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    • An Internship Project Report on “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING” BANGALORE Submitted to BANGALORE UNIVERSITY in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION By ASHWINI (Reg.no.11DKCMAO11) Guide DR. AKHILASESHADRIPURAM INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore- 560 106
    • ContentsChapter Details Page 1 Economic Scenario 2 Industry Analysis 3 Company Analysis 4 Functional Analysis:- 4.1 Production Department 4.2 Marketing Department 4.3 Finance Department 4.4 Human Resource Department 4.5 EDP Department 5 SWOT Analysis of the company 6 Summary of Findings, Conclusion & Suggestions 7 Learning Experience Bibliography AnnexureSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 1 Chapter – I ECONOMIC SCENARIOECONOMIC SCENARIO IN INDIAOver the last couple of decades, India has established itself as one of the fastest growing economics inthe world. India is also advancing towards the economical growth and improvement in literacy.In the first five year plan India had attained an average annual growth rate by 3.5 percent and during the90’s India economy showed an average growth rate of 6.4 percent, which was 5.9 percent in the 80’s.In the consecutive three Five Year Plans (2nd,3rd and 4th), India had experienced an increasing growthrate and eventually at the end of the 8th Five Year Plan, the annual growth rate of India reached 6.9percent.During the period from 1991-92 the Indian economy passed through a tough time, when almost everymacroeconomics indicators showed poor performance. The overall economic growth in this perioddeclined to 1.1% and the total fiscal deficit became 8 percent of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product).The Government of India adopted various effective programs of structural reforms with an objective toencourage external trade, industrial policy and exchange rate. The recent years have been another yearof strong growth for the Indian Infrastructure Engineering Sector. The domestic economy has exhibitedrobust growth which is also reflected in the Infrastructure Engineering Sector where expansions andenhanced manufacturing activity dominated the scene. This was driven by both, the increased exportopportunity from India with dismantling of quota as well as the robust domestic demand. Infrastructureengineering products export from India grew by almost 20 percent to 25 percent. The main areas ofgrowth being the Europe and United States markets.1.4 POLICY RATES as on 19th September 2012  Bank rates :- 9%  Repo rate :- 8 %  Reverse Repo rate :- 7%SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 21.5 Reserve Ratios as on 19th September 2012  CRR:- 4.75%  SLR:- 23%1.6 Functioning of the Capital MarketThe main function of the capital market is to channelize investments from the investors who havesurplus fund to the investors who have deficit funds. The different types of financial instruments, whichare traded in the capital markets, are equity instruments, insurance instruments, foreign exchangeinstruments, hybrids instruments and derivative instruments.  Capital Market – (BSE Sensex):-18,542.31 / (S&P CNX Nifty):- 5610  Government Securities Market:- 8.0907% -8.0907%  Money Market:- (Call Rates):- 7%-8.10%1.7 Exchange rate as on 19th September 2012  INR/1 USD:- 54.25  INR/ Euro:- 71.003  INR/100 Japanese YEN:- 68.99  INR/1 pound sterling:- 88.14591.8 Lending /Deposit Rates  Base Rate:-10%-10.50%  Saving Deposit Rate:- 4%  Term Deposit Rate :- 8.00%- 9.25%1.9 UNION BUDGET 2012-2013 OVERVIEW OF THE ECONOMY  GDP growth estimated at 6.9 per cent in real terms in 2011-12. Slowdown in comparison to preceding two years is primarily due to deceleration in industrial growth.  Headline inflation expected to moderate further in next few months and remain stable thereafter.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 3  Steps taken to bridge gaps in distribution, storage and marketing systems have helped in more effective management of inflation.  Developments in India’s external trade in the first half of current year have been encouraging. Diversification in export and import market achieved.  Current account deficit at 3.6 per cent of GDP for 2011-12 and reduced net capital inflow in the 2nd and 3rd quarters put pressure on exchange rate.  India’s GDP growth in 2012-13 expected to be 7.6 per cent +/- 0.25 per cent.  Deterioration in fiscal balance in 2011-12 due to slippages in direct tax revenue and increased subsidies. INFRASTRUCTURE AND INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT  During Twelfth Plan period, investment in infrastructure to go up to `50 lakh crore with half of this, expected from private sector.  More sectors added as eligible sectors for Viability Gap Funding under the scheme “Support to PPP in infrastructure”.  Government has approved guidelines for establishing joint venture companies by defence PSUs in PPP mode.  First Infrastructure Debt Fund with an initial size of `8,000 crore launched earlier this month.  Tax free bonds of `60,000 crore to be allowed for financing infrastructure projects in 2012-13.  A harmonised master list of infrastructure sector approved by the Government.  IIFCL has put in place a structure for credit enhancement and take-out finance for easing access of credit to infrastructure projects.  National Manufacturing Policy announced with the objective of raising, within a decade, the share of manufacturing in GDP to 25 per cent and creating of 10 crore jobs.1.10. GDP TrendsThe Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in India expanded 0.8 percent in the second quarter of 2012 overthe previous quarter. Historically, from 1996 until 2012, India GDP Growth Rate averaged 1.65 Percentreaching an all time high of 6.10 Percent in March of 2010 and a record low of -1.50 Percent in Marchof 2004. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate provides an aggregated measure of changes inSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 4value of the goods and services produced by an economy. Indias diverse economy encompassestraditional village farming, modern agriculture, handicrafts, a wide range of modern industries, and amultitude of services. Services are the major source of economic growth, accounting for more than halfof Indias output with less than one third of its labor force. The economy has posted an average growthrate of more than 7% in the decade since 1997, reducing poverty by about 10 percentage points. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in India expanded 5.50 percent in the second quarter of 2012over the same quarter of the previous year. Historically, from 2004 until 2012, India GDP AnnualGrowth Rate averaged 8.13 Percent reaching an all time high of 10.10 Percent in September of 2006 anda record low of 5.30 Percent in March of 2012. The annual growth rate in Gross Domestic Productmeasures the increase in value of the goods and services produced by an economy over the period of ayear. Therefore, unlike the commonly used quarterly GDP growth rate the annual GDP growth rate takesinto account a full year of economic activity, thus avoiding the need to make any type of seasonaladjustment.1.10 (a) Estimated GDP Growth Rate:- Indias Economy Grows 5.5%1.10 (b) Per Capita Income in India :- increased by 17%The Gross Domestic Product per capita in India was last reported at 3649.53 US dollars in 2011, whenadjusted by purchasing power parity (PPP), according to a report published by the World Bank. TheGDP per Capita, in India, when adjusted by Purchasing Power Parity is equivalent to 17 percent of theworlds average. Historically, from 1980 until 2011, India GDP per capita PPP averaged 1446.39 USDreaching an all time high of 3649.53 USD in December of 2011 and a record low of 419.87 USD inDecember of 1980. The GDP per capita PPP is obtained by dividing the country’s gross domesticproduct, adjusted by purchasing power parity, by the total population. India GDP per capita wasrecorded at 837.75 in December of 2011. Historically, from 1960 until 2011, India GDP per capitaaveraged 344.72 USD reaching an all time high of 837.75 USD in December of 2011 and a record lowof 180.86 USD in December of 1960. The GDP per capita is obtained by dividing the country’s grossdomestic product, adjusted by inflation, by the total population.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 51.11 Monetary and Fiscal Polices1.11(a) Monetary Policy:-Monetary Policy can be defined broadly as any policy relating to the supply of money. It is common tospeak of monetary policy as being “tight” or even of being “neutral”.Monetary Measures  Money Supply Growth: - because the growth in aggregate demand depends heavily on the growth in the supply of money, it would be logical to measure the posture of monetary policy is said to be easy when, during a sustained period, the supply of money increases at a rate that is high or rising relative to a recent trend. Alternatively, policy is said to be tight when the rate of money growth is low or falling relative to a trend.  