Youth jam 2012 ultimate youth survival


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Youth jam 2012 ultimate youth survival

  1. 1. Youth Jam 2012Title of the project: Ultimate Youth Survival Challenge 2012Categories of the project: Combination of competition between Art, Sports, Technology &Entrepreneurship, lastly TV show castingDetails and Information:Duration of the project Minimum 2 months timeWhat is the project It is a combination for the theme 1 Youth 1 Malaysia, which this projectabout? combines all what is needed to be a Youth which brings energetic, passions, youthful and so on. This project includes 3 parts- the quarter final, semi-final and final rounds. In quarter final round, we will be organising competition on (1) Poster Drawing (on Drawing Cardboards), (2) Photo shooting and (3) Sports (Running/Jogging). For Semi-Final round, we will be holding competition on answering questionnaires (Quiz). Quarter final round runs and progress at the same time with semi final round in order to remain the crowd and effectiveness. Final round would be exciting which brings the Youth Nation out of Malaysia video broadcasting for 5 days 4 nights Challenges-I will Survive!.Objective To drive the Youth in right path, right direction of life,Schedule of the project events and activities (on estimation/assumption)Date Event/Activity titles Venue Quarter Final RoundAug ’12 to (1) Poster Drawing (on Drawing Mobile booth around in 30Sep ’12 (4 Cardboards)Competition, local public/privateweeks) universities/collegesAug ’12 to (2) Photo shooting Competition, and Mobile booth around in 30Sep ’12 (4 local public/private
  2. 2. weeks) universities/colleges15 Sep ‘12 (3) Sports (Running/Jogging) Competition UPM sports centre Semi-Final RoundAug ’12 to Quiz Intelligence Competition Mobile booth around in 30Sep ’12 (4 local public/privateweeks) universities/colleges26 Nov ’12 to Final Round30 Nov ’12 I will Survive!!! Taipei City, Taiwan (Coordinating with 8 tourist(5D4N) attractions)List of Alliances, participating universities/collegesQuarter- Final Round(1)Poster Drawing CompetitionObjectives: 1) to let the Youth to express on Creativity and Innovation, 2) to relate the Youth themewith our sponsors, at the same time marketing and advertising, CSR, 3) to create crowd to matchwith the Youth Jam’12 goalsHow it will be run?Basically, this event is not just an event. It would consider the collaboration between the organisingteam and clubs or societies with selected 30 local public/private universities/colleges. For instance,the core teammates will setup a mobile booth taking turns around in these 30 local public/privateuniversities/colleges hotspot (eg: Foyer, Main Entrance) to distribute standardized 2000 copies ofblank cardboards with my sponsors logo. These students need to stop by at the booth and draw theposter with limited facilities and resources as creative, as Youthful, as possible. Also, the participantshave to add our facebook page on the spot to complete the registration (FOC).Example of Poster (cardboard) design for participants (Front & Back)PrizesCash prizes will be given away for weekly (4) winners. RM 200x3 winners for each week x 4 weekstotally = RM 2,400
  3. 3. *Grand Prize for Most Youthful Drawing is AirAsia flight tickects to Taipei for 2 paxRules & Regulations: Winner criteria based on panel judge’s decision (sponsors), participants mustbe the students in selected institutions (age in between 18-30).(2) Photo Shooting CompetitionObjectives: 1) to let the Youth to express on photo shooting skills, 2) to relate the Youth theme withour sponsors, at the same time marketing and advertising, CSR 3) to create crowd to match with theYouth Jam’12 goalsDuration of this project runs at the same time with Poster Drawing competition. The difference inthis competition is that the participants not necessary belong to any institution, as long as they arein the age between 18-30 years old. The photo shooting must be related to the theme Youth- whichthe participants need to take photo from any technology gadgets of themselves, or withfriends/family, to show their Most Youthful part in their life, and then upload it on our officialfacebook page and do online registration. Also, the winners are decided by the panel judges fromour sponsors.Prizes*Grand Prize- Samsung Galaxy Note x1 worth RM 2,300For weekly winners –Cash Prizes (RM 200x3 winners for each week x 4 weeks totally = RM 2,400)(3) Sports Competition- JoggingObjectives: 1) to create Youth healthy lifestyle with sports, 2) to promote our sponsors throughYouth way of marketing and advertising, CSR 3) to create crowd to match with the Youth Jam’12goalsThis event will be a 1 Day event only. It’s going to be a 5 km running/jogging lane distance. Theparticipants need to complete the run/jog; the fastest will be the winner according to specific timerecord. Venue held at the sports centre in University Putrajaya Malaysia, gathering 30 different localpublic/private universities/colleges participants (required age between 18-30 years old).Prizes will be in cash terms (RM) from F&N 100 plusChampion 1,0001st runner up 900
  4. 4. 2nd runner up 8003rd runner up 7004th runner up 600 th5 runner up 5006th runner up 4007th runner up 3008th runner up 2009th runner up 100Semi-Final RoundQuiz IntelligenceObjectives: 1) to conduct research and survey the knowledge of Malaysian Youth community, 2) topromote our sponsors through Youth way of marketing and advertising, CSR 3) to create crowd tomatch with the Youth Jam’12 goals5000 copies of question paper will distribute around in Malaysia (expected KL, Selangor, Penang,Johor, Malacca) and selected institution that this runs together with the mobile booth of PosterDrawing competition for 4 weeks. The quiz distributed is set according to certain knowledge forMalaysian Youth and in regards to our sponsors.Example of Quiz format:3000 pieces of car stickers with Ultimate Youth Survival Challenge 2012! And sponsors logo will begiven away for participants who completed the form.Winners (6 Males, 4 Females) from the database matches criteria and requirements will be selectedto join the fully sponsored Final Stage of Ultimate Youth Survival Challenge 2012 which is I willSurvive!!! Trip to Taipei City for 5D4N collaborating with students from National University of Taiwan.Final RoundI will Survive!!!
  5. 5. Why Taipei City?Taipei was declared as the winner of The Most Charismatic City 2011 and also the Best TourismDestination in Asia. Youth need to accept challenges which they will learn the survivor skills throughexperiences. It must be out of Malaysia’s boundaries as the barriers such as communication andlanguages will only work. At the same time, they will learn how to build networks and exchangeprogram in a short period with foreign Youth community. Of course, the main purpose is theAwakening of the Malaysia Youth Nation to prove to the adult that we can do better, not only inMalaysia but also we are able to Survive overseas!Progress??6 Male and 4 Female divided equally into two teams-Red and BlueRules & Regulation: The contestants can only eat, drink, wear on what was provided by theorganising team, only the winning team of the each challenge deserve better premiums. Allexpensive stuff and electronic gadgets will be taken care by the facilitator; only can use productsgiven by the sponsors. It is a 24 hours x 5 days video casting. All the contestants have to abide withthe rules and regulations set by the organising committee.Plans1st day2nd3rd4th5thPrizesThe Winner teamSamsung Galaxy S x5Air Asia Flight Tickets x5 to Sydney, Australia 3D2N
  6. 6. Cash Prizes RM 5000The Loser teamSamsung Corby x5Air Asia Flight Ticket to Bangkok, Thailand 3D2NCash Prizes RM2500Return & benefits for Sponsors