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Contributors' Workshop: Introduction to the Archives Hub 2010
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Contributors' Workshop: Introduction to the Archives Hub 2010


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Introduction to the Archives Hub service aimed at contributors.

Introduction to the Archives Hub service aimed at contributors.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • These are the summarised objectives of UKAD. We are meeting regularly to try to pursue these objectives further. Please look out for announcements on archives-nra. We are intending to develop a more established web presence as soon as we can.
  • Emphasise the benefits of something like this – the data is accessed via the Hub and via Genesis. Users will not know any difference.
  • Just to say that there are still a number of portals or gateways that are subject based or area based. At present we have not really moved forward with cross-searching these, although other initiatives such as the European APENet initiative are looking to provide aggregated searches at quite an ambitious level. (APENet aims to build a gateway to documents and archives in europe). Funding and resources are always the biggest barriers, but there are also issues of providing clear and easy to use interfaces and not over-facing researchers with masses of results.
  • Very important development. Talk about exposure to Google.
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Archives Hub
      An introduction
      Contributor Workshops 2010
      Archives Hub Workshop 2010
    • 2. JISC-funded service based at Mimas, The University of Manchester
      In service since 2000
      Over 23,000 collection descriptions
      180 repositories
      Management and service team at Manchester
      Development team at Liverpool
      Cheshire software
      Distributed system
      The Hub in a Nutshell
      Archives Hub Workshop 2010
    • 3. Strategic aim: build and enhance content
      Meeting the needs of the UK research community
      Meeting the needs of the wider community
      Archives for education and research
      Archives Hub Workshop 2010
      Content and contributors
      The success of the Hub is a reflection of the rich content available from Hub contributors
    • 4. Higher/Further Education
      Consortium contributions
      Institutions with a research agenda
      Others on a case-by-case basis
      We encourage institutions to contact us
      Archives Hub Workshop 2010
      Current contributors
      John Rylands Library, Manchester
    • 5. Originally funded for collection-level but always multi-level
      Software/searches effective with both
      Complimentary approaches
      Researchers ask for detail
      Archives Hub Workshop 2010
      Collection or lower-level…?
      Flickr cc licence: soylentgreen23’s photostream
    • 6. The browser provides a human user interface
      Machine interfaces provide ways for machines to interact with the data
      Enables more exposure and flexible access
      The Hub has:
      Archives Hub Workshop 2010
      Machine oriented interfaces
    • 7. Archives Hub Workshop 2010
      A bit about standards
      EAD is XML for archives
      We have EAD2002 (DTD)
      Cheshire search engine searches and retrieves EAD descriptions
      EAD is ISAD(G) compliant
      The Hub is distributed (Spokes)
    • 8. Archives Hub Workshop 2010
      Hub Data Flow
    • 9. UKAD: part of the UK Archives Discovery Network
      Genesis: exploratory project to share data
      AIM25: collaboration to improve interoperability
      TNA: plans to create links from the NRA
      Copac: have links from the Hub to Copac records
      Archives Hub Workshop 2010
      Collaboration & Sharing
    • 10. Open data
      Name authorities
      Reduction of cataloguing backlogs
      Retro-conversion of hard-copy catalogues
      Access to digitized and digital archives
      Collaboration to promote archives discovery
      Archives Hub Workshop 2010
      UKAD Network aims:
    • 11. Hub hosts data
      Genesis searches the Hub using SRU
      Works by using ‘women’ as an index term
      Benefit of one store of data with different access options.
      Archives Hub Workshop 2010
      Pilot project for SRU: Genesis portal for Women’s Studies
    • 12. Archives Hub Workshop 2010
      National Archive Network
    • 13. All Hub descriptions have their own identifiers – a unique reference
      Gives them their own web address
      Enables bookmarking of content
      Facilitates linking, e.g. from NRA
      Enables exposure to Google
      Archives Hub Workshop 2010
      Persistent Identifiers
    • 14. Understanding our users
      Encouraging item-level descriptions
      Encouraging images/links to content
      Changes in technology
      Perceptions of relevancy
      Understanding Impact
      Archives Hub Workshop 2010
      Flickr cc licence: hoodwink’s photostream
    • 15. Increasing content and contributors
      Working on basic Hub operations – search speeds and relevancy
      More engagement with users
      Exploring user generated content
      Continuing to be standards-based, open and interoperable
      Archives Hub Workshop 2010
      Moving Forward