Commercial photography


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Commercial photography

  1. 1. Commercial Photography Codes and conventions
  2. 2. AdvertisingAdvertising photography is made to usually sell a product ora service.• In the photo below it can be seen that the use of the rule of thirds is in place, also the use of depth of field is used through the foreground, middle-ground and background to make it look more 3D.• The ISO speed is reasonably high in order to give it a more grainer look so as to give it more of a textured look.• The use of colour here is important, the main colour scheme would be red, blacks and browns. The bright red of the motorbike , girls top and the drinks logo gives a subliminal message to the audience and also shows that arguably the target audience is male.• The ‘animation’ style also arguably reminds us of gaming and this also links with the target audience being mainly male.
  3. 3. Fashion PhotographyFashion and glamour photography usually incorporates models and is a form of advertisingphotography. Fashion photography emphasizes clothes and also the body form. Glamour photographyis closely linked to fashion photography and is used in magazines and increasingly advertising throughtelevision.• Fashion photography like the work featured in Harper’s Bazaar emphasizes clothes and other products; glamour emphasizes the model and body form.• The photograph on the left is taken from the popular magazine by Harper’s Bazaar, the use of the rule of thirds allows for the viewers eye to naturally pick out the model and it also adds interest to the composition. The use of depth makes it more 3D, the shadows in the background help to make it look more 3D and to also make the model stand out more.• The colour scheme consists of mainly burgundy colours with a sepia overtone, this emphasises the ‘old-style’ clothing making the photograph look faintly aged and golden.
  4. 4. Still life photographyStill life photography usually is ofinanimate objects that are commonlyfound such as flowers. Still life is similarto food photography and some naturephotography and can be used foradvertising purposes.• The background for this photograph is basic so as to make the red and green of the flowers become the focal point.• The lighting allows for the flowers to look textured, the way the light is positioned creates shadows and texture so as to make it give it more of a 3D look.• It can also be seen that there is a use of leading lines, the eye is drawn to the more lighted part and this is the bottom of the stem, the eye then follows it up and so the flower becomes the focal point.
  5. 5. Editorial PhotographyEditorial photography illustrates a story oridea, these types of photography are oftenused within magazines and is closely linkedwith fashion and glamour photography.• The shutter speed is a important factor to this photo, The shutter speed for this photograph would be fast so as to capture the movement of the water.• The contrast of the light and dark is used to create the illusion that the sea is a ‘dark and mysterious place’. This is a contrast to the white and pale blue of the water at the top of the photograph.• The lighting does make it look more textured and also more 3D, this creates depth for the image drawing the viewer in to the ‘story’ that is being told.
  6. 6. Photo JournalismPhotojournalism is considered a sub-setof editorial photography, they areconsidered to be accepted as adocumentation of a news story. (It issimilar to paparazzi)• The picture opposite uses the rule of thirds in order to split up the scene, it also arguably uses reflection and symmetry, this creates interest to the photograph.• It also is in black and white to keep it simple and is also a characteristic of photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson who took this photograph.• The white balance has been put up in order for there to be a harsher contrast of the black and white, for example it makes the gun black connoting ‘evil’ and the white face of the men connote ‘goodness’ in this circumstance.
  7. 7. Wildlife PhotographyWildlife photography demonstrates the life of animals, the use of the backgroundand the focus in this photograph gives the bird more of a focal point and it alsomakes the colour stand out against the pale background.• The shutter speed is fast so as to capture the water moving and also to get the photo of the bird.• The use of the cropping tool could have been used to make the bird more centralised and more of a focal point.
  8. 8. Landscape PhotographyLandscape photography depicts the location, the depth in this photo makes it look3D and it also gives the illusion of it being a countryside setting.• The use of shadows and light adds interest and also adds weight to the objects in the photograph.• The green colours make it look more ‘natural’ and reminds the viewer of the countryside.
  9. 9. Codes and Conventions• As there is not a set of codes and conventions for commercial photography which is the type of photograph genre I am intending on using within my website and digipak I decided to analyse photographs within that genre and make my own set of codes and conventions to stick by.• Here is a list of the codes and conventions I found were most frequent within the photographs I analysed:• Shadows (light)• Use of black and white and sepia• Depth of field• Experimental angles• Use of textureThese conventions are a basis for my photography, I will look to include some ifnot all of these conventions within my photographs in order to link with thegenre of commercial photography.