Interest Rates: - A logical reason for focusing on interest rates in judging monetary policy is that they are an important link by which changes in money supply are transmitted to real economy. That is, changes in money supply growth lead to changes in market interest rates and these changes then influence households in their decisions to buy homes, automobiles, appliances, and the like, and businesses in their decisions regarding inventories, plant and equipment pare purchases.On the basis of an assessment of the current macroeconomic situation, it has been decided to:  Reduce the cash reserve ratio (CRR) of scheduled banks by 25 basis points from 4.75 per cent to 4.50 per cent of their net demand and time liabilities (NDTL) effective the fortnight beginning September 22, 2012. Consequently, around ` 170 billion of primary liquidity will be injected into the banking system; and  Keep the policy repo rate under the liquidity adjustment facility (LAF) unchanged at 8.0 per cent. Consequently, the reverse repo rate under the LAF will remain unchanged at 7.0 per cent, and the marginal standing facility (MSF) rate and the Bank Rate at 9.0 per centSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 61.11(b) Fiscal PolicyIndia’s fiscal sector reforms help to raise the rate the rate of saving and investment in India. This furtherhelp to enhance the productivity of public expenditures.Components of India’s Fiscal Sector ReformsSome of the major components of India’s fiscal sector include expenditure reforms, tax reformmeasures, and public sector reconstructing and systematic reforms in government’s borrowing process.Fiscal Situation of the Central Government (%of GDP)ITEM 2009-10 2010-2011 2011-2012 1. Gross Tax Revenue 11.8 10.9 9.32 2. Total Expenditure 16.9 17.4 13.58 (a) Revenue Expenditure 15.1 15.3 12.23 (b) Capital Expenditure 1.8 2.1 1.35 3. Fiscal Deficit 6.2 6.8 5.1 4. Revenue Deficit 4.6 4.8 4.6 5. Primary Deficit 2.6 3.0 3.2SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 7 Chapter – 2 INDUSTRY ANALYSISThe Infrastructure Engineering Industry in India enjoys a distinctive position due to the pivotal role itplays by way of contribution to industrial output, employment generation and export earnings of thecountry. The word “hydraulics” originates from the Greek word ‘hydraulics’ which in turn originatesfrom meaning ‘water organ’ which in turn comes i.e., Hydraulic fluids are a large group of minerals oils,water-based or water used as the medium in hydraulic systems.Hydraulics is a topic of science & engineering dealing with the mechanical properties of liquids.Hydraulics is part of the more general disciple of fluid power. Fluid machines provide the theoreticalfoundation for hydraulics, which focuses on the engineering uses of fluid properties.The Indian hydraulic industry started in early sixties primarily objective of import substitution of someof the hydraulic products being used by the industry in various applications. Since most of the Indianindustries have been set up, based upon the variety of technological sources, the range of theirspecification is very wide.Due to this, the range of products in the oil hydraulic industry is also quite wide resulting in a very smallbatch for each product. It is therefore, difficult to specify a minimum economically viable capacity forthe industry. While there has been a continued overall growth in oil hydraulic products business due tolarge variety of specialized products to meet specific individual applications, volume growth inindividual products has been very low. With low volumes and high development costs concerningtooling, casting and forging, the industry has been able to adopt modern production methods.Current production technology in use is largely dictated by production volumes, quality requirements &costs. Since the Indian industry has to manufacture a large variety of production with low volumes, theindustry is not able to use the modern high production lines. Most the manufacturers, with exception tosome (who have installed dedicated SPM’s & CNC Machines for the manufacture of components), arecurrently using general purpose machines with special tooling & some special purpose machines forspecialized metal cutting operations. In term of turnover the hydraulic industry seems to have grown rapidly in the past ten years.While the growth of turnover figures, which show a steep rise of average over 18% per annum, theSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 8actual growth in terms of production has not increased beyond 6 to 7% from the turnover figure, onemay conclude that the drastic change is being occurred in resulting from depreciation of Indian rupeeagainst dollar.2.1 APPLICATONS OF HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS:-Hydraulic components are classified into 4 types they are:-  Industrial  Mobile  Marine  AerospaceThe above major segments are further sub divided into different segments:-2.1 (a) INDUSTRIAL:-  Plastic processing machinery  Steel making & primary metal extraction industry  Machine tool industry  Others: cover in general, furnace equipments, rubber machinery, textile machinery, general mechanical industry, etc.2.1 (b) MOBILE HYDRAULICS:-  Agricultural tractors  Earthmoving equipment  Material handling equipment  Other: cover general areas such as rail equipments, road building & construction machinery, drilling rigs, commercial vehicles, tractors, e.t.c2.1 (c) MARINE APPLICATIONS:-  Ocean going vessels  Fishing boats &  Naval equipmentsSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 92.1 (d) AEROSPACE APPLICATION:-There is equipment & systems, e.g. transmission, radar control, which are used in aero planes, rockets &spaceships.2.2 MAJOR PLAYERS :-  Hydraulic analysis LTD  Has engineering LTD  Tung yu hydraulic  London hydraulic power co.  Perfect hydraulic power co.  Hydraulic systems LTDThe industry currently contributes about 14 per cent to industrial production, 4 per cent to GDP, and 17per cent to the country’s export earnings, according to the Annual Report 2011-12 of the NationalInfrastructure Engineering Manufacture. The industry accounts for nearly 12 per cent share of thecountrys total exports basket. It provides direct employment to more than 35 million people.2.3 Market sizeThe Vision Statement for the Infrastructure Engineering Industry for the 11th Five Year Plan (2007-12)sees India securing a 7 per cent share in the global trade by 2012. At current prices, the IndianInfrastructure Engineering Industry is valued at US$ 55 billion, 64 per cent of which caters to domesticdemand.The export of Infrastructure Engineering Industry aggregated to US$ 22.42 billion in 2009-10. TheGovernment fixed the target for 2010-11 at US$ 25.48 billion. So far during the period April- September2011, exports of T&C have been achieved at US$ 11.26 billion.2.4 ProductionDuring February 2012, total Infrastructure Engineering Industry rose by 5.8 per cent year-on-year (y-o-y). During April- February 2012 production increased by 4.5 per cent y-o-y.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 102.5 ExportTotal exports during April-December 2011 registered an increase of 16.54 per cent in rupee terms at Rs87,582.83 crore as against Rs 75,149.98 crore during the corresponding period of the previous year,according to the latest data released by DGCI&S, Kolkata. The same were valued at US$ 19,217.12million as against US$ 15,695.07 million during the corresponding period of the previous year,registering an increase of 22.44 per cent.The share of manufacturing exports in total exports was 11.29 per cent during April-December 2011 asagainst 12.34 per cent during April- December 2010.2.6 Number of CompetitorsThe competitors for Indian Export oriented Infrastructure Engineering industry are:-  China  Bangladesh  Vietnam  USA  Sweden  France  Germany , etc.2.7 Key Success Factors in Engineering Industries Some of the key success factors are:-1. Willingness to Invest and re-invest in the company.2. Cultural Openness to changes.3. Focus to excellence and differentiation.4. Being stable ground.5. Understanding of the work environment and the Items to be produced and marketed.6. Having the operational basis.7. Well defined target markets.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 11 Chapter – 3 COMPANY PROFILE3.1 Introduction to “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGNEERING.”Wipro Ltd has started in early 1940’s they started with vegetable oil, later in 1980’s they went on forproduction hydraulic equipment, soaps, lightning their revenues was 400mn.Later in 1980’s they enter into manufacturing of PC, Medical system. With the globalization of Indianeconomy in 1991 Wipro gained advantage & entered into consolidation of IT business into software,Global R&D and Personal Products. As a result company revenue has increased to 18$ billion, Netprofit goes to 2 $ Billion.In the year 1998 to 2008 Wipro entered into Global IT, BPO, and Consultancy & FMCG. During thisperiod company has Acquired Acquisitions in 7 countries its Revenue went to 200$ billion and PAT(Profit After Tax) goes to 22$billion. There was a consistent Growth of 25% in Revenues and 30%Growth in Net Income and 25% Market capitalization based on Compound Average.Presently it is presence in 58 countries with 943 active global clients as of March 31, 2012; 150+Fortune 500 customers with 131,000 worldwide from 75 nationalities. The revenues of years 2011-12 isUSD 7.37 Billion.3.2 Company Name : WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGNEERING3.3 Type of Organization : Public Limited Company. Investors from 24 countries; Listed on NYSE & NSE.3.4 Year of Incorporation : 19953.5 Product Profile : Hydraulic Cylinders, Pumps & valves, Tipping solutions. Application segments – Construction & Earthmoving Equipments, Mining, Forestry, Truck Hydraulics, Material & Cargo Handling & Aerospace & Defenses.3.6 Mission:-“Quality is like integrity there can be no compromise’ Quality is fast becoming a word customers wantto hear more often they used to before. No longer is quality perceived to be just a buzzword in thecorporate aisles, it’s touching our customer‘s lives in more ways than we can imagine.