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CETS 2010, Amanda Schulze & Paul Dahl, Creating Winning Webinar Experiences
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CETS 2010, Amanda Schulze & Paul Dahl, Creating Winning Webinar Experiences


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  • Pre-session survey Slide handout Session presenter tips handout Video Q&A posties
  • Welcome to Winning Webinar Experiences…what’s worked for us. We are here today to have a discussion with you about webinars and share what our association is doing to improve the learning experience surrounding webinars. We
  • Before we begin talking about webinars, we want to introduce ourselves. I am Amanda Schulze. I’m the Director of Distance Learning for the Council of Residential Specialists. I am also a student getting my doctorate in Learning Technologies from Pepperdine University. My studies are focused on using technology to improve the lives of women in developing countries. If you want to talk with me about that just let me know after this session. Paul, introduce yourself.
  • During the 45 minutes we have together we want to talk about: What we mean by webinars. Why our association is doing webinars. What’s working for us to create a webinar experience. Paul will tell us about some of the technology we use for our webinars.
  • Here are some of the defining characteristics I have listed for webinars. From the bullets here you can see that I am not referring to the technology (there are numerous platforms available) – a marketing session showing a product or service or trying to get people to buy something. We keep our sessions purely educational – this is what I am referring to. From the pre-session survey we know… QUESTION: How many of you are creating and executing these live events at this time within your organization? QUESTION: How many of you used to execute these events but don’t any longer? QUESTION: How many of you are thinking of doing webinars in the future?
  • First, we wanted to acknowledge and address any webinar rumors floating around out there. If you are in education, you’ve probably heard some of these. Have you ever heard that webinars… Only for marketing Can’t teach anything / Learn anything in 60 minutes Must be FREE! Recording is same as live Teaching F2F is = to webinar No prep time is needed / easy to execute Pack ‘em in! Have you heard these complaints or rumors? QUESTION: What other negative rumors or complaints have you heard or experienced with webinars?
  • Poll: Just like in a live webinar, we are going to ask you to polls! Here is the first poll. Our polls are anonymous online – so heads down or eyes closed!
  • Paul and I work for the Council of Residential Specialists – known as CRS. This is a real estate association that focuses on continuing education in real estate. In order to become Designated with our association agents must meet specific education requirements and complete a number of real estate transactions in a specific time frame. You cannot buy this Designation! It’s not easy to get and can take some agents years. Because our classes are decentralized, agents must travel to locations to take a classroom course but they can now also take a course online that counts toward getting this designation.
  • We started webinars conducting webinars over 3 years ago – in 2007 and we’ve learned a lot! But some of the reasons we started conducting these types of events may resonate with you as well. Our competition is expanding on a daily basis. There are only so many real estate agents and in terms of where they can go to get their education, is HUGE! There are online real estate schools, online universities, other real estate associations and designations. Not to mention a new conference every day and social media sites like Active Rain. We could fill this entire page.
  • In addition to competing with all those other organizations and associations on the previous slide, here are a few more reasons that webinars are still relevant in our organization. Once an agent enters our education path to get the Designation and gets designated they don’t return to our education. They don’t attend new classroom course or take online courses they simply maintain membership. How many of you know someone in their field that once he or she has the credentials they never return to school? This is the same. We need a way to deliver hot topics and educate our members on changes in the industry. And webinars are just one way to do this, but this was a quick delivery method we could offer. Our members are located all over the US and some outside the US, so coming together for education is challenging. We wanted to create a new revenue stream for our organization. We can keep costs down and charge a small fee, we come out ahead. We also have quite a few face-to-face classroom instructors that have a cult following. Webinars is another outlet to give our members access to their favorite instructors and for our instructors to stay visible. TRANSITION: So with this explanation of where the motivation came from for webinars, we can now share with you what’s working for us and if you could share what is working in your organization that would be great. Everything we share may not be applicable to all organizations so we want to get as many ideas as we can.
  • With our webinars, we do have goals – revenue and otherwise that we are trying to achieve. Achieve learning objectives – if we say they will be able to do X – make sure we teach them how! Generate revenue – we must bring in more money than we spend. So we have to cover all platform expenses, marketing, speaker fees, etc., We want to average around 200 participants – this means selecting topics that are current / relevant and speakers that will draw participants – they have to be willing to pay. We are getting better at extending the learning experience and providing support. QUESTION: How do we do this?
  • Poll: Just like in a live webinar, we are going to ask you to polls! Here is the first poll. Our polls are anonymous online – so heads down or eyes closed!
  • Part of our webinar experiences has to do with the webinar brand we have created. When you ask your attendees they should be able to describe your webinars or brand. You have to make sure that this is consistent for every webinar. Your brand may be “cheap” or it may be “quick tips in 10 minutes every Tuesday”. Or the “Learning Lunch Hour”. But think about how you want to brand your webinars and how they will be known. You don’t want them known for late starts, boring speakers, runs over, just a commercial, etc
  • As an example of blended learning, take a look at this model. For BEFORE: Their given content before the learning and even an assignment and link to a forum before they go into the course as an option. For AFTER: They get an email with tips and ideas extracted from the course a link to a wiki and forum to continue to add new content and another implementation piece – where they are asked to take the next step and implement what they learned.
