Google and IPv6: Steinar H. Gunderson, Software engineer, Google

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Google and IPv6: Steinar H. Gunderson, Software engineer, Google …

Google and IPv6: Steinar H. Gunderson, Software engineer, Google

IKT-Norge IPv6 forum IPV6 konferanse 23 & 24 mai 2011

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  • 1. Google and IPv6A content providers perspectiveSteinar H. GundersonSenior Software Engineer 1
  • 2. IPv4 is running out• Weve said it for years, but now its actually happening  APNIC: April 2011  RIPE: July 2012? September 2011?• “Just reclaim unused address space”  Not so easy, sorry• “But NAT will save us!”  Were in this situation despite NAT everywhere 2
  • 3. Carrier Grade NAT / Large Scale NAT (CGN/LSN)• From this… 3
  • 4. Carrier Grade NAT / Large Scale NAT (CGN/LSN)• …to this 4
  • 5. Large Scale NAT (cont.)• Bad for ISPs  Expensive  Complex• Bad for consumers  Multi-hop NAT ⇒ no working UPnP  Will BitTorrent work? Skype?• Bad for content providers  Breaks assumption “one IP = one residential unit”  …geolocation will get harder  …abuse will get harder (blacklist one IP, block 100 users?) 5
  • 6. Large Scale NAT (cont.) However, at this point LSN is pretty much inevitable But IPv6 will help us restrict the pain to the long tail 6
  • 7. Google and IPv6A brief history 7
  • 8. July 2007: First beginnings• IPv6 at Google started as a 20% project  No mandate from above• You dont need to do everything at once• …but you need to do it properly!  Please dont break your users  Please dont spread the impression that “IPv6 is unreliable” (it isnt) 8
  • 9. March 2008:• IPv6-enabled load balancer  Everything else was IPv4  Yet, effect from day one• 6PE mesh• Work your way in from the outside  And then iterate  Fold IPv6 into your normal upgrade cycles 9
  • 10. January 2009: Google over IPv6• We cant turn on AAAA to everybody  Would break ~0.03% of users (May 2011 numbers; more in 2009)  Side note: Norway is somewhat better (thanks, Tore)• But we can turn it on for some users  Maintain whitelist of networks with good IPv6 connectivity to us 10
  • 11. August 2009: IPv6 on Android• Support IPv6 on 802.11 interface since Android 2.1 (Eclair)  Now part of Android conformance tests• Relatively wide application support  Browser, sync, Maps…• Not quite ready for IPv4 crash yet, but getting there 11
  • 12. February 2010: YouTube over IPv6 12
  • 13. …and more• March 2010: Fully dual-stacked backbone  Remember: Started around January 2008• June 2010: Crawling IPv6-only web sites• Unknown future point: All services over IPv6 13
  • 14. World IPv6 day 14
  • 15. World IPv6 day: Basic idea• Google over IPv6 has drawn lots of enthusiasm  ~100 participating organizations  ~75% of the native IPv6 Internet• …but limited scaling potential• World IPv6 day is June 8th, 2011 (0000–2359 UTC)  ISOC-sponsored event  Turn on IPv6 for everybody, for one day only• So far: 220+ participating organizations!  Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Akamai, Limelight… 15
  • 16. Want to join?• Content providers: Excellent opportunity to test your systems  Dual-stack your web site for the day, register on the w6d site  Experience: Tends to build lots of enthusiasm  But please dont deploy non-production quality IPv6 just for one day• ISPs: Point your users to• Of course, feel free to keep it on afterwards if there were no problems  VG, APDM, Heise: Anticlimax 16
  • 17. Summary 17
  • 18. Questions? 18