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 123.7 Vision:-“Global leadership in hydraulic cylinders”  Leadership in engineering, Technology & Quality  Partnering customers across the globe  Leverage Global Delivery & Global Engineering model3.8 Goals & Objective of Company:-  To improve the capability of the organizations by increasing the capability of the staff.  To ensure that development capability is an attribute of the organization rather than of a few individuals.  Align the motivation of the staff with those of the organization & retain (i.e. people with extensive skill & capabilities) within the organization.  Timely delivery of products to customer  To reduce cost of production.  To improve the efficiency of the labour.  To maintain customer satisfaction.3.9 Number of Employees Working  There are approximately 713 employees working in organization.3.10 Classification of Employees  Staff category : 388  Workers Category: 325 (Skilled & Unskilled labors)3.11 Market Share of 2011-12 Total Volume of Production is 1 million cylinders & 35,000 pumps & valves  India 53%  Europe 41%  America 5%  Japan 1%SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 13 3.12 Organization Structure WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING MD HEAD OPERATIONPRODUCTION PRODUCTION QUALITY HUMAN MARKETING FINANCEDEPARTMENT ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT DEPARTMENT MANGER MANGER EXECUTIVES SUPERVISORS EXECUTIVES EXECUTIVES ACCOUNTANTSPRODUCTION MAINTENANCE PLANNING REVIEW OF ORGANIZATION STRUCTURES:- Wipro Infrastructure Engineering is maintaining their organization with centralized authority, where many number of subordinates is managed. Where a chairman is the head of the organization & followed by MD. Its function based structure is bounded to its strategy, where its objectives & goals are aligned with its structure. In Wipro Infrastructure engineering they can make quick decisions, coordinate, and control & reduce problems in communication from top to bottom. Every post in the structure has a clear role and added value to the way the organization works. SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 143.13 Size of Land and BuildingWipro Infrastructure Engineering has owned the land of 15 acres, (4500sqft). The overall complex hasspread over an area of twelve acres and plant building has a built up area of one thousand square feet.The plant has advanced in house laboratory for research and development and quality control. The plantsite includes extensive facilities.Geographical LocationFollowing is the Geographical Location of SPL INDUSTRIES Ltd. State City Industrial AddressKarnataka Bangalore 98-10A, Phase-I, Peenya Industrial Area3.14 Product Produced at Wipro Infrastructure Engineering .  Double Acting Cylinders Bore : 25mm to 500mm Stroke : up to 10000mm Pressure : up to 400 bar  Pumps Flow : up to 80cc Pressure : up to 210 bar  Valves Flow : up to 210 lpm3.15 Suppliers of Raw MaterialsRaw Materials used: - The Wipro is a independent Industry where they produce all the products in theirfirm and but still for special equipments raw material is imported from-Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore for special equipments.- From the Indian marketSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 153.16 WIPRO CUSTOMERSCompany has high profile customers are not happy but also satisfied which has earned us recognition &unflattering loyalty from prominent buyer’s worldwide.Customers  Tata  JCB  VOLVO  Toyota  Mahindra  Caterpillar  Komatsu  Terex3.17 Bankers and Financial Institutions  Sourced from SIDBI  Transactions with Corporation Bank  IDBI  UTI3.18 Transporters and Dealers/ AgentsThe company has its own well established road transportation facilities. The forward agent of thiscompany is VRL agents.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 17 3.20 PRODUCTS Hydraulic Cylinders Applications-Material and cargo handling  Cranes – Crawler and Truck Mounted, Container Handling, Forestry Equipment, Forklifts, Pallet trucks, Port Equipment, Stacker Reclaimers, Warehouse Handling Equipment.-Construction and earth moving Equipment  Excavators, Backhoe Loaders, Dumper, Dozer, Motor Grader, Wheel Loaders, Compactors, Pavers, Compactors, Concrete Pumps-Farm and agriculture Machinery  The steering cylinders are designed to reduce manual effort in steering tractors during haulage or farming operationsSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 18-Industrial Applications  Steel Plants, Mining Equipment, Water well rigs, Plastic Machinery, Machine Tools, Furnaces, Tunnel Boring, Wind Turbines, Dam Gates and Power.Special Appliances  Cylinders for Grab bucket for Marine applications  Track Laying EquipmentTruck Hydraulic SolutionsAerospace & DefenceSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 193.21 WIPRO CORPORATE GROUP1. Mr. Azim.H.Premji. - Chairman2. Mr. Suresh C senapty - Chief Financial Officer & Director3. Mr. Girish S. Paranjpe - Joint CEO, IT Business and Director4. Mr. Suresh vawani - Joint CEO, IT Business and Director5. Mr. Ashok Ganguly - Director6. Mr. Prabhakar.B.C - Director7. Mr. Jagadish.N - Director8. Mr. Narayan Vaghul - Director9. Mrs. Priya Mohan Sinha - Director10. Mr. Bill Owens - Director3.22 CONSUMER PROFILEAltech Marking Services - BangaloreTelsa Agencies Pvt. Ltd. - CoimbatoreJ.S. Hydrotech - CuttackK.S. Earth Movers - KolkataNataraj Enterprises - PuneSupreme Sales Corporation - NagpurHydraulic Spares Cooperation - RajkotJain Automobiles - KotaSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 203.23 Acquisition and Joint Venture Wipro Kawasaki Percision Machinery Pvt Ltd.  The joint venture between Wipro and Kawasaki titled ‘Wipro Kawasaki Percision Machinery Pvt Ltd. will manufacture hydraulic pumps for excavators.  A new manufacturing facility in Bangalore is to be augmented to 15,000 pumps by 2015.  The state of the art manufacturing facility will commence operations July 2012. Aerospace and Defence  Leveraging on 35 years of experience in hydraulics and actuators to enter the field of Aerospace and Defence.  Agreement with Spanish company, Companies Espanola De Aeronauticos S.A (CESA).  A new world-class, state of the art, Greenfield facility in the Aerospace SEZ is coming up at Devanahalli, Bangalore  The facility will be ready by end of 2012.3.24 New Facilities at Bangalore. Off- Highway Truck Cylinder Plant – Bangalore Phase I :- Investment of Rs 340Mn (USD 8Mn) completed Phase II:- Investment of Rs 150Mn (USD 3Mn) completed Phase III:-  Project Investment Rs 180Mn (USD 4 Mn)  Project commencement July 2013  Additional capacity for manufacturing and exclusive painting booth3.25 R&D ActivitiesWipro R&D focus has been to strengthen the portfolio of centers of excellence and innovation projects.As a part of this projects over 600 people has engaged across 60 COEs and 40 Innovation projects.R&D efforts have contributed revenues of USD 368 million.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 21This is approximately 11% of our global IT service and products Revenue for the year. At Wipro wehave institutionalized the spirit of innovation through our corporate innovation initiative which began in2000. We are now driving business vale from these investments.Apart from solution that span across process, Delivery, Business and Technology domains we addedportfolio of quantum innovation projects in Financial year 2007-08. We included talent supply chainmanagement in to the innovation initiative.Wipro Infrastructure Engineering delivers precision-engineered hydraulic cylinders, components andsolution & truck hydraulics components of OEMs globally in the infrastructure and related industries. In2011 has recently entered water treatment business and provides Ultra pure water treatment systems andsolution for various industries.Customer support & Distribution channel:-  28 customer support and distributers locations all across India  State of the art Diagnostic equipment  On the spot problem solving and complaint resolution  Over 45 highly trained service personnelFor customers outside India, WIN provides customized engineering & service.R&D Lab various rigs:-  Stroke durability test  Side load test  Cushioning test  PTO rig  Tank test rig  Pressure Pulse test  Pump test rig  Cabin tilt simulationSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 223.26 SWOT ANALYSIS:- S STRENGTHS W WEAKNESS O OPPRTUNITIES T THREATSStrength  Automated technology.  Good financial strength.  Multi skilled employees.  Eco friendly business.  Flexibility in adopting Innovation technology.  Quality certified company.  Highly experienced top level managers.Weakness  Scope for expansion.  Expansion of exports across the globe.  Explored option in SEZ industrial area.  Government subsidies and special schemes.  Difficulty in adopting product pricing strategies.  Difficulty in understanding the western customer’s expectations.  