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World IPv6 Day in indonesia


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ITB Experience with World IPv6 Day

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World IPv6 Day in indonesia

  1. 1. World IPv6 Day in Indonesia APAN32, New Delhi Affan Basalamah ITB/INHERENT, Indonesia
  2. 2. Outline• Activities in ITB• Activities in INHERENT• Activities in Indonesia IPv6 Forum• Recommendation
  4. 4. World IPv6 Day• June 8, 2011• Content provider open their services via IPv6 – basically, they provide AAAA record to popular website – Allow IPv6 client to access their content via IPv6• So provider will know: – how many client has successfully to access IPv6 – how many client has failed to access IPv6
  5. 5. DNS Record at that day
  7. 7. Activities in ITB• Work together with SOI-ASIA (• IPv6-only video-on-demand streaming – Adobe Flash Media Streaming Server on Linux – 2 video of Indonesia cultural show• IPv6-only website, embedding video content – Apache on FreeBSD
  8. 8. Evaluate Brocade ADX1000 IPv6 SLB• Provide IPv6 SLB for v6 client to v4 server• IPv6 SLB that can translate: – v6 client – v6 server – v6 client – v6/v4 server – v6 client – v4 server
  9. 9. Why IPv6 Load Balancer?• Hoping to solve questions: – Which is comes first, network or application? – What is IPv6 killer apps?• How it’s going to solve: – IPv4 killer apps can directly migrated to IPv6 – No apps rewrite or migration• At least in the theory – Evaluation in the real world will tell you
  10. 10. Experience with IPv6 SLB (1)• Basic services works just fine• Translate IPv4 web server to IPv6 client• Translate IPv4 cache server to IPv6 client – real server(s) TCP4/8080 translated to virtual IP on TCP6/8080 – virtual server client TCP6 server IPv6 client
  11. 11. Experience with IPv6 SLB (2)• At first we would like to use regular IPv4 web & streaming server to hosts , and SLB will translate IPv6 client to IPv4 server for us• It turns out that our admin has natively enabled IPv6 for web & streaming, so we don’t put our server behind SLB
  12. 12. Screenshot Video Stream from streaming serverSimplescript toidentifyIPv6 client
  13. 13. Website Statistics (1)
  14. 14. Website Statistics (2)
  15. 15. User statistics• Viewer observed from ITB campus – Most of ITB campus network is IPv6 dual-stack• Viewer also observed from Indonesia ISP• Also observed from WIDE Project Japan• No reverse address for IPv6 – It’s hard to see which ISP has IPv6 address – Had to manually doing WHOIS on address
  17. 17. Activities in INHERENT• INHERENT currently is not deploying IPv6• Most INHERENT partner (and most Indonesia ISP) deploy IPv6 network through tunnel to Hurricane Electric• INHERENT get IPv6 prefix from TEIN3-POP in ITB
  18. 18. IPv6 tunnel broker for INHERENT• Deployed on ITB router (Juniper SRX650) – Ask INHERENT community to join• Cleanup IPv6 prefix-list in TEIN3 ID-POP to advertise new IPv6 prefix form ITB/INHERENT
  19. 19. IPv6 BGP peering in ITB router2001:470:17:72::1 6939 176059 23178 0 18 1w0d9h Establ inet6.0: 5917/6690/6690/02001:7fa:f::1 7717 2907 2496 0 265 19:07:49 Establ inet6.0: 118/123/123/02403:8000:10::2 18007 1 3 0 15950 1 Establ inet6.0: 672/672/672/0 inet6.2: 79/79/79/02403:8000:666:dead::2 46047 2031 101953 0 149 16:53:49 Establ inet6.0: 1/1/1/02403:8000:666:dead::6 55687 35 2699 0 123 20:57:09 Active2403:8000:666:dead::a 45304 1 30432 0 9 9w4d1h Active2403:8000:666:dead::18 46052 0 0 0 0 9w5d18h Idle2403:8000:666:dead::22 55674 0 0 0 0 9w5d18h Active• Red: IPv6 Tunnel BGP peering (AS6939 above is• Blue: IPv6 BGP peering to Indonesia OpenIXP• Green: IPv6 BGP peering to INHERENT router to TEIN3 network
  20. 20. Statistics• At least 5 tunnel registered, 3 of them observed alive, only 1 currently active• Unable to run IPv6 network monitoring, because we haven’t setup the the infrastructure • Netflow, NFSen
  21. 21. Hurricane Electric Tunnel everywhere• From simple show route protocol bgp, I see most Indonesia ISP has tunnel • AS6939 everywhere– Makes BGP path adjustment difficult • Path to AS6939 is preferred compared to TEIN3 • e.g., ITB needs to advertise /33 instead of /32 to TEIN3– ITB has some IPv6 BGP peering • Internet commercial IPv6 via • Indonesia commercial via OpenIXP • REN IPv6 via TEIN3
  23. 23. Indonesia IPv6 Forum• Community effort to encourage IPv6 deployment in Indonesia• Initiated in IPv6 Summit June 2010, Bali•
  24. 24. Activities in IPv6 Forum• ITB – Mentioned above• PT Telkom – Celebrating IPv6 Day in Telkom RDC Bandung – Presentation from vendor – Setup dual stack website & proxy server – Setup IPv6 tunnel broker for ISP
  26. 26. Recommendation (1)• As usual, only network admins interested with IPv6 activities  – User don’t see anything differently – Server admins usually intimidated with IPv6 • That’s why IPv6 SLB is necessary• ISP needs to create reverse record for their IPv6 address, especially their customers – So human observer can easily see traffic logs
  27. 27. Recommendation (2)• Regular event on IPv6 operation is necessary to push everybody operating live IPv6 network – Endpoint OS maker (desktop, mobile, appliances) – Network operator – Content provider• We should be doing this more often  – Admin can cleanup their “abandoned” IPv6 configs in their routers and servers
  28. 28. Thank you!