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Broadcasting Libraries podcasting “librarians aloud”- by Laura Rooney-Ferris


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Laura Rooney Ferris takes us through podcasts in general and describing the huge market they have. From there she showcase her own podcasts Librarians Aloud, and the content she has produced on it.

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Broadcasting Libraries podcasting “librarians aloud”- by Laura Rooney-Ferris

  1. 1. Ahh ! Not another person who wants me to listen to their podcast
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  5. 5. Mollett, A., Brumley, C., Gilson, C & Williams, S. (2017) Communicating Your Research with Social Media: A Practical Guide to Using blogs, podcasts, data visualisations and video. London: Sage
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  10. 10. ‘ I was looking around at the librarians & they were all walking around & they just looked like they had the best job ever & I was really envious of them ….so decided to go back and become a librarian’ Mick O Dwyer – Episode 2 ‘…it wasn’t really a conscious thing to become a librarian’ Siobhan Britton - Episode 9 ‘…I have a non traditional library background’ Dr Sandra Collins -Episode 12 ‘There is no traditional route into librarianship’ Louise Farragher –Episode 11 Accidental Librarians ‘I asked my boss how I could make this a career’ Jan Parry - Episode 6 ‘when I was a kid I wanted to be an author, or a private investigator…a detective’ Clare Murnane - Episode 16
  11. 11. ‘that human connection that makes librarians different from other people …without realising the impact’ Jane Burns – Episode 1 ‘I wanted to do something that has meaning & value & librarianship does’ Aoife Lawton Episode 4 ‘you learn a lot of empathy…you get a lot of tolerance for the variety of human behaviour’ Scott Bonner Episode 13 ‘I just really like innovation and change – and I like the doors to be open to that’ Marie O’Neill Episode 5
  12. 12. Sample trailer at
  13. 13. THANKS! Exclusive: 1st Live episode coming up Nov26th Maynooth uNI