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Josh Bruner


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  • 1. The NETHERLANDS Only country where drugs are legal
  • 2. Independence
    • 1568, “eighty-year war” breaks out between Netherlands and their mother country of Spain
    • 1578, Spain signs a treaty with Netherlands to separate the two countries
    • Officially declared independence from Spain in 1579
    • During 17 th century, became a commercial power
    • In the 18 th Century, France took control of the Netherlands
  • 3. Flag of the Netherlands
    • Netherlands Flag, officially adopted on February 19, 1937
    • Flag is designed after the Dutch coat of arms
  • 4. The Map
    • Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands
    • Notable places:
    • Assen - home for Assen Circuit Races
    • Tilburg - Oldest known city in Netherlands and home to the Saint Joseph Basilica
  • 5. Renaissance
    • The Netherlands are noted for their artwork and sculptures during the renaissance
  • 6. Industrial Revolution
    • The Netherlands are found to have a large mining profit
    • Many different countries begin to migrate to the Netherlands (Italy and France mainly)
    • As a result, the Netherlands become very rich, and their mining technology becomes more advance
  • 7. Absolutism
    • The Netherlands become more independent
    • Their controlling Empire of Spain does not like this
    • A war breaks out between the two countries in summer of 1568
    • Netherlands signs a treaty of independence from Spain in 1579
  • 8. WW1
    • During World War 1, The Netherlands stay neutral
    • Germany planned to invade Amsterdam towards the end of the war, but was attacked and pushed back
    • The end of the war caused the Netherlands to build a stronger economy and military
  • 9. Hitler hits the Netherlands
    • World War 2 strikes differently
    • Although still neutral, the Netherlands decided to supply allied troops after the bombing of London
    • Hitler takes offence to this and invades Amsterdam in less than a month
    • Eventually Hitler pulls out, shortly after
    • D-Day
  • 10. Cold War
    • The Netherlands decided to stay out of the Cold War
    • They stayed neutral
  • 11. Government
    • The Netherlands has been a constitutional monarchy since 1848 and a parliamentary democracy since 1815; before that it had been a republic from 1581 to 1806, a kingdom between 1806 and 1810, and a part of France between 1810 and 1813
    • Current Monarch – Queen Beatrix
  • 12. Relations with U.S
    • Netherlands have a friendly relationship with the United states
    • They have Dutch embassies in America
    • America has a good trade business with Netherlands for foods, lumber, fish
  • 13. Amsterdam
    • Nicknamed “Drug Capital of the World”
    • Amsterdam was founded in the 1200s as a small fishing village
    • Amsterdam has many luxury hotels and a nice view of the snow capped mountains nearby
  • 14. Anne Frank
    • Frank was a Jewish girl who was captured and killed in a NAZI death camp, during WW2
    • Frank’s diary is one of the most well known stories today
    • Many play writes and movies were inspired by her story
    • Today, her diary is worth over 50 million euros