  • This slide conveys how we create our webinar experience and live out our brand. If you download our slides, you’ll be able to study this diagram in detail. But as you can see – we focus a lot of attention before the live event and then after. This is a road map we use for marketing, for preparing the webinar participants to learn, how we interact during the session, and then what happens after the session. I am going to break down each part of the experience for you so you can learn how we achieve our goals. This is our dream checklist to accomplish all of this for every webinar. We can’t or don’t always, but it gives us something to strive for. We have systems in place for a lot of this and to achieve our goals – so anything we automate we do.
  • Sometimes we start with a great speaker and sometimes we start with a great topic. In our industry, there are industry leaders that have a lot to share and we want to tap into them and bring to our members. Other times we get requests or our trends team makes suggesstions. We attend conferences and want to bring those topics to members that cannot attend.
  • We have a formula for scheduling our webinars. You want to make this part of your brand so that your participants
  • You have the speaker, content, now you promote it! Don’t just tell them to go to this webinar, give them content! Did you know…come to this event and learn more! You have to give something away to earn trust. Something of value
  • Everything we are posting or dripping out send people to our website to register. We don’t send them to the platform but to our own site where we collect the money and send them an automated email confirmation. We don’t want them waiting or wondering if they paid and registered.
  • Provide sample
  • You don’t have to call it an assignment and we know that not everyone is going to do it – but put some thought into what your participants would benefit from in a pre-assignment.
  • This is given to the presenter the day before the webinar – because we have last minute sign-ups. Our report would include… Paul to summarize
  • Even our most experienced presenters we always do a practice. Test phones, Internet connection, review slides, poll Qs, Refer to HANDOUT
  • In addition, earlier this year we surveyed our CRS GRAP – Grass roots advisory panel – and with Trish’s assistance learned our members support us offering more delivery methods- give me choices! However, they want opportunities to network. Don’t take away their F2F classrooms or make them study alone online. They want to network and interact and share ideas. Are we providing this right now? In some ways yes, in others no. We can improve.
  • Now we’ve gone through several different components of the YOUniversity – what we have bow versus what we’ll have in the future. On this slide are some of the key tasks that need to be accomplished to get our vision for the YOUniversity up and running. The concept / idea has already been approved so that is checked off. Colleen’s going to talk about the Designation requirements as they pertain to some of these changes. Keith gave you can update on the website re-design. As we further define each of the pieces in the program – like coaching or mentoring or the partner programs, we’ll learn more about the requirements of each of these and what is needed to get them implemented. These are not going to happen all at once but will be done over time.
  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2. What’s worked for us… Follow us on Twitter: #CETS10
    • 3.
      • Amanda Schulze
      • Director of Distance Learning for the Council of Residential Specialists
      • Doctoral Student in Learning Technologies at Pepperdine University
      • Paul Dahl
      • Distance Learning Coordinator for the Council of Residential Specialists
    • 4.
      • Webinars, defined
      • Why webinars
      • What’s working (for us and you!)
      • Technology that we use with our webinars
      • What’s next
    • 5.
      • Educational session w/ objectives
      • Live over the Internet
      • Participants anywhere on a computer
      • Speaker or panel that disseminates information
      • Group larger than 100 people
      • Approximately 60 minutes in length
    • 6.
      • Only for marketing
      • Can’t teach anything / Learn anything in 60 minutes
      • Must be FREE!
      • Recording is same as live
      • Teaching F2F is = to webinar
      • No prep time is needed / easy to execute
      • Pack ‘em in!
    • 7.
      • Which webinar rumor have you heard in your organization?
      • Only for marketing
      • Must be FREE!
      • Recording is same as live
      • Pack ‘em in!
    • 8.
      • Real Estate Association
      • Continuing Education
      • Over 40,000 members worldwide
      • Average age of member is 55
    • 9. The competition Tomato University iLearn Online Real Estate Education Real Estate Designations and Certifications
    • 10.
      • Our members don’t come back
      • Speed to market
      • Location
      • Revenue stream
      • Known F2F instructors
    • 11.
      • Achieve learning objectives
      • Generate revenue
      • Maintain average of 200 participants (90% attendance rate)
      • Conduct 2 webinars per month
      • Support implementation of learning
      • Keep them engaged
    • 12.
      • If you post about an upcoming webinar for your organization, which of the following comments is likely to be seen from a potential participant?
      • I can’t wait to attend!
      • I’ll think about, sounds interesting.
      • Can’t go I have a dentist appt.
      • You could not pay me to attend!
    • 13.
