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Reaching the Youth at Your Library


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School’s out for summer, as you’ve probably noticed because of the recent influx of tots and teens participating in your story hours and book clubs. Public librarians with experience in youth outreach will spend this hour sharing what has worked and what has not when it comes to reaching this patron population at their libraries. Bring your own best practices to share with the group as well.

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Reaching the Youth at Your Library

  1. 1. Reaching the Youth at YourLibrary July 9, 2012
  2. 2. Best Practices1. E-mail withLibraries Thriving questions or comments.2. Share comments and questions in the chatbox.3. Visit the Libraries Thriving Discussion Forum tocontinue the conversation after today’s session
  3. 3. Introduction to Our Speakers Michelle Chrzanowski Amanda Liss Teen Outreach Specialist Youth Services Librarian Newport News Public Library SystemLoudoun County Public Library
  4. 4. Youth OutreachAmanda Liss, Youth Services Librarian, Loudoun County Public Library System
  5. 5. • This segment will focus on outreach to children ages birth through twelve.• Outreach to this age begins with the parents and caregivers, teachers, andother adults in the kids’ lives.• You can begin reaching out to this group in the library itself.
  6. 6. •Promoting within your programs: • Have the information available about what else is going on at the library. Hand out flyers, bookmarks, brochures. • Think about what else you can offer this group or ask them what they would like to see. • There is so much out there for young children and their parents. • Early Literacy workshops such as Every Child Ready to Read. • Unstructured playtimes/playdates allow for kids to play and parents to socialize. • Baby Sign. • Baby Yoga.
  7. 7. Outreach Inside: Bringing the Community In •Bringing in community partners. • Scout groups. • Parks and Recreation. • Community helpers. • Local museums, farms, petting zoos. • What events are taking place in your area?
  8. 8. Educators @ Your Library: An Open House10:00 AM -12:30 PM: Drop- In•Meet the librarians!•Peruse a book display of new books for elementary school students.•Project Drop-off: Major projects for the school year? Drop off thetopics and time frames, and we will pull items for the kids as theprojects come up.•Convenient Visit planning: We would love to visit you during theschool year and talk about a topic of your choice. We will note yourinformation along with possible visiting opportunities… a lunchtimebook club, for example… so that we can make the visits happen.1:00-2:00 PM: Library Resources Workshop•Learn about the database resources available for elementary schoolstudents.•Learn the basics of downloading e-books!•Ahead for the school year: brief program overview & One Book OneCommunity overview.•Pick up your 2011 One Book, One Community books! The book thisyear is Purple Heart by Patricia McCormick.
  9. 9. •Activities and promotions specifically forhomeschoolers. • Summer Reading promotions in the library. • Programs during the week in time slots convenient to them.
  10. 10. Reaching Out: Beyond the Schools •Community Centers •Daycares •Preschools •4H •YMCA
  11. 11. Schools: The First and Last Frontier Your School Contact(s): The school librarian! Parent liaison PTO or PTA member A designated teacher
  12. 12. Not Just for Summer Reading •Career Day •Book Talks •After school programs •E-book demonstrations • ESOL groups
  13. 13. Teen Outreach Michelle Chrzanowski, Teen OutreachSpecialist, Newport News Public Library System
  14. 14. Teen Outreach: Going Beyond the Library This segment will focus on outreach to ages 12 – 18 years Outreach to this age group continues from the outreach done with parents, caregivers, and schools Bring the library to the community
  15. 15. Teen Outreach Basics Community Contacts  Most important part of teen outreach  Can be difficult and frustrating How to Get Contacts  Talk to other City Agencies  Search Online  Email  Go to Community Events
  16. 16. Municipal Organizations Local Government/City Organizations  Partner with any Department that has a Youth Focus  Human Services Department  Juvenile Detention Center  Parks & Recreation Department  Police Department  Schools (Public, Private, and Homeschoolers)
  17. 17. Community Organizations Boys and Girls Club - Big Brothers, Big Sisters - Community Centers Girls Inc. - Hospitals or Hospice Care Museums or Educational Centers Workforce Development
  18. 18. Community and School Events School Career Day Youth Job Fair Family Focused Community Event Local Conventions  Anime  Anime Cons –  Book Festival  Science Fiction
  19. 19. Manga LibraryAnime Mid-Atlantic 2012  June 15-17, 2012  Chesapeake, VA
  20. 20. Teen Outreach Ideas Schools, Boys and Girls Club, and Recreation Centers  Book Club/Discussion Group  Anime and/or Manga Clubs  Technology Instruction  Showcase Library Databases  Homework Help  eBooks Juvenile Detention Centers  Book Discussion Groups
  21. 21. Teen Outreach Ideas Hospitals, Health Care Centers, Hospice Providers  Booklists  Book Discussion Group  Collaborate with other agencies to assist with counseling or other services
  22. 22. Virtual Outreach Library Site or Blog Facebook Twitter Pinterest – Online Book or Writing Clubs  GoodReads -  Figment - Newsletter  Can be online or sent through email  Send to schools and other community agencies
  23. 23. Book Deposit Collections Laundromats Hospitals, Health Care Centers, Hospice Providers Juvenile Detention Centers Airports  Can Link to eBook Collection -  Book Vending Machines
  24. 24. Questions and CommentsLet us know what has worked with you or other coolideas that you want to try out!
  25. 25. @cjspock
  26. 26. under “Committees and Forums” then “Forums”and all the way at the end of the list. Here you will find: how tojoin, our Wiki, our Facebook page, Twitter page, and Pinterestpage.