A Do-It-Yourself Guide toMultichannel Consumer ExperiencesFrom DIY to DIWT (Do-It-With-Them)

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  • 1. A Do-It-Yourself Guide toMultichannel Consumer ExperiencesFrom DIY to DIWT (Do-It-With-Them)
  • 2. AgendaEffect ofon the Moen ConsumerBackground the Recession•• Digital Channel Evolution• Consumer Journey• Lessons & Best Practices
  • 3. Spending Effect of the RecessionIn the next 12 months, which best describes your spendingon kitchen and bath decorating projects compared to thisyear? 42% More 30% 26% 2009 Same 35% 2011 32% Less 35%
  • 4. Growth in Remodel-lite 37% Replace30% Remodel-lite27% New Construction 20%14% 11% 2007 2008 2009 2010
  • 5. DIY Resurgence 59%49% DIY - Do it Yourself BIY - Buy It Yourself PRO - Professional31% 25%20% 16% 2007 2008 2009 2010
  • 6. Role of a Faucet
  • 7. Role of a Faucet
  • 8. Channel Shift From To >
  • 9. Purchase Funnel
  • 10. Distribution Map
  • 11. CONSUMER NEED:• Inspiration, EmpowermentDIGITAL TRENDS:• Growth in consumption of branded videosAPPROACH:• Create inspirational, yet practical video series• Feature DIY expert to provide design guidance but work with homeowners to execute• Syndicate videos through paid, owned and earned properties
  • 12. CONSMER NEED:• Visualization, Personalization, Peer InputDIGITAL TRENDS:• Visualization enabled by digital• Influence of ratings / reviewsAPPROACH:• Create visualization tool showcasing Moen products based on style choice – Offer ability to customize room wall colors, cabinets, countertops, etc.• Offer ability to share room designs• Add ratings/reviews to product detail pages and cross-syndicate with retailers• Offer share function on product detail page
  • 13. + CONSUMER NEED: • Readily available product information in-aisle DIGITAL TRENDS: • Smartphone adoption • Digital merchandising opportunities APPROACH: • Develop mobile site for quick access to product information in-aisle • Use 2D codes to communicate innovations and differentiators like Spot Resist
  • 14. CONSUMER NEED:• DIY helpDIGITAL TRENDS:• Growth in online video as effective communications tool• Ability to share videoAPPROACH:• Create installation videos to empower and equip DIY consumers• Syndicate videos across digital channels
  • 15. CONSUMER NEED:• Share experiences and make recommendationsDIGITAL TRENDS:• Social platforms amplifying the voice of the consumerAPPROACH:• Enable ratings / reviews on moen.com• Establish and actively manage social presence on Facebook, Twitter and Blogs• Employ full-time community moderator to engage consumers and publish valuable content
  • 16. Lessons & Best Practices Effect of the Recession• Know how your brand can realistically add value to the consumer purchase process• Know the digital channels and their effectiveness with your target consumers• Know how channels (digital and offline) interact to drive to purchase• Measure, optimize and actively manage digital channels for maximum impact
  • 17. Please visit Critical Mass at Effect of the RecessionBooth #100for any additional questions, and look for a linkto this presentation on SlideShare.