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  1. How Technology Is Impacting Civil Society Networked Nonprofits and Free Agents Beth Kanter, Mark Horvath, and Shawn Ahmed Tech@State, November 4, 2010
  2. Beth Kanter @kanter
  3. A Networked Discussion
  4. Mark Horvath @hardlynormal
  5. Shawn Ahmed @uncultured
  6. A Networked Discussion …. #netnon on Twitter Twitter advocate: @NoelDickover Embassy backchannel and Ustream. In the room
  7. What is a Networked Nonprofit?
  8. Why become a Networked Nonprofit?
  9. Complex social problems that outpace the capacity of any individual organization Photo by uncultured
  10. In a networked world, nonprofits need to work less like this Source: David Armano The Micro-Sociology of Networks
  11. And more like this …. With apologies to David Armano for hacking his visual! Source: The Micro-Sociology of Networks
  12. Some nonprofits are born networked nonprofits, it is in their DNA ….
  13. Social Culture: Not Afraid of Letting Go Control
  14. Social Culture: Everyone Uses Social Media To Spread Mission
  15. Other nonprofits make that transition more slowly
  16. The Networked Nonprofit BE DO Understand Networks Work with Free Agents Create Social Culture Work with Crowds Listen, Engage, and Build Learning Loops Relationships Trust Through Transparency Friending or Funding Simplicity Govern through Networks
  17. Social Culture Everyone in the organization uses social media to engage people inside and outside the organization to improve programs, services, or reach communications goals.
  18. Loss of control over their branding and marketing messages Dealing with negative comments Addressing personality versus organizational voice (trusting employees) Make mistakes Make senior staff too accessible Perception of wasted of time and resources Suffering from information overload already, this will cause more
  19. The Black Smoke Monster on LOST
  20. What are the conversation starters about social media that your organization needs to have?
  21. Joyful Funerals
  22. Transparency Networked Nonprofits consider everyone inside and outside of the organization resources for helping them to achieve their goals
  23. The Nonprofit Fortress
  24. Transparent Sponges: UnFortress
  25. Before I built a wall I'd ask to know What I was walling in or walling out, And to whom I was like to give offense. Something there is that doesn't love a wall, that wants it down. - The Medning Wall, Robert Frost Who are you trying to keep out?
  26. Use social media tools to organize, mobilize, raise funds, and communicate with constituents but outside of institutional walls
  27. The Nonprofit Fortress
  28. Nonprofit Fortress Free Agent
  29. “I can’t single-handedly end global poverty, but I can take actions and inspire others.” Shawn Ahmed
  30. “The problem is that YOU are the fortress. Social media is not my problem.“
  31. I’ve found my free agent, now what? How many free agents does it take to change a fortress?
  32. •What has been your experience in turning fortresses inside out? • What has been your experience working with free agents?
  33. A Networked Discussion …. #netnon on Twitter Twitter advocate Embassy backchannel and a moderator. In the room
  34. Thank you! Beth Kanter @kanter