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Case study on flipkart


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Analysis of Marketing strategy and new branding ideas

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Case study on flipkart

  1. 1. Case Study On Flipkart.Com: India’s Leading E-Portal Business “Flipkart- Amazon Of India ” - Pravaal Jain XI-A
  2. 2. Flipkart – One of the leading Indian e-commerce companies headquartered in Bangalore,Karnataka. Bangalore,Karnataka. Founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007 Bansal in 2007 with 4 lakhs funding. Raised two rounds of funding from Accel India and India and Tiger Global Management Early focus on online sales of books and later later expansion of product line Offer multiple payment online Path breaking services Among the top 20 Indian website in term of traffic INTRODUCTION
  3. 3. • Bad experience of Indian with online shopping in the past- 1. Poor experience with the product 2. Late shipping 3. Poor customer services • Not an easy segment to break into , people were very particular in paying money for something which they had not seen or received. Initial Challenges
  4. 4. Skeptical About Security Of Online Transactions INITIAL CHALLENGES
  5. 5. • COD [Central ordinance depot] • 24*7 Customer Service • Never Promise Something That You Don’t Have-It Built Its Own Inventory • Delivery- Its own Courier Company • No Question- Return Policy And 30 Days Replacement Policy- A Recent Study Has Found That 89% Of Online Buyers Say Return Policies Influence Their Decision To Shop An E-Trailer FLIPKART BUILDING TRUST
  6. 6. • INDIAN RAILWAYS - WWW.IRCTC.CO.IN played a big role to its success. • Internet Boom In India And Growing Internet Base Users In India. • Not Much Competition In The Market. RIGHT TIMING HELPS!
  7. 7. • Started with books and went on to add new products • 2 employees , 2 suppliers to 4800 employees and more than 600 suppliers • Have Their Own Internal Courier Services Called Flipkart Logistics GROWTH STORY…
  8. 8. WHY BOOKS WERE THE FIRST CHOICE ? • Lower Transactions Size • Better Shelf Size • Shipping And Handling Of Books Is Easy • To Emerge As A Pioneer In Book Retailing Rather Than Venturing Comparison Shopping Engine
  9. 9. FLIPKART STRENGTHS • Price Reductions • 24 Hour A Day Shopping • Complete Freedom And Time To Choose • Satisfied Customers – Purchase Frequently And Spending Will Increase
  10. 10. The overall brand value of FLIPKART is good , but it is facing some tough competition from its global competitors like eBay , Amazon. But if talking about domestic market i.e. India , it is the most superior E-business portal which is aggressively expanding and planting its roots deep into the Indian market and at the same time shifting the mind set of the people i.e. from going and shopping from physical stores to online stores, which is magnificent ! CONCLUSION