Barriers to understand Cultural differences from one country to country.  Opportunities.  Tax exemptions.Threats  Cut throats competition from the rival companies.  Difficulty in adopting product pricing strategies.  New entrants.  Ever changing demand.  Instability in currency values.  Fast changing of environment .SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 23 PART- 4.1 FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS4.1.1 PRODUCTION DEPARTMENTPRODUCTION is the functional area responsible for turning inputs into finished outputs through aseries of production processes. The Production Manger is responsible for making sure that raw materialsare provided and made into finished goods effectively. He must make sure that work is carried outsmoothly, and must supervise procedures for making work more efficient and more enjoyable.Production department plays a very crucial role any of manufacturing organization. It is the departmentwhich gives life and meaning to the products. Among all the function of management production isconsidered to be a very crucial in any manufacturing organization. Production is the process by whichraw material is converted into finished goods.The basic function of the production department is in producing goods which caters the most vital needof marketing. The company as mentioned earlier deals with the Manufacture of Hydraulic Cylinders, itproducesProduct Produced at Wipro Infrastructure Engineering.  Double Acting Cylinders Bore : 25mm to 500mm Stroke : up to 10000mm Pressure : up to 400 bar  Pumps Flow : up to 80cc Pressure : up to 210 bar  Valves Flow : up to 210 lpm4.1.2 RAW MATERIALS USED:-  Steel tubes  Rods  Casting  Cylinder bottomSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 24 4.1.3 Organizational Chart of Production Department Product engineeringMaterials Production Plant engineering Quality Production Maintenance Assembly planning department Testing Finished Goods Logistics The total staff working for the production department in Wipro infrastructure engineering Bangalore is 498 (approx). Mr. SURESH. P is the HEAD OPERATION. SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 254.1.4 FIVE PRODUCTION SUB-FUNCTIONSIn this company the production function are divided into five sub-functions:- 1. Production Planning: - the production and planning department in Wipro infrastructure engineering will set standards and targets for each section of the production process. The quality of products coming off from a production line will be closely monitored. Focusing on lean production, quality will be monitored by all employees at every stage of production, rather than at the end. 2. Facilitating Material Acquisition:-the purchasing section in the production department is responsible for providing the materials, components and equipment required to keep the production process running smoothly. Time officer is responsible for a vital role of ensuring stocks arrive on time and to the right quantity. 3. Stock Maintainers: - The stores section of the production department will be responsible for stocking all the necessary tools spares raw materials and equipment required to services the manufacturing process. Buffer stocks are kept and the use of computerized stock control systems helps keep stocks at a minimal but necessary level for production to continue unhindered and smooth flow. 4. Designing and Technical support:- The design and technical support section in the production department will be responsible for reaching new products or modifications to existing ones, estimating costs for producing in different quantities and by using different methods. The technical support officer in the department may be responsible for work study and suggestions as to how working practices can be improved. 5. Maintenance: - the works departments will be concerned with the manufacture of products. This will include the maintenance of the production line and other necessary repairs. The work department may also have responsibility for quality control and inspection.4.1.5 Type of transportation used  Road transport  Airways  ShippingSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 264.1.6 Types of Manufacturing Equipments or Technology  Lean & flexible manufacturing system  State of the art technology for manufacturing across our facilities are given below in tableType of machinery Quantity in numbersAutomated testing 97CNC turning centers 85Mechanized assembly 58Skiving & brushing 18Chrome plating 12Cutting machine 20Computer embroidery machine 18Laser cutting machine 4Pattern CAD machine 4Backhoe loaders 20Wheel loaders 11Dozers 8Motor graders 5Compactors 104.1.7 MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENTWipro infrastructure engineering follows preventive form as well as break down form of maintenance,where all machineries will be cleaned and oiled once in a month.4.1.8 Total Quality ManagementThe term Quality in WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING. means standard of the productwhat is expected of it by the consumers. In production department the employees are committed to theirwork in a prompt and effective sense that their efficiency and capability and commitment have helpedthe WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING. to supply good quality and standard products to itsSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 27clients and customers. So the department is focused in maintain and improving the quality of theproducts, and they are following the Total Quality Management principles.QUALITY STANDARDThe company believes that the quality of goods depends upon the two integral dimensions they areconsistency and continuous improvement. The company adopts the following strategies to improve thequality.  To carryout, undertake, and implement all its requirements for manufacture of safe goods on on- going basis.  To implement ISO9001 and ISO4001 fully in all aspects/operation.  Implementing of Six sigma concept.  Superior plating corrosion resistance – CASS 9.5  Cylinder level cleanliness-NAS level 7.  Well-equipped metrology Lab and special-testing devices.  Robust vendor Quality system and selection process.4.1.9 SAFTEY AND SECURITY PROGRAMSIt should be taken care of employees in order to protect the employees against accidents.This relates to :-  Cleanliness  Disposal  Ventilation & temperature  Dust & fume  Artificial humidification  Over crowding  Lighting  Drinking water  Urinals & spittoons  Workers & employees are provided with Shoes, helmets, bridges, gloves & goggles, apron, Personal protective equipment (PPE) e.t.c  Hygienic FoodSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 284.1.10 Vendor ManagementVendor rating is done on the basis of:-  Quality  Supply  On time Delivery of Raw materialsPeriodicity of Rating: Quarterly Evaluation ParametersS.No Description Weight age1. Quality 402. Delivery 403. Service 604.1.11 Production Process of Hydraulic Cylinder 1. MATERIAL PROCUREMENT:- It includes raw materials required for manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders. 2. CUTTING: - It includes cutting of steel tubes. These processes change the shape of work piece according to the requirement specified by customers. 3. ROUGH TURNING: - Under rough turning process the work piece is held in the lathe machine. 4. TURNING: - Under turning process the work piece is finally held in lathe machine. 5. DRILLING:-In drilling operation a hole is produced as work piece by forcing a relating cutter known as drill bit. 6. MILLING: - Milling operating removes steel tubes by feeding the work piece against the rotating multipoint cutting tool. 7. WELDING: -Welding process includes homogeneous welding rod eyes with rod for reliable and strong welds. 8. GRINDING: - Under this process of grinding rod is crushed and send to electro plating process. 9. ELECTRO PLATING: -CASS/NSS ratings for superior corrosion resistance.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 30 10. BRUSHING: - Under this process super finish on the tube surface for improved seal life. 11. END OPERATION:- After the brushing operation the cylinders are send to end operation. 12. ASSEMBLY:- PLC control mechanized assembly consistent quality. 13. TESTING: - Testing includes computer integrated automated testing higher output. 14. POLISHING: - After testing the cylinders are send for polishing. 15. DISPATCHING: - After polishing the cylinders are sent to go downs for dispatching.SWOT ANALYSIS:- S STRENGTHS W WEAKNESS O OPPRTUNITIES T THREATSStrengths  Low cost labour  Flexibility in adopting in innovative technology.  Safety Instruments.  Planned lay out  Easy material handling.  Systematic processing activity.  Highly experienced work force  Qualitative production  Optimum utilization labour / work force.  Effective planning  High technology machines are used  Preventive maintenanceSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 31Weakness  Wastages.  Employees are not strictly following the safety measures indicated by the management.Opportunities  Scope for product diversification.  Flexibility in adopting Automated and highly sophisticated machineries  Scope for plant expansion.  Availability of qualitative raw materials.  Huge demand from the customers.  Expanding the production & plant capacity.Threats  Fluctuations in rod & steel (Raw Material) prices.  High competition, Competitors may adopt better technology.