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Speechwriting in the Age of Social Media


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Slides for the speech I will deliver on October 19, 2010 at the PRSA International Conference in Washington, DC. Full details at

Slides for the speech I will deliver on October 19, 2010 at the PRSA International Conference in Washington, DC. Full details at

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  • Shows an empty auditorium – the shape of things to come?Down economy – meetings industry hit hard by company and association travel budget cut backsThose who do show up carry iPhones and Laptops and text while you talk - some speakers freak out and find this rude. Better to turn to your advantage.This presentation will show you a number of ways in which social media can magnify the impact of a speech.
  • Here I’ll review key concepts from the book (TBD)Warning: More and more audience members will Tweet anyway while you speak. Get them involved or risk losing control.ALSO: Remember to record audio and video with low-cost digital recorders and cameras.Talking of recording …
  • Simple transcripts from audio recordings also work.ALSO: Scan archived Tweets to measure the impact of your talk (how many of your soundbites were picked up and re-tweeted?); post a speech transcript to your website or blog; share slides on slideshare.Which leads me to demonstrate one way to pull it all together …
  • In conclusion: pulling it all together Consider creating a Presentation Home Page.Integrate all social media on this site which is available before, during and after the presentation. Make it a repository for event details; session description; bio and contact information; poll results; presentation slides; reference materials; overview videos; handouts; live video feed of the presentation; blog postings prior and post-event; backchannel chat room area. Example: See: for the Presentation Home Page of my talk today. I set it up mid-January and gathered feedback before I arrived to speak. Please review and add your comments, opinions… and Tweets!Remember: A presentation is one moment in time and space. Look beyond the auditorium - magnify the impact of a speech with social media.
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    • 1. Speechwriting in the age of social mediaMagnifying the Impact of a Speech
      Ian Griffin
      Executive Communications
      PRSA International Conference
      Washington, DC
      October 19, 2010
    • 2. Social Media magnifies the impact of a speech before, during andafteran event.
    • 3. Traditional Media
    • 4.
    • 5.
    • 6. Social Media
    • 7. LinkedIn Groups & Polls enable you to research topics before you start writing a speech
    • 8.
    • 9.
    • 10.
    • 11. Twitter gives the audience a backchannel for discussion during a speech
    • 12. “…audiences today are no longer sitting quietly taking notes during live presentations. Instead, they’re carving out a new space in the room called a backchannel, where people are online searching for resources, checking your facts, and connecting with others inside the room and out.”
    • 13. The Backchannel in Action
    • 14. Podcasts and videos reach people after a speech is delivered
    • 15.
    • 16.
    • 17. Transcripts
    • 18.
    • 19. Contact Information