The Power of Social Media for Branding Needs


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Mendadak diundang untuk sharing di acara Trend Digital Branding in 2013, jadilah bikin materi presentasi kilat. Semoga ada ilmu yang bisa diambil, dan semoga bermanfaat. :)

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  • The Power of Social Media for Branding Needs

    1. 1. The Power of Social Media for Branding Needs February 23rd, 2013 Central Library of Universitas Indonesia
    2. 2. Who is Ferdias Ramadoni ?• 23 Years Old• Being Married to a Beautiful Wife• Co-founder of Depok Digital• Community Manager of• Digital Manager at Global Peace Foundation Indonesia• Owner• Online Strategist of
    3. 3. Media Evolution
    4. 4. Social NetworksNews & Bookmarking Blogs Microblogging Video Sharing Photo Sharing Message boards Wikis Virtual Reality Social Gaming
    5. 5. EC = MC“Every company is media company” Tom Foremsky media guru
    6. 6. The Internet is big.Years it took to reach a market audience of 50 million Radio 38 years
    7. 7. The Internet is big.Years it took to reach a market audience of 50 million TV 12 years
    8. 8. The Internet is big.Years it took to reach a market audience of 50 million Internet 4 years (Facebook, 50m, 2 years)
    9. 9. What Is Social Media? Social media supports the human need for social interaction, using Internet based features to transform broadcast media monologues (one to many) into social media dialogues (many to many). It transforms people from content consumers into content producers.
    10. 10. Why Use Social Media?> It’s FREE, but you must invest time.
    11. 11. Why Use Social Media?> Build Connections & Network No event needed, no walls to stop you. • General Public• • Clients / Consumers • Small Business Owners • Organizations & Non-profits
    12. 12. Why Use Social Media?> To Listen & LearnThere are thousands of intelligent people and companies sharingideas, links, blog posts, websites, case studies, opinions and more.
    13. 13. Why Use Social Media?> To Market, Show Expertise & Transparency In sharing your own ideas, experience and expertise, you build your own network. Social media allows a broadcast medium for you to communicate & market. • Promote your own web or blog content • Announce new services / products • Offer specials or promotions • Provide visibility into your operation
    14. 14. What Should We Do?
    15. 15. Create a great corporate image through social media
    16. 16. As a MODERN brand
    17. 17. also a TRUSTED and FRIENDLY partner
    18. 18. and of course… Full of ACHIEVEMENT
    19. 19. HOW
    20. 20. Be a PROACTIVE-HELPFUL source..!!
    21. 21. SPEAK UP..!!
    22. 22. Be MORE PARTICIPATIVEin every conversation!!
    23. 23. Too many option?Indonesia choose Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube
    24. 24. Corporate Platform Comprehensive Online PresenceCommunity Platform
    25. 25. CORPORATE PLATFORM Online corporate platform use the official social media channel (Twitter and facebook). Twitter • Viral Info about Your Company • Customer Service • Event update • Build conversation • Market ResearchFacebook • Photo Sharing • Online Quiz • Customer Service • Event Update • Spread complete message
    26. 26. COMMUNITY PLATFORMCommunity blog use CMS platform and social media channel (Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube) SM CHANNEL “THE HOME” Community Blog SM CHANNEL SM CHANNEL
    27. 27. COMMUNITY PLATFORM ContributorsExperts: Company’s Aidil Akbar KeyPerson:Ligwina Hananto CEO CommunityEndi Kurniawan Directors Member Etc… Managers Etc…
    28. 28. COMMUNITY PLATFORM The Strategy Brand Name Target Audience Positioning Differentiation
    29. 29. Alternative Community Brand
    30. 30. Our Target Audience INFLUENCER TERTIARY (Others) SECONDARY (Public) PRIMARY (Stakeholders)
    31. 31. PositioningAlternative Tagline“Komunitas keuangan terbesardan terpercaya di Indonesia”“The best community basedfinancial source in Indonesia”Etc…
    32. 32. If You are not DIFFERENT...You will die..!!!
    33. 33. Project’s Timeline...
    34. 34. 5 Indonesias Social Media Predictions in 2013 1. Online Branded Entertainment 2. Getting Insight from Big Data 3. Mobile Social Media 4. Customer Care Goes Social 5. Content is The Most Valuable AssetSource:
    35. 35. Source: