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How to Integrate Social Media in Your Marketing Mix


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Learn hands-on experience with integrating social media with webinars and conferences with Olga from SemRush.

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How to Integrate Social Media in Your Marketing Mix

  1. 1. Practical guide to localising your brand @Olgandrienko #BrightonSEO
  2. 2. Marketing activities in 21 countries
  3. 3. 1. Your thoughts + slides, their tips 2. Top quotes from the expert, your slides, their comments 3. Masterclass: 10-15 min presentation by expert, huge Q&A session afterwards
  4. 4. Hot topic + guest Webinar Transcribe Publish on a website Publish short videos on social Webinar workflow
  5. 5. Interviews/video + tweets at the event Best quotes immediately after Videos/post after the event Roundtable/ webinar after Conference support workflow Chat/webinar before
  6. 6. How to win social media exposure at the event: Designs with quotes 1. Follow the hashtag on social media/ listen to interviews - track any type of activity from the conference OR ask for quotes if you’re there 2. Create a design (in, or other) 3. Share on social media and tag all speakers in the post + the conference
  7. 7. Email Template: Connect with the conference
  8. 8. Roundtable with 2 more speakers Twitter chat with keynote speaker + ticket giveaway Article supporting the 1st webinar Twitter chat recap SEMrush case: Australian event support Roundtable with 3 speakers