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  1. 1. Photo Shoot Review(you are creative visual people…make this power point look moreinteresting!Unit 57: Photography andPhotographic PracticeTask 4 Selection of final images &review
  2. 2. Aim of ShootWhen I began my photo shoot, Ihad the intention of taking severalphotos some of an urbanlandscape and some of a rurallandscape. My aim for this photoshoot was to capture images,whilst both looking impressive andprofessional, of the rurallandscapes looking beautiful andappealing; yet shedding a morenegative light on the urbanimages making them look darkand mysterious rather than goingwith the usual theme of impressivemodern cities.
  3. 3. Description of shoot• The image shown on the right is one of my finaledits that I have chosen from my photo-shootthis particular image is probably my favourite ofall the final edits that I have taken, This isbecause the photograph really sticks to myoriginal intentions of the project by viewing thecity in an old fashioned and dark way instead ofbright and modern. To capture this image I wentinto Eccles town centre and walked to the top ofa multi-story car park; I then found the bestangle with the kind of scenery I wanted in thebackground. Once the picture was taken I usedAdobe Photoshop to edit the photo by cuttingout the waste to make the image moreprofessional and conform more to the rule ofthirds. I also put effects on the photograph tosharpen and darken the image, this made theimage work better for the style I had hoped for.• Overall I think that this image went very wellbecause I kept my original shoot plan andcreated a very professional image from a veryinteresting angle.
  4. 4. Contact Sheet
  5. 5. Contact Sheet
  6. 6. Selection of unedited images
  7. 7. Editing effects• With this photograph, I initiallydecided to edit the vibrancy andsharpen the image to make the detailstand out more and colours appearbrighter and more defined. I thendecided that increasing the colourscale of the image made it look toosurreal and unprofessional; I thereforedecided to continue editing the imageby using a pre set black and whitefilter to easily manipulate the imageinto the correct scale of black andwhite that gives the image the look Iwanted it to have.
  8. 8. Final Images• This is the final image after Ihave completed the editingprocess. I Think the final imagelooks good because the blackand white effect really gives ita vintage old time feel. Thesharpness and depth of theimage make the photographlook professional and unique.The downside to this editingtechnique is that the picture isless clear than it could be,however this is a smallcompromise for the chosenstyle.
  9. 9. Editing effects• With this image I have started offby cropping the waste imagearound the edges to make surethat the action of the shot is morecentral and on line with the rule ofthirds, I then decided tomanipulate the actual image byaltering the hue and saturationwhilst turning the contrast up andthe brightness slightly down,
  10. 10. Final Images• Here is the image completedafter editing, I think that thebrightness and contrastalterations worked really wellwith the image to create aphoto that looks like a perfectevening shot with the sunsetting in the background. Thedepth of field works well withthe houses in the backgroundand the grass in theforeground. I picked this photomainly for these reasons as wellas the fact that it conforms tothe rule of thirds brilliantly.
  11. 11. Capture log• Setting – The photo was takenusing a manual setting allowingme to get the correct zoomand focus to gain a gooddepth of field.• Shutter Speed – Thephotograph was taken using arelatively high shutter speed toavoid any unwanted blurring.• Aperture – For this picture asmaller aperture was requiredas I had planned for a largedepth of field and clear view.• ISO – I used a high ISO ofaround 400-800 for this imageas it was taken late on when itwas dark.
  12. 12. Editing effects• For this photograph the editingprocess was simple, all I really had todo was turn the contrast up and thebrightness down a small amount, thismade the sky a more impressive deepshade of blue and the detail on thetree stands out far more than it didwith the contrast low.
  13. 13. Final Images• This is the final image completewith the edits, I chose this imagebecause it is completely differentto all the other images in my photoshoot and despite being simple itis far more impressive than mostboring images of a field or a lake.The image conforms well with therule of thirds as no area of theimage lacks a focus point and thefocus in general makes thephotograph look interesting andunusual.
  14. 14. Capture log• The picture was taken using anautomatic camera setting in orderto get the focus on the whole ofthe tree while maintaining a steadyangle without a tripod.• The shutter speed used for thisimage was high because theimage needed to be very sharpand quickly taken due to theangle.• The aperture was small becausethe camera was facing the sky andI was planning on making thepicture dark.• The ISO used was 400 because Iwanted a dark image but I wantedit clear
  15. 15. Editing effects• For this image I simply sharpened thecolours to make the blur in thebackground stand out more as depthof field. I also added a very opaquewhite filter over the image to create awintery feel with the snow in thebackground.
  16. 16. Final Images• Mention focus, depth of field,rule of thirds, composition,• I chose this image because itgives off a very wintery feel to itwhilst looking professionalbecause of the techniques Iused including depth of fieldand rule of thirds I also thoughta lot about the composition ofthis image because when Iedited it I added a white filterto almost fade the image out .
  17. 17. Capture log• This picture was taken using amanual setting on the camerain order to get the focuscorrect on the central plants inthe foreground• The shutter speed used is againhigh in order to capture asharp image with depth offield.• A medium aperture was usedin order to keep too muchdaylight out.• The ISO was set to 800 to makethe image fit with the whitetheme.
  18. 18. Editing effects• This was the first image in my photoshoot that I decided to edit; in thispicture I was hoping to achieve adark, gloomy approach on the city.To do this I first cropped the image toonly show the bits that lookedimportant to my theme, I then alteredthe brightness around the edges tomake the picture look sinister anddark. Finally I added a cooling filterover the image giving it a cold bluelook to emphasize the darkness.
  19. 19. Final Images• This is the final image after theediting. I personally like theimage because it really workswith what I was trying toachieve with my photos. Thephoto is a perfectrepresentation of an oldfashioned city scape that iscomposed very well with therule of thirds definitely beingpresent. The focus works well tocreate a depth of field with thebuildings in the backgroundbeing noticeably far away.
  20. 20. Capture log• The picture was taken with anautomatic focus to definitelyget the optimum focus possiblefor a landscape image.• A high shutter speed is used tomake the image crisp andclear as I wanted to catch theimage and smoke in perfectdetail.• A small aperture was used as Iwanted the image to look darkand gloomy.• The ISO was set to 400 becauseI wanted the buildings toappear dark.
  21. 21. Rejected Images• These are three images that I tookin my photo-shoot that I decideddidn’t make the cut to be chosenimages for my final collection. ThisIs because they didn’t strike me asunique and different to every otherimage and didn’t look at allspecial, more like pictures thatanybody with a camera couldtake. Another reason is that withsome images the theme I wasgoing for simply wasn’t present.With the image of the tree, thisdidn’t make the cut because I tookseveral images similar and thisone wasn’t as effective as the rest.
  22. 22. Aims for next project• Whilst Planning and carrying out this photo-shoot I have learnt a lot about all thedifferent techniques of photography including using the camera effectively tocreate depth of field and a rule of thirds, whilst also bearing in mind the abilityto change the shutter speed to catch two photos of the exact same thing that bothlook completely different. I also feel that I have learnt a lot about what it ispossible to take photos of during photography and how to make anything lookinteresting.• When I next do a photo-shoot I would definitely take the time to improve myimages by using all of these techniques and being more patient about getting theright photos. I would also spend more time planning the shoot rather thanimmediately going out to get the pictures without thinking first where would bethe best and most appropriate places to go.