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 32 PART 4.2 FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS4.2.1 MARKETING DEPARTMENTWIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING. is following business to business marketing system.Marketing is a human activity, which intends to satisfy human needs or wants. It is the creation anddelivery of standards of living to society. The company first determines customers want and then figuresout how to make the delivery of the product to satisfy wants.Marketing department is headed by Mr. R. Vasudevan ; he has vast experience in handling of thatdepartment.4.2.2 Objectives  To connect a link between the customer and producer.  To maximize customer satisfaction.  Timely delivery of products to customer  To reduce cost of production.  To improve the efficiency of the labour.  To maximize product variety and customers choice.  To help increase the standard of living.  To facilitate development of business.4.2.3 Functions of Marketing DepartmentThis company is an Export company so the marketing functions involved are:-  Pricing the Product: - Sales department is not in the organization because it Exports the product to star Trading Exporters.  Marketing research: - Marketing Research team collects the customer data by attending the International Fair of Infrastructure buyer in different countries. They also attend the Exhibitions shows to select the style and design.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 33  Generate revenue to firm  Achieve efficiency in all activities of department  Transporting to the ports: - Distribution: distribution of the products is done by using road transportation and shipping.  Product Design Department: - is involved in designing the products as per the clients order and requirement.  Price of the Product: - Price of product is depending on country wise buyer and type of product.  Source of information to top management.  Remove imbalance in supply.4.2.4 Customers and clients  Altech Marking Services - Bangalore  Telsa Agencies Pvt. Ltd. - Coimbatore  J.S. Hydrotech - Cuttack  K.S. Earth Movers - Kolkata  Nataraj Enterprises - Pune  Supreme Sales Corporation - Nagpur  Hydraulic Spares Cooperation - Rajkot  Jain Automobiles - KotaSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 344.2.5 Sales DepartmentThe products manufacture by the company is sold based on the order. The company manufactures theproduct once the order is placed by an organization. So the products by the organization are customizedproducts.4.2.6 Promotion DepartmentThe organization is business to business marketing. Hence does not goes for all out promotionalactivities as done by the FMCG companies. The companies basically depend on word of mouth publicityand also display its products in industrial meals.4.2.7 DistributionThe products are distributed directly to the organization which places the order. So the company is intozero level or direct marketing.4.2.8 Product Design DepartmentCutting edge technology is used in computation of fluid dynamics and finite element analysis. Wiproextensively use Pro E and CAD including 2D, 3D pro 1 vechanica, Analysis and wind chill PDM.WIN design process involves capturing exhaustive customer inputs, providing design proposals applyingDFMEA and DOE, Procures design through PFMEA and DOE, proto development and reviews,extensive validation and type testing, fitment on equipment, function and field trials, customer and fielddriven CAPA and finally to production release.4.2.9 Marketing StrategiesThe company works on focus as it manufacturing customized products.4.2.10 Pricing PolicyThe pricing policy adopted is cost plus. This method is considered as the bets approach to pricing. it isbased on price per unit of the product plus an additional margin of profit. Wipro determine selling priceon the basis of  Costs of production of goodsSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 35  Cost of selling expenses.  Interests, depreciation.  Expected profit-margin mark.4.2.11 Product PolicyIt included both in terms of development and improvement of product that is done jointly by marketingand research and development department. The increasing efforts are directly to strengthen the marketintelligence both qualitatively to see the right products and introducing the right segment at right price.4.2.12 Promotion PolicyMost companies rely primarily on advertising, to move their products and service. Wipro also dependson these promotion tools. They are advertising to create awareness and interest and sales promotion toprovide incentives to buy.SWOT ANALYSIS:- S STRENGTHS W WEAKNESS O OPPRTUNITIES T THREATSStrengths  Timely delivery of products.  No advertisement cost  High profit percentage.  Direct distribution of the products so company save money on intermediaries.  Good International strategies.  High product demand.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 36Weakness  Slow in updating as and when global market changes.  Poor marketing as it is customized product.Opportunities  Expanding demanding  Research and development  Widening of exports  Increase in demand for the equipments from the other countries.Threats  Competition from the global company.  Entry of products produced by foreign competitors.  New entrants  Duplicate of product.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 37 PART- 4.3 FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS43.1 FINANCE DEPARTMENTFinance department handles all the important issues related to finance, accounts, taxation etc. costreduction and profit maximization is the main objective of this department. Financial management isconcerned with the efficient & effective use of economic resources namely capital fund. Finance is thatbusiness activity which is concerned with the acquisition & conservation of capital funds in meeting thefinancial needs & all objectives of business enterprises. The finance function deals with the procurementof money at the time it is needed & its effective utilization in the enterprise.Finance department is headed by Mr. Sachin Bansal; he has vast experience in handling of thatdepartment.The main functions performed in finance department of WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERINGare:-  Investment of funds from consolidated funds.  Resources mobilization through loans, Institutional finance, small savings.  Following rules, procedures concerning financial transactions.  Preparation of budget, appropriation of accounts, re- appropriations.  Controlling the expenditure.  Administration of tax and export duties.  It provides a payment system for the exchange of goods and services.  It enables the pooling of funds.  It provides mechanisms for managing uncertainty and controlling risk.  It generates information that helps in coordinating decentralized decision making.4.3.2 Different aspects of Finance include:-Short Term FinanceIn order to fill the gap of requirement of immediate funds the firm uses the sources of short term financefrom banks or the previous profits.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 38Asset AccountingIt is nothing but the total assets along with the depreciation along with them. Depreciation of assets isdone through Diminishing Balance Method.TaxesThe company is enjoying the TAX benefits of 10 years as WIPRO INFRASTRUCTUREENGINEERING is located at Industrial area.Credit PeriodCredit period allowed to the customers depends on the customer’s good will. Normally credit periodallowed is 30 days, 45 days and 90 days. The payment period allowed for the suppliers is 60 days.Accounting softwareNow each and every organization is automated. Every organization is reaping the advantages oftechnology. Even the WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING is using SAP Package for itseffective accounting system.The finance department handles all its financial activities through software called Electronic DataProcessing. The various sections in finance department are:-  Book and budget: - budget allocation and assets valuation  Sales: - Invoice generation, Billing and collection  Costing: - cost minimization, wages and salary administration  Bill payable, Bill receivable & general accounting, asset management.Initial Investment:Initial Investment made in Off- Highway Truck Cylinder Plant – Bangalore Phase I: - Investment of Rs 340Mn (USD 8Mn) completed Phase II: - Investment of Rs 150Mn (USD 3Mn) completedSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 39Phase III:-  Project Investment Rs 180Mn (USD 4 Mn)  Project commencement July 2013  Additional capacity for manufacturing and exclusive painting booth.Financing Resources of the OrganizationThe financing resources of the organization are:-  Self investments.  