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Feel like you’re using social media on behalf of your library “just because” and to an unresponsive audience? Think of a great party host. They plan the party and provide a welcoming space. Maybe they even incentivize you to attend and participate. Great hosts also take the time to check how their guests are doing, respond to needs and complaints, and adjust the party to accommodate future attendees. Learn how one library revamped its social media by thinking like a socialite party host. Katy Kelly, Communications and Outreach Librarian at University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio, will describe her use of Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Instagram on behalf of Roesch Library to embrace the student-created nickname, Club Roesch.

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  • Inform guests what they’re going to see, hear, feel when they enter the library if it’s going to be a consistent problem (or perk). For awhile I was asked to report whenever printing was down in the library. I don’t believe that problems that will have a short lifespan need to be reported to all of your followers. Who is affected by printing? Only people in the library. Write it on a white board and make signage. Leave your social media channels to the fun stuff.
  • When using QR codes we make sure to note what the QR code is going toInvite people to communicate with you on TwitterNichole Rustad and brandingFinals week: more tables, more outlets
  • Instagram photo of construction worker right outside the window
  • Ideas from Instagram
  • ALA snapshot day is
  • iTunes gift certificate
  • Sync Space, Media Runway, or Tech Table (Facebook poll and Twitter)
  • Some of our programming has gone entirely online – this what we did to raise awareness during banned books week.
  • Incentivize them to “follow” or “like” you by saying Find out Where and When on…
  • Not all fun and games, oftentimes students are coming to our social media channels to ask questions we typically see at our traditional information desk.
  • The Socialite Library

    1. 1. Libraries ThrivingThe Socialite LibraryKaty KellyCommunications and Outreach LibrarianUniversity of Dayton
    2. 2. Hi! Thanks for attending.
    3. 3. Session breakdown• Inform guests before they arrive• Plan for upcoming needs or problems• How do your guests feel? Respond to complaints• Incentivize participation• …all using social media.
    4. 4. University of Dayton• Private, Catholic institution in the city of Dayton, Ohio• Total student enrollment: 11,000• Residential campus
    5. 5. “Club Roesch”
    6. 6. Planning• …and planning ahead!
    7. 7. Marketing your plan…
    8. 8. What can you do?
    9. 9. Construction-related tweet
    10. 10. Rice Library, USI
    11. 11. Finding Pictures on Instagram
    12. 12. Instagram contest
    13. 13. Announcing winners…
    14. 14. Contests = Good press
    15. 15. “Tech Table” – Naming contest
    16. 16. Banned Books Week
    17. 17. Book Art Workshop
    18. 18. Another group space
    19. 19. How do they feel?
    20. 20. How do they feel?
    21. 21. What do they see?
    22. 22. What do they want?
    23. 23. Finals Week
    24. 24. Club Roesch VIP Contest
    25. 25. Spring 2012 Club Roesch VIP Entries Facebook Twitter Foursquare
    26. 26. Fall 2012 Club Roesch VIP Entries Twitter Facebook Foursquare Instagram
    27. 27. V.I.P winner “I love it! Thanks again so much for everything! It has really made this finals week the best ever, and its great to not have to worry about finding a quiet place to study during such a stressful time.”
    28. 28. Positivity during a time ofstress
    29. 29. Reference-esque Tweets
    30. 30. Reference, cont.
    31. 31. Alum tweets – connect!
    32. 32. Perks!
    33. 33. What’s a better view….than the one from yourpatrons?
    34. 34. Thanks!• Katy Kelly•