Mood boards task 4


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Mood boards task 4

  1. 1. Portrait – Using people Using people for experimental photography can achieve all different advantages. As well as using the techniques and methods of experimental photography such as double exposure or movement, the subject of a person can always determine the emotion or feel of an image. A models clothing can also change the atmosphere of the photograph. For example, if I was to place my model in a field full of sunflowers and decided she/he was going to wear black, dark and grungy clothing and accessorises it gives me the authority to change the photograph into something dark and gloomy even though a field full of sunflowers is ‘pretty’ and uplifting. Portraits can imply anything to a photograph as well the implications and aspects that I can change to create an overall impact. I have included a few images to the left, most of them being just a normal portrait photograph, some of which are edited and have the conjunctions of experimental photography. These photographs are all have a different story to tell just by looking at the person. They can give you an incite into somebody’s personality and all the interpretations of it. Portrait photography is definitely an aspect I will consider when planning for my final piece. Many different things can become wonders photographing people as almost every photograph of a single person is going to be different then another person.
  2. 2. These photographs I have included to the left are both good examples of portrait and fashion photography. This is something I am deeply considering to do for my own work. The images are both black, white and grey, which has completely changed the mood of the photograph. The top photograph with all the bouncy balloons is at first glance exciting and happy. The grey scale colours connote an anxious person living in a fantasy world. This world expecting the model to feel emotions of an upbeat, thrilled character which in actual fact she is not. This photograph shoes creativity and informality. The fact that the girl is not taking the photograph is obvious but making it look like she is works very effectively. Its unusual but its eye-catching to see. Around the border I have included some more photographs of portrait and fashion photography to give me some inspiration in to what I am going to do.
  3. 3. Landscape – Using places Landscape photograph can be very exciting. It is all about the lighting, the setting, the colours and more importantly what you can do with the camera. Although you need a good scenery to photograph, the camera is the main piece to capturing something amazing. It shows spaces in the world which the majority of people will not have seen. One of the key points to landscape photography is that there is very little to none human activity around it. It focuses just on the surroundings and the presence of nature. Many landscape photographs are create in a pursuit of a pure deception of nature. Places such as industrial sites, urban backgrounds and nature are the main key aspects. The images as a whole capture the beautiful sites that audiences will never probably see in person. It allows us as a society to fulfil what our thoughts and deceptions are of the typical backgrounds. The photographs I have included to the left are just a few I chose to include into my research. The contrasts on each of the photographs seem to be high to introduce the cracks and emphasise the objects that are included. The colours are very vibrant on the photograph at the bottom making it almost look as if its surreal.
  4. 4. Most of the landscape photographs I came across all included reflections. Reflections can be very distinctive but can also be very subtle. As most of these photographs include the sea or some what water you can see the light from the sun shining and the setting of the sky reflected into the water. Reflections can sometimes be extremely easy or very difficult to capture. It all depends on the lighting and the angle of the camera. You need to have a good eye to be able to achieve something beautiful like the top right photograph I have included, Although this kind of photograph is very interesting, within the project I do not think I have enough time to travel to places in which I would be able to achieve photographs like this.
  5. 5. Fashion – Using looks Fashion is a very big aspect of society. Its all about what organisations perceive fashion to be to enlarge the view to the audience. There are a lot of fashion stores and icons that the public look up to. It is involved in the every day life of a person, what the wear, their make-up, hair, every aspect about looks can be indulged as fashion. Some take it to extremes where as others have their own personal style that they feel comfortable with. In photography fashion is also used a lot. Many of these photographs are usually displayed in magazines, on advertisements for shops, in store imagery and even exhibitions. Fashion photography can be done in all different ways. It always focuses on the person and what they look like but the scenery chosen to be the background can make a big difference. For example, urban outfitters store sells very unique, grungy clothing. The photography consists of backdrops of walls and graffiti with the models wearing the clothes to emphasise their style. Methods such as double exposure and movement will work extremely well while capturing fashion photography. It will make the photographs look and give that edgy and mysterious feel that can be sometimes quite difficult to pursue. I will take this into deep consideration when coming to produce my final products.
  6. 6. Key Points • Brightness and Contrast • Aperture of the camera • Colors • Black and White • Shutter speed of the camera • Manuel or Auto focus • IOS settings • White balance These are a few key points I will think of during and after production. The edited techniques will allow me to produce the photographs how I want them to be and it will also give me a chance to experiment and see which one works best with each photograph I take. Its important that I use my knowledge to the best of my ability in production in a quick and methodical manner to ensure I produce high quality images and hitting deadlines.