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Wipro presentation


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Published in: Technology
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Wipro presentation

  1. 1. Agenda Introduction History Business units Product & services Leadership Team6 What is Wipro all about?
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION 1945-1980 1980-1991 1991-2000 2000-2005 2005-2010Growth First Global Story Entry into IT… Globalization Consolidation Diversification Leadership Acquisitions PCs, Mini Global across 7 Professional RapidPresence Comp Operations countries Management IT and R&D Globalization of BPO Consultancy Hydraulic Services R&D and IT Portfolio Components Services Journey Healthcare expansion in Lighting towards Soaps Equipment JV Consumer Ecological with GE Products SustainabilitySnapshot 1980 Rev: Rs. ~ 400 1991 2000 2005 2010 mn Rev: Rs. 4 Bn Rev: Rs. 23 Bn Rev: Rs. 82 Bn Rev: Rs. 271 Bn PAT: Rs. ~ 50 PAT: Rs. 140 mn PAT : 3 Bn PAT: 16 Bn PAT: 46 Bn mn
  3. 3. HISTORYWipro began itsjourney over 6decades ago as afamily-managedbusiness, as a makerof vegetable oils &toilet soaps in thename of Western IndiaProducts Ltd. Thecompany was set upin Amalner,Maharashtra, in 1945
  4. 4. Under leadership of AZIMJIhe transformed WIPRO intoconsumer goods company ,laundary , soap,wax and tincontainerIn 1975 he set up WIPROfluid power to manufacturehydraulic and pneumaticcylinderThe fledging US$ 2 millionhydrogenated cooking fatcompany grown to US $1.76billion IT series organisation
  5. 5. TIME LINE Wipro technologies awarded prestigious ITSMA award for services marketing excellence Wipro wins the 2003 Asian Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Award 2004-Crossed the $ 1 billion IDC rates Wipro at the leader among worldwide offshore services providers 2005-Wipro acqiures Enabler to enter Niche Retail Market 2007-Wipro acquire US Infocrossing for 600mn 2009-Wipro acquires Gallagher Financial Systems to enter mortgage loan origination space Wipro launches ESS-Electronic Security Solutions with products in CCTV systems Access Control System and Building management systems
  6. 6. Business Units
  8. 8. WIPRO INFOTECHBacked by our strong qualityprocesses and rich experiencemanaging global clients acrossvarious business verticals, we alignIT strategies to your businessgoals. From simple changes inprocess to innovative solutions,we help our customers harnessthe power of IT to achieveprofitable growth, marketleadership, customer delight andsustainability. Along with our bestof breed technology partners,Wipro Infotech also helps you withyour hardware and ITinfrastructure needs.
  9. 9. WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES Wipro technologies is the global IT services division of Wipro limited. With over 20 offices around the world ,Wipro technologies is the NO.1 provider of integrated business technologY
  10. 10. INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERINGFirst diversification in 1975 ofmobile original equipmentmanufacturesIt become leader in thehydraulic and truck tippingsystems and marketsIntends to grow its business toserve global manufacturingrequirements of hydrauliccyclinders and truck tippers
  11. 11. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYWipro Global ITBusiness deliverswinning businessoutcomes through itsdeep industryexperience and a 360degree view of"Business throughTechnology" - helpingclients create successfuland adaptivebusinesses.Wipro has131,687 employees andclients across 54countries.
  12. 12. ECO ENERGY Enterprise Energy Management Utility Scale Solar Plants A unique and integrated Intelligent utility scale solar approach power and roof top solarto reduce energy costs for large power solutions. scale enterprises. Green Infrastructure Efficient building design and engineering solutions for a sustainable world.
  13. 13. CONSUMER CARE AND LIGHTINGBusiness unit of Wiprolimited ,has aprofitable presence inthe branded retailmarket of toilet soaps,hair care soaps ,babycare products andlightning productsalso a leader ininstitutional lightningin a specifiedsegments likesoftware pharma andretail
  15. 15. Joint venture between generalelectric company as a part of GE NOMEDICAL SYSTEMS SOUTH ASIACommitment touncompromising qualityIt is the largest exporter ofmedical systems withunmatched distribution andservices reachIt pioneered the manufactureof ultrasound and computedTomography system
  17. 17. SERVICES Analytics & Information Management Infrastructure Business Management Process Services Outsourcing services Product BusinessEngineering Application Services Services Consulting Cloud Services Services
  18. 18. PRODUCTS
  19. 19. CLIENTSEnterpriseFinanceIT & ITESTelecomGovernment MATHEW JOSEPH
  20. 20. Financial Snapshot
  21. 21. Financial Snapshot Wipro Ltd has grown revenue at a 27% CAGR and Net Income at a 27% CAGR for the last 7 years 6913 5762 6030 4963 3325 2391 1820 1270 1020 1178 652 816 880 223 363 465 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 Revenue(in $ Mn.) Net Income(in $ Mn.)* All numbers are translated into USD on the basis of realized exchange rate of IT Services . For FY10 onwards, the numbersare in IFRS, while the past is in IGAAP Wipro - FY 2010-11 Performances Market Rs. (Bn) US$ (Bn) Gr.(%) Listed on NYSE as WIT Market Cap NSE / BSE : USD 26.1 Billion Revenues 311 7 15 PAT 53 1 15
  22. 22. WIPRO INFOTECH• Largest partners to CICSO,MICROSOFT,SUN,NORTEL and many others• 360*portfolio serving Enterprise IT life cycle needs• Fastest growing IT services company in the Middle East 64026 54825 CAGR of 14 % 43017 19279 25115 Increasingly services led 19275 16695 11547 India & Middle East services Employees grew by 30 % (in 100’s) 123 119 104 Diversified skill base 104 across service lines and technologies 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11
  23. 23. Leadership Team
  24. 24. Leadership Team Azim H Premji Chairman Vineet Agarwal Anurag Behar T K Kurien G K Prasanna Business President Chief Executive CEO, IT Business & Sustainability and Wipro Consumer Care & President Wipro EcoEnergy Executive Director Community Initiatives LightingFunction Pratik Kumar Suresh Senapaty Executive VP Executive Director & HR, Wipro Infrastructure CFO Engg
  25. 25. What is Wipro all about?
  26. 26. What is Wipro all about? From a vegetable oil business in Amalner to a Global Corporation, what makes Wipro what it is today… Values Good Citizenship Vision Corporate Infrastructure Governance People Brand Excellence Business Innovation Excellence
  27. 27. Values - Spirit of Wipro •These values form the bedrock of our culture. •They guide our behavior & business practices. •The Spirit is rooted in current reality. It is also aspirational. •It is the core that has driven and will continue to drive
  28. 28. Values - Spirit of Wipro Intensity to win☼ Make customers successful ☼ Team, Innovate, Excel• It is the desire to stretch, to challenge limits.• It is working together to create synergy. I win when my team wins; my teams wins when Wipro wins; Wipro wins when its customers & stakeholders win.• It is innovating all the time. It is the continuous endeavor to do better than last time.• It is the Spirit of fortitude, of unrelenting excellence.
  29. 29. Values - Spirit of Wipro Act with Sensitivity☼ Respect for the individual ☼ Thoughtful and responsible• It is understanding that every human being, however different, is equal.• It is trusting that every individual is driven by learning, would like to grow in ability & competence, and strives for a meaningful life.• It is living in harmony with our ecology.• It is being a responsible citizen; it is acting with thoughtfulness and empathy.
  30. 30. Values - Spirit of Wipro Unyielding Integrity☼ Delivering on commitments ☼ Honesty and fairness in action• Integrity is the beacon that guides us. It is being ethical beyond doubt. It is living the law of the land, in Spirit and action.• It is the commitment to searching for and acting on the truth.• It is delivering on the commitments we make. Our word must become our deed.• It is establishing the foremost standards of honesty & fairness, without compromise… ever.
  31. 31. BrandThe 3 indivisible elements of the Wipro Brand Identity… – Connotation: • The ‘Rainbow Flower’ as being - Youthful & Energetic, Multifaceted, Innovative, Large & Vibrant • ‘WIPRO’ – being the name of the organization • ‘Applying Thought’ as being – Powerful, Intellectual, Futuristic, Maturity & Commitment to Innovation – ‘Rainbow Flower’ - Significance of the colours: • Green  Fields, Prosperity, Freshness, Growth, Youth • Yellow  Sun, Warmth, Vitality, Aspirations • Red  Blood, Life giving, Dynamic, Auspicious • Violet  Intelligence, Innovation, Mystery • Blue  Sky, Sea, Transparency, Natural • The Rainbow Flower symbolizes the energy of our diversity, the dynamism of Team Wipro and the Yin-Yang balance we strive for.
  32. 32. AJIM PREMJI FOUNDATION In 2001, he founded Azim Premji Foundation, a non- profit organisation,  In December 2010, he pledged to donate $2 billion for improving school education in India transferring 213 million equity shares of Wipro Ltd. This donation is the largest of its kind in India.
  33. 33. Thank You