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I did a live project on (Its Marketing strategies, Operations, Products, supply chain etc). so this slide includes all the contents on

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  1. 1. Structural analysis of online shopping in India Submitted by – Chandan Sharma (MBA 4th Semester)Submitted to- Mr. Asheem Tapadia (DGM Digital Marketing IBM)
  2. 2. E- Shopping in IndiaIndia’s e-commerce market was worth about$2.5 billion in 2009, and slowly it went up to $6.3billion in 2011 and to $14 billion in 2012. About75% of this is travel related (airline tickets,railway tickets, hotel bookings, online mobilerecharge etc.)
  3. 3. was known as earlierand was started in September 2009 (Headquarteredin Gurgaon, Haryana).Selling around 300 brands.Managing with more than 5000 transactionseveryday.Turn over of last financial year was 100 crore.More than 500 employees are working.Yebhi is the biggest online shopping platform interms of Product categories.
  4. 4. Products• 10,000 different products, 1400 styles of handbags, 3000 styles of shirts / tees etc. at one stop, 4000 designs in footwear.• Shoes, clothing, bags, watches, toys, games, Home and kitchen etc.• has already crossed an important milestone of shipping 1, 00,000 Units in Single month.
  5. 5. Launched a new model “Try andBuy” in which customer can order a product and at the time of delivery if not satisfiedcan return it back without any cash charges.
  6. 6. “Buy first Sell Later”• purchases the products in bulk, in tune with the latest fashion trends, and stores them in their 1.25 lakh sq/ft warehouse facilities, before selling it to the end consumer.• This is probably the most significant process that enhances Yebhi’s credibility and enables the company to maintain high quality standards and a perfect fulfilment ratio.
  7. 7. “Click to Ship”• A streamlined workforce In place, which ensures that time between a customer placing order and the product beign shipped from there end is not more than 1-2 hours.• They call it “Click to ship”. And always try to make their delivery network more efficient.
  8. 8. Marketing Strategy• Yebhi has adopted mass marketing strategy. And offering every kind of product (Toys to Ties).• Interesting fact about yebhi is that around 40% of the customers visiting the website are woman.• So mostly dealing in soft line products.
  9. 9. Working Model of• is working on Inventory model. They have 2 big distribution centers of 125000 sq. feet with more than 14 delivery hubs in India. They deliver to about 11,000 pin codes in India, including tire one and tire two cities.• It helps in determining the economic order quantity, and the frequency of ordering, to keep goods or services flowing to the customer without interruption or delay”
  10. 10. Promotional Activities• Social Media Marketing (facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google +, etc)• T.V. Commercials• Print Advertisements• Movie Ties ups (Student of the year)• Others
  11. 11. Infrastructure •They have 2 big distribution centers of 125000sq. feet each with more than 14 delivery hubs in India. •More than 500 employees are working with yebhi and most of the delivery guys are hired from B-schools. •. They deliver to about 11,000 pin codes in India, including tire one and tire two cities. •Website is very attractive and more than 100,00 customers are visiting everyday.
  12. 12. “Supply Chain Management” Previously yebhi used aramex courier and now yebhi launched their own courier services which is called yebhi express.
  13. 13. Future Plans• Yebhi will soon expand to 24 delivery hubs in India (Currently 14).• Will increase storage capacity up to 500,000*2 sq. feet (125,000 *2 sq feet).• Will focus on becoming the largest player in soft line products.