Bank: - Sourced from SIDBIImport & Export (a) Imports: - They import the automated machineries costing lakhs of rupees from Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan. (b) Exports: - WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING is manufacturing and export company, hence all the products produced are exported to its clients spread across the globe. The major raw materials requirements for the hydraulic industry are CDC tubes, castings, forgings, alloy steels, non ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, brass. Some of the above materials are – Imported and other are available indigenously. Also, the hydraulic industry is dependent on imported components ‘XV’ for their production. The major components import requirement of the industry is in respect of ‘O’ rings, oil seals, springs vane blanks, bearings etc. rotating block for axial piston pumps/ motors, special bearings etc., the requirements for each type is so small that it has not been possible to develop regular and good quality from indigenous sources. Imported raw material: - Rs. 40000 lacks Imported components:- Rs. 32000 lacks Total :- Rs. 72000 lacksSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 40 The bulk of the exports of the Oil hydraulic products are taking place as indirect exports, namely, as components of larger plant and machinery being exported. By and large direct exports by individuals companies are minimal. It is also to be recognized that to be able to Export these products; it is necessary to have a highly technical Marketing and after sales service set up in the countries in which exports have to be made. These are at present above the capability of the industry.Net sale: -  Total production volume 2011-12 is 1 million cylinders and 35,000 pumps & valves.  Total sales for 2011-12  India 53%  Europe 41%  America 5%  Japan 1%  Application Segments  Construction & earthmoving 43%  Farm & Agriculture 4%  Material Handling 26%  Mining 3%  Truck hydraulics 15%  Forestry 4%Working CapitalThe working capital is an combination of Current Asset & Current Liabilities. The required of necessaryworking capital has been worked out as under.Current Assets  Inventories 8, 33,000  Cash and bank balance 7, 35,000  Debtors 9, 78,000  Advance to suppliers of Raw material 4, 41,000  Other current assets 2, 82,000 Total 32, 69,000SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 41Current Liabilities and Provisions  Sundry creditors 4,37,000  Provision for taxation 2,82,000 Total 7, 19,000Working Capital Gap 25, 50,000Financed By:-  Working capital funds from Bank 5,30,000  Own Funds 10,95,000  Part proceeds of IPO 9,45,000Organization Chart Finance Department FINANCE MANAGER EDP SENIOR JUNIOR MANAGER ASSISTANT OFFICER EXECUTIVE ACCOUNTANTS ACCOUNTANT ASSISTANTSSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 42SWOT ANALYSIS:- S STRENGTHS W WEAKNESS O OPPRTUNITIES T THREATSSTRENGTHS  There are many subsection in the Finance department to look after sub function of department.  Smooth working capital flow.  Financially strong.WEAKNESS  Leakage of confidential records.  There are a set of financial rules each proposal has to fulfill the requirement of that rules .  Delay in receiving the bills.OPPRTUNITIES  Low interest rates.  Proper allocation and maintenance of records  Governmental subsidies.THREATS  Money value variation at International level.  Changes in Government polices as well as Export policies  Fluctuations in share market.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 43 PART -4.4 FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS4.4.1 HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENTHuman resources department is the important department which is very essential for the betterment ofthe organization. For this organization, a little bit difference in the scope, approach in HR concept isrequired, because here people think differently and expect differently, around 80% mangers spend timein handling of human resources. A very common problem always exist is conflict in intra-department orin worker and management, so HRM play as a tool to resolve this problem efficiently.Human resource department is playing a very crucial role in the organization and it is helping out tocarry out the all the functions in the organization effectively. In WIPRO INFRASTRUCTUREENGINEERING. department Heads will forecast man power requirement and send the report containingdetailed information regarding – the required number of candidates, qualification required. The reportwill be sent to the HR department. Issue is discussed with the management and decision is taken after adetailed discussion. If the requirement of human resources is confirmed then the HR department willtake proper steps.4.4.2 Organizational chart of HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT HR MANAGER TRAINING OFFICER OFFICE BOY HR EXECUTIVE TRAINING INSTRUCTOR HOUSE KEEPING STAFF HR ASSISTANCE SECURITY GARDNERSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 44Human Resource department is headed by Mr. Mr. Annappa G; he has vast experience in handling ofthis department.4.4.3 FUNCTIONS of HRThe various function performed are:-  Recruitment  Selection  Orientation  Induction  Training  Human Resource Department  Promotion polices  Compensation- reward, reward for best services, earned leave.  Performance appraisal.  Motivation  Welfare  Other disciplinary aspects.RECRUITMENT & SELECTION OF EMPLOYEES  In the company recruitment procedure is direct. Their recruitment process starts from the ads in the newspaper in which they mention all requirements for particular job, through consultants, campus recruitment, & employee reference. They fix the interview date & venue. At the time of interview they check all documents and then interview on the basis of job. Recruitment Process  To collect information regarding candidates by advertisement.  Screening the application  Short listing the candidates.  Interview date and timeSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 45 The methods used for interviewing are as follows.  Written test  Personal interview.  Job test for technical job.  Confirmation orally or by writing.  Appointment order.OrientationAfter selection Induction program will be conducted by the welfare officer to help the new employee tounderstand the working environment. Introduction with the work place, colleagues, giving informationabout the nature of job, leave benefits, salary, provident fund, insurance, welfare benefits, position inhierarchy etc are given. They are also briefed on their roles and responsibilities and their direct reports.InductionWIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING welcomes its new employees through a process ofinduction where the new recruits are briefed about the organization focus on social compliance andeducation, health & safety measures, rules and regulations, DO’s and Don’ts etc., before taking up thework. The activities covered under the induction program are explaning the history, introduction withtop management, introduction with department wise. This induction program will be conducted for 1-2days.Training & DevelopmentIdentification of the training needs at 3 levels is done:-  At individual level  At department level  At organization levelOn the job training and in house training are followed to train the newly hired employees. Annuallytraining section in the HR department prepares its own training calendar, monthly training schedule withthe help of time officer. The aim of training and development is to define the output variablesSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 46specifically. Measure the capabilities of the employees in the context of the current and the future job,which increase the possibility of their employability in the context of their business.Full utilization of the talents of the manpower and the development of these resources. Employees aretrained to manage well the system of the company. Bring in continuous improvements in theorganization.EmpowermentIt is the process of giving employees more power to exercise control over and take responsibilities fortheir work. It can speed up decisions making process and accelerate the response time to meet thechanging needs of the customer, creativity of the employees provide for greater job satisfaction,motivation and commitment gives people more responsibility.Compensation PolicesHere a major issue is the wages and salary with time so HR takes care about that and makes structure insuch way that it satisfies both worker (employees) and management. This function is taken care bywages and salary administration section of HR department. It is computerized, and calculated on thebasis of attendance. In case of unpaid wages salary reconciliation is made, in case of resigns full andfinal settlement of his/ her account is made.Reward for Best ServicesAn employee reward system consists of an organization’s integrated polices, processes and practices forrewarding its employees in accordance with their contribution, skill and competence and their marketwork. It is developed within the frame work of organizations reward philosophy, strategies and policesand contains arrangements in form of processes, structures and procedures which will provide andmaintain appropriate types of levels of pay, benefits and other forms rewards. Intrinsic Rewards:-  Pride in ones work, having the feeling of job accomplishment, job enrichment, being member of a team.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 47 Extrinsic Rewards:-  Wages / salary, fringe benefits, welfare measures, promotions, incentives etc.Earned LeavePermanent worker who have actually worked in a particular leave year for 240 days would be entitledfor 12 days earned leave. For the days worked in excess for 240 days concerned workmen would beentitled to 1 earned leave for every 20 days actually worked.Disablement Benefit  If temporary disablement due to employment injury: then if the person were injured he/ she would be compensated with about 70% of daily average wage.  