      • Speakers are leaders in the industry
      • Quality content that can be implemented
      • Additional materials and content
      • Follows a formula: Starts on time, has an assignment, always on Tuesday, etc.
      • High level of support before, during and after
      • Consistent look and feel / templates
    • 14.  
    • 15.  
    • 16. Live Webinar Event 2 Weeks Out 1 Week Out 2 Days Out 1 Day Out
      • Online Survey :
      • Submit content questions
      • Collect attendee data
      • Emailed :
      • Application assignment
      Same Day 1 Day After 2 Days After 1 -2 Weeks After
      • Email :
      • Access to recording
      • Top 5 ideas from webinar
      • Link to blog and memberconnect
      • so attendees can contribute content
      • Link to related product and courses
      • Reminder to complete Call to Action
      Post content on Blog, Facebook website Access slides, handouts, pre-assignment, corresponding product Promote: Blog, Facebook, forums, twitter, Webinar Warriors LinkedIn Blast Emails (4 weeks) Drip content and videos and online survey: Webinar Warriors, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Polls Tweet Q&A Chat in Twitter Forum WebEx Assignment Call to Action
      • Promote Recording:
      • Free Clip of Recording
      • Provide content ideas
      • Folow-up:
      • Ask for results of Call to Action
      Email : Links to , Online materials LinkedIn Evaluation Immediate Live Chat with Presenter
    • 17.
      • Trends Advisory Team
      • Polls on website and Facebook
      • Evaluations
      • Re-use the good speakers!
      • New speakers moderate first
      • Is it a series, part of a course, a bundle?
    • 18. It’s so sad when time ends with my CRS family.
    • 19.
      • Tuesdays or Thursdays
      • 1PM CST
      • 60 minutes
      • Never the last day of the month
      • Practice session
    • 20.
      • Drip the content: Blog, video, Twitter, Facebook, email, website, forums, LinkedIn
      • Have your speakers drip content as well!
      James Nellis Mike Selvaggio
    • 21.  
    • 22.  
    • 23.  
    • 24.  
    • 25.
      • Goes through our website
      • Get detailed information about session
      • Confirmation is immediate / automated
      • Reminders – one the day before and one the day of
    • 26.  
    • 27.
      • How many of you already have an automated registration and reminder system in place for your webinars?
      • Yes!
      • No
    • 28.
      • Slides
      • Pre-assignment – articles, to do’s
      • Survey to submit questions
      • Recording for one year
      • MP3 files of recording
      • Post assignment / activity / contest
      • Links / information to corresponding education and products
    • 29.
      • Article
      • Website
      • Activate an account
      • Use / download an application
      • Interview someone using it
      • Look up a fact or stat
      • Consider how they have used it and what issues they have
      • Send in separate email or will get lost!
    • 30.
      • Demographics
      • Application / usage
      • Issues or concerns with topic
      • Space for open-ended comments / questions
    • 31.  
    • 32.
      • AT LEAST one day before webinar
      • Recreate the same environment – attempt it at the same time
      • Best practices set-up
      • Review slides and determine the poll questions and application assignment
      • Roles and Responsibilities
      • Log on 30 minutes prior to start on day of
    • 33.
      • Email support
      • Phone support
      • Moderator
      • Production Assistant
      • Presenter
      • Tweeters
    • 34.
      • Group of 5 organized webinar attendees to attend CRS webinars
      • Task 1: Promote each webinar event starting two weeks out using social media
      • Task 2: Drip content prior to the webinar using social media/ blogging
      • Requirements: Have a presence/ following on social media (personal blog, twitter account)
      • Able to attend CRS webinars
      • Check with legal
    • 35.
      • Refer to data and pre-assignment
      • Polls
      • Q&A
      • Tweeting #CRSweb
      • Application assignment / contest
    • 36.  
    • 37. Creating audio only MP3 files for on-the-move REALTORS®
    • 39.  
    • 40. RECORD Make sure anything on your computer that makes a sound is turned off or disabled .
    • 41. Your recorded audio
    • 42. Highlight the section of audio that you want to make a track of…. ...go to Project, Add Label At Selection...
    • 43. Type in the name of your track….
    • 44. Starting Point Ending Point Amount of time selected
    • 45. All of your tracks have been marked… File, Export Multiple
    • 46. Change to MP3 Select location
    • 47. Member’s online folder
    • 48.
      • Live discussion with presenter
      • Link to evaluation / how to access all materials
      • Post top 5 / 7 ideas
      • Start a discussion, “what did you get?”
    • 49.  
    • 50.
      • Follow-up in forum about call to action
      • Ask for more ideas
      • Post contest winners
      • Email how to access recording and MP3s
    • 51.
      • Networking opportunities
      • Mobile
      • Share information
      • More video
      • Bundled with courses
      • Credit toward designation
    • 52.
      • Email [email_address] for more samples and online files or to attend one of our webinars
      • Create a promotional video for your next webinar and share with us
      • Create your webinar brand
      • Create MP3 File for your next session