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Ihrm group assignment final (2)


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Ihrm group assignment final (2)

  2. 2. Family Situation •Family characteristics•Expatriates performance •Family cross cultural adjustment
  3. 3. Flexibility and Adaptability Flexibility Adaptability •Agile mindset •Flexible when changes occur•Evaluate and adjust to different •Open-new ideas and concepts roles •Manage multiple assignments, •Better than rigid outlook priorities •Adapt to continuous change •Changing conditions
  4. 4. Diagram 1: Expatriation Critical Success Factors Expatriation Critical Success Factors Job Knowledge Motivation •Intercultural •Implementation of Mental Maps Training •Motivational CQ •Smoothness of •Transferring International Knowledge Transfer Assignments into External Career Advancement
  5. 5. Relational Skills• Definition• Relational skills – set of specific skills that employees are trained.• implementation of international assignments creates - new environment employee may operate particular time.• Different factors critically effect business structure of international human resource management
  6. 6. Relational Skills• Factors employees can face in foreign country:• culture• language• people
  7. 7. EXTRA CULTURAL OPENNESS• Adapt new cultural conditions• Measured by familiarity• Role in job performance -country support the expatriates assigned task• Organizational support –boosting confidence via seminars or systems• Train expatriate - new culture• Cultural awareness embraced• Key to openness of new knowledge
  8. 8. ?Questions-Thank you-