If permanent disablement due to employment injury: then periodical payment is paid for the person who is injured / to the dependent of the injured person.Performance AppraisalWIPRO INFRASTRUTURE ENGINEERING adopts the 180 degree of performance appraisal. Wherehuman resources manager will interacts with the employees and finds his objectives later on theseobjectives are discussed with the superiors and finally reviewed by head of the department. It is amethod of evaluating the behavior of employees in the work spot including both the quantitative andqualitative aspects of job performance.Motivational ActivitiesMotivating the employees to make them perform their better is one of the major functions in theperformed here. Awarding the best performers of the week in each section of the departments is one ofthe best motivating factors. It helps in motivating the employees in operational level and manageriallevel.Empowerment and Welfare Program for employeesThe employee’s comforts are satisfied by:- (a) The special medical facilities:-  Visiting doctorsSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 48  Full time nurse on premises  On call ambulance  Day care centre  Need based loans  Educational opportunities for their families  Canteen facilities on contractual basis which provide subsidized, clean, hygienic food at reasonable cost  First aid facilities- First aid facilities at cupboards well equipped with the prescribed medicine are provided in all departments. Each box is in charge of responsibility of the person who holds certificate in first aid treatment.  Maternity benefit is given for maximum of 12 weeks in case of confinement and minimum 6 weeks.  Crèche to look after the children of personnel during their working hours(age group of 1-4 years) every child’s birthday is celebrated by cutting cake and gift from the company.  Fire exit, and emergency exists facilities. (b) The different committees are formed for the well being of the employees. The committees are  Canteen committee of 10 members- every month end meeting are held and feed back is collected from the personnel.  Sexual harassment committee- this committee consists of 70% of women employees of the organization.  Health and safety committee- this committee takes care of gadgets and educates the personnel about the safety measures to be followed in different situations.  Workers committee – this committee is formed and functions as per Industrial Disputes Act. (c) Employee Welfare Officer arranges regular workshops, demos, lectures and seminars etc. to empower regarding the following:-  Monthly awareness program for new employee.  Safety measures thought to the employeesSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 49  Personnel hygiene  Extinguish fire  Women’s day celebration. (d) Other Disciplinary Functions :-  Visitor identity card for outsiders.  Attendance register is strictly maintained.  Identity card is must inside the premises.  Child labour is strictly prohibited (age below 18)  Commencement of work at his/her assigned end place.  Starting and closing of interval period shall be notified from time to time, and signaled by the sound of siren.  Employees after completion of work/shifts should leave the factory premises immediately within 15 minutes from the close of shift hours.  If any employee is late to work whether at commencement of shifts/working hours or after lunch intervals for more than 5 minutes in the month during 2 successive or for more than 5 times in month shall be declared a habitually late and shall be liable for disciplinary action.  Yoga and mental mediation is practiced before the tea break. (e) Entry and Exit  All employees shall enter or leave factory premises by the gate specified for the purpose  No employees shall enter the established factory premises except when on duty, without the permission of the security / any other officer authorized by the management in this behalf.  No employee shall take with him /her inside the factory any outsider person/friend/relative without the permission of the officer authorized on behalf.  Any employee who has granted off duty, or has resigned or is not working for any reason shall immediately leave the factory premises and shall not enter without the permission there after.  No employee shall factory premises during duty hours except after obtaining written permission of the authorized officer and with a gate pass. If any employee desires to leave the factory premises during the hours of work notified for him/ her, he/ she shall obtain the prior consent ofSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 50 the absence of managers, from the in charge manager for any other officer authorized in this behalf.RetrenchmentAttendance is taken and checked and irregular employees are kicked out. Those who are indiscipline arealso removed from the job.Labor Union:-There is no labor union in the organization. Here even the organization doesn’t encourage the labourunions.UNIFORM & IDENTITY CARDS:-All the staff wears uniforms as prescribed. The company supplies cloth Materials for 2 sets of uniformonce in 1 year. The company also pays the stitching charge as may be decided by the management.  Uniform should be maintained neat & clean.  Identify cards are given to each staff.  Uniform for the workers will be given with blue color and employees with the combination of white & black.SAFTEY & SECURITY  Employees and workers are given proper training in handling up of the machinery. Workers & employees are provided with helmets, bridges, gloves& goggles etc.RECREATIONAL FACILITIESRecreation helps to reduce tension of work and to relax for sometimes. Tea & snacks is provided twiceand makes them fresh at work. Club also provided to the employeesNumber of Employees Working  There are approximately 713 employees working in organization.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 51Classification of Employees  Staff category : 388  Workers Category: 325 (Skilled & Unskilled labors)SWOT ANALYSIS:- S STRENGTHS W WEAKNESS O OPPRTUNITIES T THREATSStrengths  Increase two- way communication, coordination and involvement.  Good working condition.  Loyalty of work force to the management.  Educated and experienced staff.  Attracts and retain right person at right job with right remuneration.  Skillful, technical and experienced employees.  Participative management.  Friendly environment  Sufficient work force to achieve the future demand & to expand the company  Experienced and qualified work force.Weakness  Absenteeism of employees  Traditional methods are followed for recruitment.  Lack of training programs  Promotions are given on the basis of experienced rather than efficiency.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 52Opportunities  Availability of cheap labour.  Availability of qualified labour.Threats  High employee turnover.  Pouching of skilled employees.  Pay packages of MNC companies.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 53 PART- 4.5 EDP DEPARTMENTEDP means Electronic Data Processing. Here data is collected and fed to computer.All transactions relating to receipt / supply of material, equipments and services are duly codified. Alljobs connected to accounts namely, sales accounts, purchase accounts, debtors and creditors accounts,material accounting, cash and bank transactions general ledger and subsidiary ledgers, wages andsalaries are dealt by this section. The input data from various divisions are received and processed andcomputerized accounts are submitted to Finance and Accounts department.This section is headed by an EDP manager duly assisted by one junior officer and one Senior AssistantTo back support SAP R/3 and to facilitate team members with a latest and state of art IT hardware theyare operating fully fledged EDP Dept. The dept. comprises with team of qualified IT professionals toassist team members wherever the IT support is needed.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 54By and large each of the members is interconnected with the help of latest and fastest availablehardware component for ease of internal communication needs. All three of the plants areinterconnected with a fiber optical channel. While designing such communication channelsredundancy is kept in mind to cope with any hardware failure instances.Exclusive server room is provided with latest technological equipments like high end serverproducts for fastest operational efficiency and redundancy. Server room is facilitated withPrecision air conditioner and backed by most reliable UPSs. Each of the team members enjoysindependent internet facility on their PCs. Proper backup mechanism ensures the safety of data andprovisions are undertaken to secure the data from various viruses and other corruptions.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 55SWOT ANALYSIS OF WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING:- S STRENGTHS W WEAKNESS O OPPRTUNITIES T THREATSSTRENGTHS  Flexibility in adopting innovative technology.  There is a whole year of supply of raw material throughout the year and also production capacity is also full utilized.  This organization enjoys getting the labour at cheap cost located at village area.  Wipro Infrastructure engineering also enjoys the benefits of tax holiday and tax deferment of location at industrial.  Quality certified company.  