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Oct. 7, 2010

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  • The social graph is facebook’s core product, which underpins and facilitates all of those previous concepts
  • These are the components of a social media campaign
  • Public Profiles and organic distribution give brands an increasing connection value at a declining cost per touch
  • There are 3 key benefits that partners get from integrating with the open graph
  • Build Credits as an ubiquitous rewards and loyalty program Value proposition for PARTNERS/ BRANDS Rewards for users increase engagement improve conversion up sell Build customer loyalty User targeting Global reach Accepting Credits for payment (Connect or Canvas) USERS : Universality – Credits can be earned and spent with many Connect partners Frequency – Credits used as a primary way to buy digital goods (zero-cost?) Liquidity – users able to earn credits through many activities (assume that some people prefer earning over buying credits)
  • Brands are using Facebook primarily to do these 4 things: build brands, acquire customers, deepen relationships and create communities.
  • DIG Day - Facebook

    1. 1. Status of facebook <ul><li>Mike Haines, VP Sales Central Region </li></ul><ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul><ul><li>Oct. 7, 2010 </li></ul>
    2. 2. Facebook mission Give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected
    3. 3. The Social Graph
    4. 4. 120M 380M
    5. 5. 550M+ monthly active users 150M+ mobile users
    6. 6. Marketing Opportunities on Facebook
    7. 7. Organic distribution on Facebook BRAND Earned Media - Newsfeeds Bought Media Ads Owned Media - Pages
    8. 8. Friends influence friends Bacardi Social Context in advertising Word of mouth at scale Come and join us at Bacardi and learn how to make the perfect Mojito, win prizes and help us create the next rum flavour… Get in the Spirit with Bacardi Bacardi Bacardi
    9. 9. Social context increases effectiveness 68% lift in ad recall 2x increase in message awareness increase in purchase intent 4x
    10. 10. Facebook Pages
    11. 11. Facebook Pages – a ‘Hub’ for brands <ul><li>Create unique dialogue between brand & audience </li></ul>Develop deeper relationship with consumers Drive Fans & Post directly into their Newsfeeds Create a 2-way dialogue
    12. 12. Utilize your insights Fans over time Fan demographics & location Wall Posts Likes Comments Per-post interactions Upstream traffic data
    13. 13. Innovation
    14. 14. Facebook Connect
    15. 16. Social Plugins
    16. 17. CNN.com – An early adopter Audiences could choose to see just their friends Comments or updates from the World The Obama Live Stream ushered in a new way to watch live broadcast socially with the world The CNN Live Stream produced 8,500 Comments per minute at it’s peak when Obama was speaking driving Unique users up 2m – 6m
    17. 18. Social shopping with Levi’s See what your friends like Become a fan of Levi’s on Facebook Buy your friend a birthday gift
    18. 19. Linking back to Facebook
    19. 20. Benefits Traffic Engagement Customer insights
    20. 21. Looking forward
    21. 22. Facebook Places Chris Porter is presenting at Bacardi London
    22. 23. Places Who. What. When. And now where. See who’s checked in nearby Generating a story in their News Feed And tell your friends where you are and who you’re with
    23. 24. Facebook Questions
    24. 26. Ask a question… And it will appear in your newsfeed…
    25. 27. Any user can answer… And choose to follow the question to receive other user’s responses A series of related questions will appear in the Questions dashboard…
    26. 28. Community Pages Brands can tap into communities and enrich user’s experiences… … or ask questions outside of their connections base
    27. 29. Brand Pages
    28. 30. Facebook Credits
    29. 31. Facebook credits: a virtual currency Universally accepted across applications Safe and secure Seamlessly integrated into our platform Currently in Beta w/140 applications
    30. 32. Buy credits to make purchases with CONNECT partners… Buy gifts for a friend at the touch of a button… Earn credits through completing tasks. competitions, checking in using Facebook places Facebook credits: a virtual currency
    31. 33. Go simple, go real, go big Go simple Go real Go big
    32. 34. Thanks