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Motorola, the USA-based major multinational manufacturer of, among other things,mobile phones, established a large plant i...
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(Mchg) individual assignment question


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(Mchg) individual assignment question

  1. 1. Motorola, the USA-based major multinational manufacturer of, among other things,mobile phones, established a large plant in a town in a European country. This townwas in an area recovering from the decline of traditional manufacturing industries. Atits the plant was employing around 3000 people manufacturing mobile phones. Localpeople thought this was an industry of the future, part of a new high-technologyknowledge economy. Consistent with its reputation as a leading innovator andemployer of excellence, Motorola invested heavily in training and development, withsome of the best systems, facilities and training professionals in the country. The plantwas very successful, and consistently more productive than other European plants.Yet when economic troubles hit the electronics and telecom sectors in 2001 thecompany had to review its operations. It accepted that the plant in this town wasefficient, with a loyal and skilled workforce. But it elected to close it in favour ofretaining European production at another plant in a different country. Although theplant had a model skilled workforce, other factors entered the equation, and the netresult was total closure. This large, single job loss was just like those the town hadexperienced with the loss of the old manufacturing industries.Source; Edinburg Business School, 2008Requirements; a) Referring to reliable sources of information, find out what were the main reasons that caused the company to fail its operations in that particular period of time. You may consider factors such as economic environment, product life cycle, organisational environment, leadership, and etc. b) Applying any concept or models of organisational change and transformation, critically analyse the actions or activities that Motorola could undertake in order to prevent the company failure. In this part you may consider and recommend implementation of any organisational change model which could be used by management, leading to Motorola’s business success.