Well established infrastructure.  Planned layout of process house and stitching plant.  Willingness to invest and re-invest.  Multi skilled labour at low cost.  Eco-friendly business.  Adopting Japanese principle such as SIX SIGMA, KAIZEN, 5’S HOUSING to improve the quality of product.OPPORTUNITIES  Rising exports from the industry. The hydraulic manufacturing industry is one of the greater export oriented industry in India.  Promotion of new brands effectively with introducing new varieties. The research & development team can work effectively in introducing new brand varieties with coming with.  New products of different hydraulic cylinders.  Scope for expansion.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 56  Increasing demand.  Explored options in SEZ Industrial area.  Tax exemptions and Governmental subsidies.THREAT  Cut throat competition from rival companies.  Ever changing demand  New entrants  Language barrier and misunderstandings.  Change of Government Policies in Export and Import.  Increasing cost of human capital.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 57 FINDINGS  Organization structure of Wipro infrastructure engineering is well formatted in which each and every department plays important role.  In hydraulic manufacturing Industry organization structure is divided into part one is in Administrative and second one is production. These both departments are headed by different persons but at the same time they work for same objective with full co-ordination which shows the unity level about the organization.  All the employees and labors work very hard towards achieving the goal. Even the higher authorities work very hard without wasting time and always they take steps towards achieving the organization goal.  Administrative head role in an organization very important to make good working environment the practice which I observed was that he was very hard working person and he does his work very efficiently.  The employee turnover in this industry is very good as compared to others organization of same segments.  Organization culture of Wipro infrastructure engineering is informal, where every person directly meet to high authority without any systematic way which I considered was good because it encourages employees at work.  The company has well established infrastructure and healthy environment which attracts the Human resources’ willingness to work over there.  Tax exemption up to five years is one of the advantages which the company is enjoying.  Low cost labours with multi skills in various backgrounds are available easily.  Well established transportation facilities.  WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING is one of the biggest companies manufacturing and exporting hydraulics.  It has a separate HRD section for maintaining its manpower resources.  Intensive measures have been undertaken for pollution control and environment.  Organization structure of WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING is well formatted in which each and every department plays important role.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 58 CONCLUSIONFrom the above SWOT analysis it is clear that the strengths as well as opportunities of company aremore. It is due to the efforts made by all the levels-top level, managerial level, and operational level ofthe organization. The initial investments and every year they increased the investments this willingnessof the entrepreneurs shows the plus point of the organization. The ever expanding business every year isthe indicator of success and its bright future; it shows the company’s commitment to future growth andimprovement. The company’s opportunities need to be grabbed and for improvement and furthersuccess. The company is not only has profit Human resources and society. As per the data collectedabout hydraulic manufacturing is expected to grow further. Moreover it can be seen there is a goodcompetition between the companies in this sector are focusing more on customer satisfaction. Even yearby year the export market is also booming in a wide span, so the organization can grow very soon as thisis also mostly concentrated on exports.This project reports gives a viewed picture of how Wipro infrastructure engineering limited companyhas molded itself into a well established company. It is one of the leading manufacturers of hydrauliccylinders. It is my immense pleasure to do my projects in such dynamic company which has reachedgreat heights by employing sound financial techniques and innovative marketing strategies. The story ofthe company proves that great things are done with humble beginnings which are inspirational for newentrepreneurs.Ultimately, the main objective of the company is to be the number one in producing quality hydrauliccylinders and to have a global presence. SUGGESTIONS  Wipro infrastructure engineering should invest more in its infrastructure to expand its production and business operations, by updating all its machinery to the current technological levels in all departments.  Wipro infrastructure engineering is exporting its product to Asia & Europe countries. It should concentrate on export to all over the world.  The company should grab various opportunities for future perspective and growth.  Proper allocation of funds in various activities.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 59  Maximum utilization of resources.  They should undertake some steps to minimize the wastages.  They must undertake some steps to remove employee absenteeism.  The R&D department should concentrate more efficiently in developing new types of products according to the fashion of 21st century.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 60 LEARNING EXPERIENCES 1. The experience in the organization during my internship project was great. In the organization I learn how the activities take place in real world in the business organization. It helped me to relate and understand the practically with theoretical concept which I have learnt in class room. I saw over there how issues are discussed and decisions are take place. In all the functional departments the employees with multi skills and their commitment and job effectiveness are utilized. Each employee has the freedom to give his opinion for the betterment of the organization. 2. The project in Wipro Infrastructure Engineering had given me a great experience in learning about each and every department under it and my knowledge has been enhanced in such a way that, how exactly the functional departments will work in reality. 3. They co-operated and helped me to know how the business operates and exposed to a wide range of company aspects. 4. It is a immense pleasure of doing my internship project in WIPRO. After completing the organization study I come to know that is different and working in organization is different overall it was a good experience in my life time. 5. Getting permission in the any company to undertake internship even for four weeks it was very difficult. In some companies the gate keeper sent us back not letting me to speak with either HR manager to Training Officer. The reasons they gave are many. Then I tried in WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING & finally I got permission to do my internship project in the various department of the WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING. Mr. Annappa G who was my guide in the organization. He explained me about the timings and other rules to follow during my internship. 6. I was able to get maximum information from each section of the company. It happened due to the good coordination and fantastic guidance of my Guide Mr. Annappa G. He helped me in updating my knowledge & skill, he also told me in which area of skills I should work on such as:-  Good communication skills,  Computer Knowledge of hardware & softwareSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 61  Extra course like- SAP Modules, NCFM Certification, HR Payroll soft, ESI , labor Law.  Read daily newspaper in order to remain with current knowledge as global which is required tool of modern life. 7. Things I have learnt the various managerial skills, time management, coordination, confidence, decision making and execution, and communication skills. I learnt from the employees the cooperation, commitment and dedication in work environment. 8. I would like to work in the same organization with the same person who has coordinated in my training.From all overall experience I realized that still what I have to work on more on required areas and thelife outside the class room is difficult. The duties, responsibilities, commitments we need to understand,follow and we also required listen to commands from the higher authority under which we work.SIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”
    • 62 BIBLIOGRAPHY Books:-  Company Boucher & records of WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.  K.Aswathapa –Human Resource and Personnel Management.  K.Aswathapa – Production & Operations Management  J.C. Gandhi – Marketing Management  Pradip Kumar Sinha – Financial Management Web site:-  http://www.wiproinfra.com/about-us/company-profile.php  http://www.wipro.com/about-wipro/Wipro-Group-Co/  www.rbi.org.in  www.ibef.org  www.txcindia.com  www.allbankingsolutions.com  www.forex-rates.bizSIMS “WIPRO INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING.”