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Memo 2008 (Guidelines & Pageant Mechanics for Mutya Ng Kalikasan 2008)


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Memo 2008 (Guidelines & Pageant Mechanics for Mutya Ng Kalikasan 2008)

  1. 1. Republic of the Philippines Department of Environment and Natural Resources Visayas Avenue, Diliman, 1106 Quezon City S (632) 929-6626to 29;929-6252; 929-6633to 35;929-7041to 43 E-mail: wew; Website: MEMORANDUM TO HEADS OF ATTACHED AGENCIES BUREAU DIRECTORS REGIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS GALAW NG KALIKASAN/ CENTRAL OFFICE FROM RICARDO S. ISIP Assistant Secretary for Management Services Head, Oversight Committee - Search for Mutya ng KaMkasan 2008 SUWECT : GUIDELINES AND PAGEANT MECHANICS ON THE SEARCH FOR UMUTYANG KALIKASAN 2008quot; DATE In connection with the authority issued in the conduct of the Search for quot;Mutya ng Kalikasan 2008quot; a s p e to the celebration of the Environment Month and the forthcoming DENR Anniversaq Celebration on 10 June 2008 the following Guidelines and Pageant Mechanics are hereby issued for information and guidance of all concerned: I. RATIONALE The quot;MUTYA NG KALIKASAN 2008quot; is a beauty and personality search for DENR rank and fie employees who will serve as an ambassador of the Department in promoting Environmental Concerns and Issues. She will also attend program and activities relevant to her title. This will be participated in by representatives from the Central Office, Regional Offices, Bureaus, and Attached Agencies. The respective offices will choose their representative according to their own set of criteria. The candidates will compete on the following categories 1. Filipiniana or Native Costume; 2. Sportswear Cdmpetition; 3. Talent Competition; 4. Long Gown Competition; and 5. Question and Answer Portion. The PRE-PAGEANT NIGHT: Presentation of Candidates and Talent Competition will be held on June 6, 2008 at the DENR Social Hall and the Pageant and Coronation Night on June 10, 2008 at the DENR Multi-Purpose Covered Court.
  2. 2. 11. CANDIDATE'S MINIMUM QUALIFICATION The Search is open to single and married female employees who meet the following minimum requirements: 1. A bonalide employee (regular, casual, contractual) including detailed and reassigned employees of respective offices with at least six (6)months in servic,eas of June 10, 2008. 2. Within 18 to 35 years old bracket. 3. Presently reporting in the Region/Bureau/Attached Agency she is representing. I n . PAGEANT MECHANICS 1. Each participating office will choose their representative according to their own set of criteria. They are required to submit their candidate's personal data, half-bust 3R picture and proof of employment on or before May 30, 2008 thru email An endorsement of the head of office is required. 2. Each candidate will compete in the following categories: PRE-PAGEANT NIGHT: June 6 , 2 0 0 8 i. Presentation of Candidates - candidates will present themselves and the office being represented. ii. Talent Competition - every candidate will be given a maximum of two (2) minutes for their talent presentation at the DENR Social Hall, 2 d Floor DENR Main Building. They are to be rated n according to their Execution (80%)and Audience Appeal (20%). iii. Interview - candidates will pick a number corresponding to a picture/video about environmental issues. They will be given two (2) m a t e s to discuss the environmental issue presented in the screen and what she can contribute to manage or solve the problem. The 50% score for the Intelligence in the Top 5 elimination will be taken from this discussion. PAGEANT NIGHT: June 1 0 , 2 0 0 8 i. Filipiniana Attire o r Native C o s t u m e - in the presentation of candidates during the Pageant Night, candidates will be in their Filipiniana Attire or Native Costume. They will be rated according to its Design (50%)and Poise & Bearing (50%). ii. Sportswear Competition - in this category candidates will be required to wear the sports attire of their choice that highlights their physical fitness to satisfy the criteria in which 50% is for Figure, 30% for Beauty and 20% Poise & Bearing. iii. L o n g Gown Competition - candidates must show proper poise and bearing while in their Long Gown. They will be rated based on design and fitting (50%)and Poise & Bearing (50%). iv. After the Long Gown Competition, Special Awards will be handed out. The Top Five (5) Candidates will be chosen according to these criteria:
  3. 3. a. Intelligence 50% - based on the Pre-Pageant Night in the Interview b. Talent 20% - based on their performance during the Talent Competition c. Beauty L Personality 30% - based on the Pageant Night performance v. ,In the Final Round, previous scores will be disregarded and the Top Five candidates will be rated based on the final performance on the following criteria: a. Intelligence 50% b. Beauty 30% c. Poise L Personality 20% vi. The Top Three (3) Candidates will be declared as Mutya ng Kalikasan 2008, 1st Runner Up and 2 d Runner Up. n vii. The decision of the Board of Judges is final and irrevocable. I . AWARDS & PRIZES V The following Special Awards and the comesponding prizes will be given to candidate that tops each category: 1. Best in Filipinianal Native Costume P5,000.00 + Sash 2. Best in Sportswear P5,OOO.OO + Sash 3. Best in Talent P5,000.00 + Sash 4. Best in Long Gown P5,000.00 + Sash 5. Most Photogenic P5,000.00 + Sash 6. Congeniality Award P5,000.00 + Sash The Major Awards and Prizes are the following: 1. Mutya ng Kalikasan 2008 P30,000.00 + Sash + plaque 2. 1stRunner Up P20,000.00 + Sash + plaque 3. 2 d Runner Up n P10,000.00 + Sash + plaque Consolation Prize of Five Thousand Pesos (P 5,000) each. V. SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES May 30,2008 Deadline of Submission of representative's name, personal data, picture and proof of employment in the Department June 6,2008 Arrival of Candidates 10:OO am Orientation and Briefing of Candidates Rehearsal & Blocking for Pre-Pageant Night
  4. 4. 12:00 nn Luncheon Meeting with Secretary Atienza 3:00 pm Preparation for the Pre-Pageant Night 6:00 pm PRE-PAGEANT NIGHT: Presentation of Candidates Talent Competition and Interview Venue: DENR Social H l al June 7,2008 Rehearsal for the Production Number and Tree Planting Activities at PAWB June 8,2008 Rest Day June 9,2008 Final Rehearsal 86 Blocking June 10,2008 PAGEANT 86 CORONATION NIGHT Venue: DENR Multi-Purpose Covered Court All offices, with or without candidates, are required to contribute Twenty Thousand Pesos (P20,000.00) for this activity chargeable against their respective office funds, subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations. For information and guidance. 45 RICARD S. II SP