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Linked instudyguide


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  • 1. Thursdays Training Starts at 11AM EST
  • 2. For YOU in this webinar The 3 Strategies for Getting Hired from LinkedIn first in 2011 The single most important thing you MUST do on LinkedIn. 2 Critical Mistakes You Must Avoid on LinkedIn that everyone makes
  • 3. Also Today you will Learn… Proven Techniques to Become the Hunted LinkedIn Newest Secret Weapon - SIGNAL LinkedIn Premium Account Answers to All your Questions Special Bonus Surprise after the Q&A
  • 4. Who is Greig Wells?
  • 5. LinkedIn Improves Your Performance1. Applying to Jobs online2. Working with your Warm Market3. Professional Offline Networking4. Being Recruited
  • 6. 3 Strategies for Getting Hired on LinkedIn1. Stand Out from the Crowd2. Accelerate Your Offline Networking3. BeFound, Be Hunted, Be Hired If You Can’t Hear the Presentation Call In Using +1(314) 627-1519 Access Code #423-577-891
  • 7. Notes: Stand Out from the Crowd
  • 8. #1 Key to Being Seen As a Leader
  • 9. Notes: LinkedIn Signal
  • 10. People Using LinkedIn SIGNAL• “I found 4 jobs to apply for within 5 minutes”• “I got direct access to the hiring manager and he asked me to come in for an interview that day”• “The jobs I found on SIGNAL I was the only one interviewing for because they had not yet posted them”
  • 11. Getting Hired On LinkedIn1. Stand Out from the Crowd2. Accelerate Your Offline Networking3. BeFound, Be Hunted
  • 12. Notes: Accelerate Offline Networking
  • 13. Two Critical Mistakes You Must Avoid1. Branding Yourself a Desperate Job Seeker No One Wants To Network with a Desperate Job Seeker let alone hire one.2. Collecting Favors/ Collecting Connections Relationships are Built on Exchanging Value
  • 14. How to Ask for a job, without asking
  • 15. Getting Hired On LinkedIn1. Stand Out from the Crowd2. Accelerate Your Offline Networking3. BeFound, Be Hunted, Be Hired
  • 16. BeFound Jobs Are the Best Jobs• Best Quality Jobs Never Posted• A Lot Less Competition• Do the work once, pays off forever• Being Found can be done confidentially
  • 17. What People Are Saying about BeFound Fast • “For the first time Recruiters were calling me about jobs…this is how it should be” • “In the previous month I had zero people contact me, now 9 people contacted me in my first week” • “An employee found me on LinkedIn and become internal advocate at the company”
  • 18. Notes: How Can We BeFound?
  • 19. LinkedIn Profile Optimization1. Anticipate ALL the right key words2. Key Word Optimize Your Profile (SEO)3. You Need a Big Network (500+)4. Conversion Strategy
  • 20. Word Clouds
  • 21. Build a Deep Network Because…• Being Found (Inbound, Being Hunted)• Expanded Search (Outbound Networking)• Perceived Value to Offer (Connect Rate)• Perceived as an Insider (Positioning) • LinkedIn Signal
  • 22. How to Track Your Results on LinkedIn
  • 23. My # Views & # Searches on LinkedIn
  • 24. Your Action Items Phase One Phase Two1. 6.2. 7.3. 8.4. 9.5. 10.
  • 25. YOUR Feedback…
  • 26. Thank You to our Sponsors www.ReCareered.Com To Explore What Sponsorship Can do for You Contact