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Social Media Savvy for Educators


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Tap into the power of social media to increase professional effectiveness, student engagement and parent participation! K-12 educators and leaders, learn how to integrate Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Edublogs, Google Hangout and more into your everyday repertoire.
Sponsored by McGraw Hill Education & VolunteerSpot. Check out the great roundup of Social Media 4 Edu Resource Links at

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Social Media Savvy for Educators

  1. 1. Social Media Savvy for Educators February 5, 2013 #SM4Edu
  2. 2. Karen Bantuveris Joe Mazza Lisa Dabbs Founder & CEO Principal, #PTChat #ntchat, Edu Consultant @VolunteerSpot @Joe_Mazza @Teachingwthsoul Ronnie Burt John Samuelson Director Sales & Opps Ed Tech, @Edublogs @RonnieBurt Techlandia Podcast Host @ipadsammy
  3. 3. AgendaWelcome & Why We’re HereRecent Survey Results – KarenOverview of Popular Social Media tools – KarenSocial Media For: Professional Development – Lisa Parent Participation – Joe Student Enrichment - Ronnie & JonQ& A – AllResources & VolunteerSpot Demo: Free Online Signups &Parent-Teacher Scheduler – Karen
  4. 4. What is Social Media? Social Media: Any online technology or practice that lets us share (content, opinions, insights, experiences, media) and have a conversation about the ideas we care about.
  5. 5. Who Uses Social Media?Pew Research Center Stats
  6. 6. What SM are you Using?80% Frequently 30-40% Occasionally 2013 VolunteerSpot Educator Survey Results
  7. 7. For What Purpose do you Use SM? Personal Use – 95% Frequently Professional Development – 85% Frequently Student Engagement – 50% Sometimes Parent Engagement – 41% Sometimes 2013 VolunteerSpot Educator Survey Results
  8. 8. ProfessionalDevelopment Lisa Dabbs @TeachingwthSoul Education Consultant Los Angeles, CA Founder of New Teacher Chat #ntchat,Core Blogger/Marketing Team Support @Edutopia
  9. 9. Professional Development with Social Media
  10. 10. Social Media: It’s not just for kids! All ages can benefit. It’s frequently FREE. With use our practice can improve!
  11. 11. Harnessing Social Media for PDHow should we use it for PD?Can it support our practice?
  12. 12. Using Social Media for PDBuild your bio.Choose a tool/tools.Connect with colleagues.Join events/communities.Lurk and Learn!
  13. 13. Build your Social Media BioBuild your bio on:FacebookTwitterGoogle
  14. 14. Choose Your Social Media ToolFacebookTwitterBlogsGoogle Plus/HangoutsLinkedInNing Groups
  15. 15. Attend Events!Twitter Chats: #ntchat, #edchat Edcamps Free Webinars Google Hangouts-On Air
  16. 16. Using Social Media for PDLet’s re-cap:Build your bio.Choose a tool and use it.Connect with colleagues.Join events/communities.Lurk and Learn!
  17. 17. Can Social Media Support Us?Recommended Practices: Find a mentor Get comfortable with a platform or tool. Seek out free on-line PD. Collaborate & share resources. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!
  18. 18. Parent Engagement Joe Mazza @Joe_Mazza Lead Learner @knappelementary, Philadelphia, PA ~ @PennGSE student studying home-school partnerships 2.0 ~ Host of (Parent-Teacher) #PTchat Weds 9EDT
  19. 19. Using tech tools to build a connected learning community.Community is NOTone size fits all. Our “Size” @KnappElementary •Students: 600, K-6 •Home languages: 22 •Free/reduced lunch: 33% •Many other * facets to consider
  20. 20. #MysterySkype @CoachYetter 5th grade class in Iowa @MrYettersClass
