of four buttons allow the visitor to share the news on economic and current topics is done contents of SalvaRisparmio on the main thanks to the selection of the newsroom. social networks (FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ The blog wants to be also an educational and LinkedIn). platform, with numerous inititives and Together with the new layout, SalvaRisparmio features. Latest news concern the possibility launched the Savings Dictionary, that for the readers to listen to the articles’ aims to explain to readers terms about both podcast, both in Italian and English, directly economy and savings, to increase their online on the blog pages. awareness towards those topics and give useful information to the blog’s visitors. follow us on:
  12. 12. 012 07 Giovani Leoni: new growing talents Banca IFIS is set to employ sixty-five new continuing growth. A trainee scheme that keeps staff in Italy, thanks to the project “Giovani improving, through quality control and results Leoni”, created in 2007 with the goal of evaluation, run thanks to the collaboration increasing the presence of Banca IFIS on with the HR department, the sales managers the market; the current edition reached its and all the teaching staff. Discover the images conclusion in September. The people involved in the last edition have on Banca IFIS’s The youngsters, after the selection process, shown great enthusiasm and participation, Facebook fanpage. faced a complete training itinerary with three and they are willing to step in to contribute to different the growth of the young and innovative reality learning typologies: theoretical training in the classroom, practical training and supporting the person in charge. This is the eighth edition and more are planned for the future, confirming the Bank’s follow us on: of Banca IFIS.
  13. 13. 013 08 Careers: job opportunities The dynamic evolution of Banca IFIS Group continues, along with the search for talent to add to its workforce. The Bank is targeting both youngsters, for whom it provides training and professional growth within its organization, and senior figures, who can contribute with their experience. Currently, there are various job openings: Legal Services Employee, Customer Service contomax Visit the website Employee – both in Venice; Sales Managers for various divisions of Banca IFIS: Bologna, Verona, Toscana-Umbria, Gallarate, Torino; Internship - Back Office (Division - Banca IFIS International); or the Careers section on Financial activity agent (area: NPL Banca IFIS), throughout Italy. Banca IFIS’s LinkedIn page. “Banca IFIS becomes partner of the MA.D.E.E. IV of Digital Accademia, the MasterLab in Digital Economics & Entrepreneurship” Banca IFIS supports especially the virtuous work of the small&medium enterprises and wants to be partner of the enterpreneurs in the beginning and development of their business, offering real support both through professional competences and the numerous initiatives that the Bank offers. For this very reason Banca IFIS decided to substain the Ma.d.e.e. Master, supportino the diffusion of digital innovation in the Italian SMEs. follow us on:
  14. 14. 014 09 In Agenda OCTOBER • 1-2 October: Banca IFIS at STAR Conference To be always updated on events, conferences and NOVEMBER • 11 November: Corriere Innovazione’s Big Event on social innovation (Verona). London • 15 October: 2 Webinar CrediFamiglia on how nd meetings follow to structure correctly a CV and how to @BancaIFIS on Twitter candidate for a job position – live on Tv or become fan of our Channel Banca IFIS fanpage on Facebook. • 13 November: Board of Directors of Banca IFIS Approval results of 3Q • 14 November: The 7th edition of the Credit Village Day wants to reflect on the social • 25-26 October: BlogTour #30IFIStour To celebrate the 30 th anniversary, Banca IFIS organises a BlogTour with bloggers belonging to digital marketing sector in a “storytelling travel”, rich of social media and personal interaction. impact of loans collection in the fifth year of one of the worst crisis ever. • 20 November: 3nd Webinar CrediFamiglia Live on TV Channel Banca IFIS • 22 November: One Day in Venice - Villa Furstenberg, HQ Banca IFIS, Mestre (Venice) • 31 October: “Who saves find a treasure” event organized to understand the value of money in occasion of the World Saving Day - Villa Furstenberg, Banca IFIS’s HQ, Mestre (Venice) follow us on: • First week of December: Pillole di Futuro, HQ Banca IFIS, Mestre (Venice)
  15. 15. 015 Financial Calendar 13/11/2013 Approval 3Q Results Venezia - Mestre (Italia) Banca IFIS’s shares on the Stock Market Price on 30/09/2013 30/09/2013 9.89€ Min-Max 2013 5,525 (02/01/13) - 10,26 (27/09/13) Number of shares issued 53.811.095 Capitalization 532.191.729,55 € 1 month performance + 4.44% 6 month performance + 47.39% 1 year performance + 88.20% Dividend paid 0,37€ (06/05/2013) Specialist Intermonte Spa On the 4th October 2013 La Scogliera S.p.A. has completed the placement, previously announced on 3 October 2013, of 6,000,000 ordinary shares of Banca IFIS S.p.A. equal to approximately 11% of Banca IFIS’s share capital, for an amount equal to Euro 54.6 million. In relation to Banca IFIS’s title, all financial reports and updates done by Edison and Intermonte gave judgement of Hold/Buy. Shareholders’ breakdown 04/10/2013 Sebastien Egon Furstenberg 56.68% Floating 34.88% Giovanni Bossi 3.42% Riccardo Preve 2.40% Banca IFIS shares 2.62% follow us on:
  16. 16. 016 10 Contacts Coverage by analysts Marco Cavalleri Mark Thomas Banca Akros Edison, Investment Research Christian Carrese Irene Rossetto Intermonte Intermonte Follow us on Contacts Website: Website of 2012 financial statements: Investor Contact: Mara Di Giorgio Email: Phone: +39 041 502 7623 follow us on: