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Impressionism 17 sep_2011 Impressionism 17 sep_2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Impressionism
  • Impressionism
    An art movement developed in France in the 1870-1890s
    • Started by radical painters who rejected the traditionalist Academie des Beaux-Art.
    • Named so by a Parisian art critic- Louis Leroy.
  • Impression- Le Soleil Levant (The Rising Sun) by Claude Monet,1872
  • Emphasis on the general impression produced by a scene or an object.
    Armand Guillaumin
    Sunset at Ivry (Soleil couchant à Ivry) 1873,
  • Rejection of established styles.
    Claude Monet, The Cliff at Étretat after the Storm, 1885
  • Rejection of established styles.
    In the Voorhees Garden by Matilda Brown 1914
  • Play of light expressed in bright & varied use of color.
    The cradle by Berthe Morrisot,1872
  • Short brush strokes. The colors remained unmixed.
    The boating by Eduard Manet 1874
  • Freely brushed colors took precedence over lines and contours.
    The Japanese Bridge by Claude Monet
  • The overall visual effect was more important than the visual details- the colors were not blended smoothly.
    Water Lilies by Monet
  • Use of unmixed primary colors
    Allee of Chestnut trees Alfred Sisley
  • Rather than neutral whites, grays and blacks, colors were used for the shadows.
    Manet, Le Grand Canal
  • Incorporation of new ideas, technology and depictions of modern life
    Train in the Snow by Claude Monet
  • GustaveCaillebotte, (1848–1894), Paris Street on a rainy day, 1877
  • History
    • Founders
    • Eugene Boudin
    • StanislasLepin
    • Jongkind
    • Influenced the future impressionists
    • Started the tradition of painting “en plien air”
    VoiliersdevantTrouville by Eugene Boudin
    • Need to break out of the limitations set forth by traditionalists
    • Rejection of Eduard Manet’s “Dejeuner surl’Herbe” by Salon of the Academie de Beaux-Arts
    • Salon des Refusees
    • Franco-Prussian War
    • Pissarro, Monet, Sisley move to London
  • Other Influences
  • En Plein air (in open air)
    On the terrace by
    Pierre Auguste Renoir
  • The Hay Harvest at Eragny by Camille Pissarro
    • Influence of the spontaneity of Photography
    Lady in the boat by Edmund Greacam
  • Trouville by Eugene Boudin 1864
  • Japanese Woodblock Prints
    • The space and depth using perspective
    Bridging the Lieutenant by Harry Hoffman
  • Some important Impressionist painters
  • Claude Monet
    • His style of painting light through color
    • Painting in the open air.
    • Lyrical composition of a vision
  • Colorful sensations
  • Edgar Degas
    • Remained influenced by traditional styles
    • Work in progress from a new perspective. Painted the working class people- Dancers, circus artistes etc…
    The Dance class by Edgar Degas
  • Ballet Dancers at the bar
  • At the milliners shop
  • Eduard Manet
    • Photographic depictions
    • Challenged the renaissance e style
    • Retained his distinctive use of black.
    • Paintings of urban upper class life.
  • Still life with Melon and peaches
  • Impressionist Music
    • Started in France
    • musical impressionism focuses on a suggestion and an atmosphere rather than on a strong emotion or the depiction of a story as in program music
    • Use of whole tone scales or dissonance.
    • Exploration of the “Fantasy of sound”.
    • Concentration on the individual, unusual features of each instrument and use of rarely applied registers
    • Charles Debussy used the suggestions like ‘similarly to flute’, ‘from a distance’ …
    • Pink Floyd – modern Rock Band
  • Impressionist Literature
    • Prose, poetry & other literary works
    • Works relied heavily on associations
    • Stream of consciousness.
    • An author centres his story/attention on the character's mental life
    • Portrayal from an explicitly subjective point of view on reality
    • Also referred as Symbolism/Surrealism
    • Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Henry James, Virginia Woolf.
  • Neo –Impressionism
    • From 1880s
    • Different percepts for use of color, pattern, form, line.
    • Pointillism
    • Pissarro, Cezanne, Van-gogh
    Children on a farm by Camille Pissarro 1887
  • The Scream by Vincent Van-Gogh
  • Starry night by Vincent Van-Gogh
  • The Card Players by Cezanne1892
  • Merci Beaucoup !!