  21. 21. Investment in face to face two-way communication - A foundation or home button for home-school partnerships Image credit:
  22. 22. Dr. Joyce Epstein Dr. Karen Mapp Dr. Anne Henderson Dr. Steve Constantino FACEFamily And Community Engagement Many years of action research
  23. 23. Epstein’s 6 Types of Involvement Image credit:
  24. 24. anymeeting.comMonthly Home & School 2.0 Meetings
  25. 25. “Meet Families Where they Are” Connecting Cultures
  26. 26. Plant the seeds. Provide ongoing training for parents & teachers.
  27. 27. “@KnappElementary: @MissMorrison’s students read theirnewly published eBooks to 2nd grade buddies today & will sharethem with their family tonight!” Tell me about this book you published. dinner table
  28. 28. eFACE Efforts Grown Over Time Google Voice/Text line Knapp Facebook ? Mobile App Text Alerts Remind 101 - Text Alerts Timekiwi PollEverywhere Twitter Home & School 2.0 Family Engagement Wiki Email Distribution List Face to Face 2-Way Communications
  29. 29. Next steps in “meeting families where they are”School Digital Family SummitStudent Voice - KnappRadio Show#PTchat during Home & School MtgSchool hashtag (i.e.@TMSHawkChat)Skype P-T Conference Options
  30. 30. (12-13 family/staff bumper sticker)
  31. 31. StudentEnrichment Ronnie & Jon @RonnieBurt @ipadSammy Ronnie: Jon: Ed Tech Teacher, Techlandia Podcast Host
  32. 32. Blogging with Students!How are blogs used with students?
  33. 33. Student Blogging TipsStart with a class blogHave students leave commentsThen let students make postson class blogThen students can earn ownblog
  34. 34. Join a Blogging Challenge!Student Blogging Challengesstudentchallenge.edublogs.orgOpen to all ages and abilitiesCan use any platform (Edublogs, Kidblog,WordPress, etc.)Starts in March but register soon!10 weeks of blogging activitiesMake connections among classroomsTons of support and resources
  35. 35. Twitter with StudentsAge restrictionsCan have one class account &approve postsHave a class hashtagSearch relevant hashtags Check out these first graders!
  36. 36. PinterestCreated Boards forStudents ANDParentsOrganized Visually
  37. 37. Pinterest Board IdeasCurrent Events - for discussionPicture A Day Board - for parents and studentsiPad App Board - for parents and studentsProject Board - to showcase student workSchool + Educational VideosTech Tools To TryConference Finds - TCEA collaborative board 3 9
  38. 38. Example: Math Games
  39. 39. EdmodoHave been using Edmodo for almostfour years (since 2009)Create Groups and Forum for StudentsSharing Projects from iPod Touch LabGreat Way To Stay In Touch Outside ofSchoolSet Specific Rules + Guidelines For Use 4 1
  40. 40. Our Edmodo RulesSign up in lab with group code togetherLet use as chat, then set rulesBe PositiveAsk A Question or Give A Thoughtful CommentTry To Use Correct Grammar + SpellingThere Is No Text Talk AllowedThere Are No Emoticons Allowed 4 2
  41. 41. Edmodo
  42. 42. Questions & Comments?
  43. 43. Resources (caps matter) Link to recorded webinar & slides Articles for Educators Articles & Links to share with Parents & Students
  44. 44. Karen Bantuveris Joe Mazza Lisa Dabbs Founder & CEO Principal, #PTChat #ntchat, Edu Consultant @VolunteerSpot @Joe_Mazza @Teachingwthsoul Ronnie Burt John Samuelson Director Sales & Opps Ed Tech, @Edublogs @RonnieBurt Techlandia Podcast Host @ipadsammy
  45. 45. FREE, Easy Parent Conference & Group SchedulingVolunteerSpot.comPlease stay for aquick DEMO (< 5 min)
  46. 46. Parents Get Invited
  47. 47. Parents Click to Sign Up NO PASSWORDS
  48. 48. Choose Their Spot
  49. 49. Choose Their Spot
  50. 50. Stay Connected