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description of flipkart

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  1. 1. Presented by: Anand karki
  2. 2. I am Binny Bansal COO & Co-founder I am Sachin Bansal CEO & Co-founder
  3. 3. Introduction • Online Retail Industry • It is one of the leading e-commerce players in the country • Founded by Sachin bansal & Binny bansal in Bangalore, Karnataka in 2007. • Started with initial capital of INR 4 lakh. • 7 warehouses, offices and delivery centers (2014). • Revenue is of Rs 1180 Crore (US$190 million) (FY 2013-14). • 4600+ employees till December 2013.
  4. 4. Birth of • They were IIT-Delhi graduates • Big believers and passionate about E-commerce • They worked for before quitting and founding their own company. • Sniffed the trend of increasing internet penetration in India. • Had better knowledge of technology, distribution and logistics. • they used word of mouth marketing to popularize their company • give better experience to consumer in terms of – – • user friendliness and safe and secure net-payment options. Leaving Microsoft to Change the World bought by VVK.Chandra from Andhra Pradesh
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  6. 6. Reason for the growth in India market • Attract users to the site Family, Friends, SEO, SEM,WoM, Brand Building • Provide selection Make it easy to Find & Discover products • Provide details to evaluate a product Description, Specifications, UGC. • Price well Have to be competitive to the most obvious options • Provide convenient payment options Online, COD • Confirm payment
  7. 7. Get the item  Procure from Supplier (Just-in-time) (Supplier selection) Keep Inventory (Inventory Prediction, Planning) Clean & Check for sanity  Pages missing, MRP printed lesser than told to you Pack the item  Tamper proof, weather proof, breakage proof Select courier & hand-over  Courier performances vary across regions a LOT Get tracking id & communicate to customer  Follow-up for timely delivery Take care of returns (faulty product/user changes their mind) Minimize returns
  8. 8. What makes it stand out? • The procurement model is at the heart of Flipkart’s success, as most delays or troubles occur in this part of business. • Flipkart employed consignment model i.e. procurement based on demand. • It is the robust logistics at Flipkart that sets it apart from other wannabe e-commerce sites. • An amazingly well-oiled warehousing and delivery system.. • They offer a huge range of titles (more than 7 million) which really sets them apart from the rest of the crowd.
  9. 9. Marketing Strategy • Flipkart has been mostly marketed by word of mouth advertising. • Customer satisfaction has been their best marketing medium. • Marketing tools to have a far reach in the online world are • used SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and • Google Ad-words • official Face book page has close to 9 lac 'likes'. • Flipkart recently launched a series of 3 ads with the tag line - "No Kidding No worries" • Kids were used to create the adverts to send out the message - if a kid can do it, you can also do it. • All in all to create a great customer experience.
  10. 10. Flipkart’s Success mantra! • Great customer service Flipkart users are more satisfied than that of their competitors. Great customer service has been its hallmark. • Easy to use website, hassle free payment system The user interface is sleek and easy to use. • Cash on delivery/Card on delivery mode of payment This has been a major instrument in Flipkart’s success. Almost 60% of its sales happen through this mode. Cash on delivery created trust in the minds of Indian customers who were always weary of making payments online. • Focused on user experience Every other e-commerce site, tried to cram the maximum of amount of information possible into every single page where as Flipkart focused on providing only the relevant info.
  11. 11. Advertisements By Flipkart
  12. 12. Threats to its Crown • Maintain and enhance the same. • dynamic. • Entry of 2012S • trustworthy
  13. 13. Future Road Map • They aim at 10 times growth, and eyes at $ 1Billion sales by 2015. •They will look at bigger investments in their supply chain and technology. • Investment will be made in large warehouses and increased automation of their process, so that the product is not delayed. • They intend to enter in to various new categories and expand their current categories as well. • Everything except for groceries and automobiles will be available on Flipkart in future. • To go further in the value chain, Flipkart is looking at associations with a larger number of suppliers and partners, both nationally and internationally.
  14. 14. Product • • • • • Website is great, easy to use, easy to browse Quality level of the products is absolutely fine Products are well packed Product line on have warranties 30-day replacement guarantee for faulty products
  15. 15. Place • Words of mouth has been key driver for their growth. • When an order is placed they either serve the order from their inventory or procure the book on demand from various supplier and then deliver the customer. • which helps in quick and efficient service. • We deliver orders in 1 day in Tier-I cities and 2-3 days in Tier IIcities and 3-5 days Tier III cities • Shipping and Courier would act as intermediaries in this process.
  16. 16. place • Warehouses are located in the following cities, often near airports. • • • • • • • • Bangalore Chennai Delhi Hyderabad Mumbai Noida Pune Kolkata
  17. 17. price • Price of the product taking account of various expenses such asSupplier expenses, Transportation expenses, Packagingexpenses, Shipping expenses,Courrier expenses, inventorymaintenance expense, office and stationery expenses, sales andadvertisement expenses, taxes, depreciation, discountallowances and many more expenses. • Roughly about 5-7% profit per book orders which indicates thatgeneration of revenue is on volume basis. • • Differentiated themselves by giving best selections, best servicesat lowest best possible prices. (Video for the same) • • Discounts upto 35% across all categories. Upper edge in competitive pricing.
  18. 18. • PROMOTION • Employees of divisions like Website, Business Planning andAnalytics, ERP, Business Development, Product Managementand Marketing, Supply-Chain Management and CustomerSupport are generating revenue for it. • Selection Criteria at Flipkart:-While years of experience arealways beneficial for a candidate, Flipkart's focus is to hire thosewho are able to consistently raise the bar and introduce a varietyof innovations to move this organization forward. As Flipkartgrows, we feel it is absolutely necessary that our employees arealso able to grow professionally with the organization. • Adequate Training as per their roles and responsibilities is givento them accordingly and incentives. • Telephone Sales force is only 2% of the total employeesfocussing to reduce the unsold/goods not much in demand.
  19. 19. • PROMOTION… • Majority of Flipkart are employed in Customer support division. • It is the only customer support division in India having 24x7customer support functioning for issues such as regardingchoice of the product to purchase,shipping,courier,how to orderon website, mode of payment, gift voucher, order status &cancellation and returns. • Having even tie up with Skype for the same on the website foruser delight. • Unique tool of Sales Promotion is Affliate on their website. • Publicity is by words of mouth publicity generating trust andaccountability to users. (Video • for the same)
  20. 20. • PROMOTION… • As internet/web strategy used Google Ad-words, blogs,socialnetworking sites such as twitter,facebook,used Google ad-words,e-mail campaigns. Advertising focused on first Words of mouth from 2007-10 as the advertisment cost wasnot affordable • • • • Focused on Print and TVC from 2011 onwards. Launched their first campaign in tvc on 05/05/2011 with theconcept of Granny, Mouse, Magic Presenting The Concept ofGetting Books Delivered at Doorsteps at just one click of TheMouse through a Fairy-Tale. • Launced their second campaingn • • ”No kidding. Noworries” that we are serious about our promises we make and experience shopping safely, delightfullyand with ease.
  21. 21. Thank You