How to get more quality partners(1)1


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How to get more quality partners(1)1

  1. 1. How to get more affiliate partners?1. How to search resources?2. How to contact webmasters?3. Other useful tips
  2. 2. How to search resources?Ⅰ. Use different keywords to find  resources It is important to compile words related to  your project as many as possible. Use  keywords or expressions to find more  related websites. Here is the url: (save  it as your browser favorite)
  3. 3.  Then, use your keyword to find resources. • "Add a link" + "your keyword(s)" • "Add site" + "your keyword(s)" • "Add a site" + "your keyword(s)" • "Add URL" + "your keyword(s)" • "Add a URL" + "your keyword(s)" • "Submit a link" + "your keyword(s)" • "Submit a site" + "your keyword(s)" • "Submit URL" + "your keyword(s)" • "Submit an URL" + "your keyword(s)" • "Suggest a link" + "your keyword(s)" • "Suggest a site" + "your keywords(s)" • "Suggest URL" + "your keyword(s)" • "Suggest an URL" + "your keyword(s)" • "Directory" + "your keyword(s)" • "Directories" + "your keyword(s)" • "Resources" + "your keyword(s)"
  4. 4. Ⅱ. Find resources at different search engines: Google, Yahoo, Alexa and Bing, etc. to find quality affiliate partners who already have at least one dating related site. Sometimes, they are willing to build a private label dating site also. We may get different search results. 1. For Yahoo, we can search by countries of choice. Here are the steps: 1. Go to Yahoo homepage, click “ International” link at the bottom. 2. You will go to Yahoo map. Select any country from the list below. 3. For example, by selecting UK & Ireland, then go to Input the keyword, select UK only.
  5. 5.  For google, we can get information here. Troubleshooting/browse_thread/thread/1b587da4333b26dc/906fbee66 633cc3b a.Just remove "maps." in urls to search by countries. Here is the screen shot: b.For example, if I go to, input keyword and select pages from UK. 2. Use advanced search options to find partners of competitors. 3. Use advanced search options to find members of white / private label program providers.
  6. 6.  Ⅲ. Affiliate network / Webmaster forum We can also use different search engines to find affiliate forum sites and then post our program there or contact their users directly to promote our affiliate program. Here are some affiliate directory sites:;
  7. 7. Ⅳ. Social Networking Site1. Use yahoo group, google group, meetup,,,, Here issome examples for some of other sites: Promote our private label program on a. You can search out people on your criterion, check their publicprofile, then send them invitation for free if they are good at Internetmarketing. b. You can join some groups about Internet marketing and publishyour recruiting messages. Your messages will be sent to all groupsubcribers. If they are interested, they will contact you.
  8. 8.  3. Post our private program on blog sites and contact the blogger like : to find private label partners. 4. We can find private label partner on job hunting sites by posting job message or sending partnership request or private message.. 5. Publish your program on FaceBook, Twitter, add app owner as friends or directly invite them to be your private label / affiliate partner 6. List all keywords of your project, choose one keyword and then match it with match, dating, date, love, etc. Search or godaddy, you will find that some of these domains are parking. Invite the owner to be our private label partner.
  9. 9. How to contact webmasters? Firstly, we must find webmasters contact information. 1. Some sites do not show the obvious email address, there is only a feedback form to fill. We could also find out the hidden email address as the screen shots below. 2. If we cannot find email address at the website, then use godaddy, alexa toolbar or to find webmasters contact info. including the first name and email address.
  10. 10. Title and Email Address Use different email addresses to send invitation mails. Yahoo is more strict with our email sending. You may choose Gmail.Here are some effective email subjects • Partner with • Advertise on • Strategic partnership with required • Link exchange with • Sponsored Ad Inquiry about • Sponsorship with • Partnership request with • Inquiry from • Want to cooperate with to achieve a win/win situation • Want to set up a loyal partnership with • Business development (
  11. 11. Other useful tipsⅠ. Keep an close eye on succeeded partners. Inform partners who promote our site well, once we have special commission program. They will be glad and thank your kindness.Ⅱ. Take webmasters response seriously and deal with it ASAP. Good customer services may encourage the partner to invite his webmaster friends to join our affiliate.Ⅲ. Remind the webmasters again if there is no response after they show interest in cooperating with us.Ⅳ. Install Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger and ICQ. If the webmasters email address is, add his email address into your Yahoo messenger list. If, add it AIM. Online chat maybe the best way to persuade partners.