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Social Media as a Tool for Developing and Empowering Women


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Presentation given with Ciji Heiser at the 2013 NASPA Annual Conference in Orlando, FL

March 2013

Published in: Technology
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Social Media as a Tool for Developing and Empowering Women

  1. 1. Social Media as a Tool forDeveloping and Empowering WomenFor Presentation at the2013 NASPA Annual ConferenceCiji Heiser (@cijiann)University of North Carolina at Chapel HillMelissa Robertson (@melpels)Purdue University Tweet with Us! #NASPA13 #wlsalt
  2. 2. Overview• Why We’re Here• Self-Assessment• Needs of Women in Higher Education & Theory• Finding and Giving Empowerment• Social Media as Tool for Empowerment & Gains• Discussion and “IRL” Examples• How to Get Involved Tweet with Us! #NASPA13 #wlsalt
  3. 3. Tweet with Us! #NASPA13 #wlsalt
  4. 4. The Power of WISA“It’s no surprise that we continue tohear issues such as mentoring,sponsorship, work-life negotiation,negotiation skills in general, careeradvancement, and intersections ofidentity all come to the surface.”“…a WISA woman commented abouthow people shy away from claimingthe term “feminist”. Others shared thatowning their feminism actuallyempowered them to embrace theirown identity more fully, and spurredthem to activism.” Tweet with Us! #NASPA13 #wlsalt
  5. 5. Tweet with Us! #NASPA13 #wlsalt
  6. 6. “A Voice at the Table…”“Social media has given me avoice at the table, connectedme with inspirationalprofessionals, expanded mynetwork, helped me connectwith my current job, and beena composite of resources. Ihave tutored students,presented at nationalconferences, written papers,and coordinated professionalassociation social mediaaccounts; I know the value ofthis tool.” – Becca Obergefell Tweet with Us! #NASPA13 #wlsalt
  7. 7. “Twitter Taught Me to StopApologizing…”“Well, I was thinking that weshould…”“I believe that we could…”“I think that it might be better if…”Do any of those sound likestatements that would stop you inyour tracks? Tweet with Us! #NASPA13 #wlsalt
  8. 8. Social networking provides a safe haven, or rather, Tweet with “laboratory” for exploration a Us! #NASPA13 #wlsalt
  9. 9. Blogs #WISA#WLSalt #WLI Tweet with Us! #NASPA13 #wlsalt
  10. 10. For women not ascompelled tonetwork inperson, socialmedia networkingprovides amotivatingstepping stone, ora tool, to learnappropriatemethods ofconnecting…. Tweet with Us! #NASPA13 #wlsalt
  11. 11. “Rather than going home and curling up on the couch with a bowl of ice cream, I can curl up in a #hashtag where people are saying encouraging and supportive things and walk away with something more constructive, that I can do something with, the next day.”Tweet with Us! #NASPA13 #wlsalt
  12. 12. How to Get Involved…• Just jump in! This is your community!• Engage and interact with Twitter and Facebook users• Blog• Participation in Knowledge Communities, Committees, etc… Tweet with Us! #NASPA13 #wlsalt
  13. 13. Presenting Your Best Self• Twitter Bio: 160 characters – who you are, what you do, what you enjoy, and a link• If using professionally: Institution, link to blog/Facebook/LinkedIn, Strengths and/or MBTI• Separate the “trash” from the “treasure”• Do spot checks on who is following you• Google your name and Twitter handle occasionally Tweet with Us! #NASPA13 #wlsalt
  14. 14. What Are You Showing the World? Tweet with Us! #NASPA13 #wlsalt
  15. 15. What Are You Showing the World? Tweet with Us! #NASPA13 #wlsalt
  16. 16. Networking Professionally• Building and participating in community• Making Connections• Giving and asking for introductions• Participating in conversation• Asking and answering questions• Recognition and motivation• Book, article, and resource recommendations• Pre-Conference Networking & Tweet-Ups! Tweet with Us! #NASPA13 #wlsalt
  17. 17. Join us for coffee and conversation at the Women in Student Affairs Tweet-Up! Tuesday, March 19th 5:30pm Just after the Annual Business Meeting Starbucks on the Lobby Level of the Orlando World Center Marriott See you there!Questions?Contact Melissa Robertson - Twitter @melpels - Tweet with Us! #NASPA13 #wlsaltWomen in Student Affairs (WISA) NASPA l #wisa #wisakc
  18. 18. Let’s Stay Connected…! Ciji Ann Heiser University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill @cijiann Melissa Robertson Purdue University @melpels