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Reeldeal hd bespoke white paper


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Inside in the potential of video - White paper of our bespoke video services.

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Reeldeal hd bespoke white paper

  1. 1. White paper - The potential of video Creativity in Motion™
  2. 2. Growth of video traffic Proportion of Total U.S. Internet Traffic Source: Limelight Networks Creativity in Motion™
  3. 3. Growth of online video" Every minute 35 hours" of video are being uploaded to Youtube""2 Billion videos arebeing watched per dayon Youtube 2B" Creativity in Motion™
  4. 4. Video dramatically improves SEO “Videos are 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of search results” Creativity in Motion™
  5. 5. Youtube as search engine Search engine marketshare Youtube 2010 growth and # views 15% 8% 46% 12% 16%(source Comscore). Creativity in Motion™
  6. 6. Video versus other online adsVideo ads are outperforming other ad formats in all Video ads All other adsrespects; they are more efficient in raising brandawareness and helping viewers to understand theadvertisements message. (source IAB) 5.9%Aided brand awareness 3.5% 17.2%Online ad awareness 7.9% 8.8%Message association 4.8% 3.2%Brand favorability 2.1% 3.1%Purchase intent 1.8% Creativity in Motion™
  7. 7. Video traffic referral facebook 48% Twitter Yahoo 38% Google 35% Bing 3% 15% Monthly Growth Rate for Video Traffic Referral Creativity in Motion™
  8. 8. Video drives action•  Video is a great way to increase interaction. Adding video to email marketing boostscustomers’ interaction by as much as 200-300% (M&S June 2010).•  10-15% of shoppers who look at video’s click.Without videos, there is about a 1.5% conversion rate (Doubleclick Oct. 2009).•  Online retailer Living Direct found that videos boosted conversion as well as increasingtime on site by 9%. (Internet Retailer, Oct. 2010).•  Retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64%more likely to purchase than other site visitors (Comscore, Aug. 2010).•  Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not,based on results (Internet Retailer, April 2010).•  Over 90% of shoppers found video useful in making purchase decisions, according to  Swimwear Boutique customers (Internet Retailer, October 2010). Creativity in Motion™
  9. 9. Video Achieves results for Retailers 36% annual sales 40% increase in 24% reduction in increase with web sales product returns video *Online Computer Store *Consumer good e-retailer *Online Camera Store 45% sales 40% revenue increase for increase with products with video video *Online Jewelry Store *Online Bridal Store Creativity in Motion™
  10. 10. Consumers want brands to entertain them Provide you Be part of Help you Talk to me Keep you Improve your Connect you with life your daily organize like a real Entertain you informed knowledge with people experiences routine your life person 16-24 66 45 61 42 36 37 30 22 25-34 60 50 62 35 37 36 34 24 34-44 52 55 68 29 31 36 35 31 45-54 45 61 72 28 30 34 32 36 55-64 40 64 76 29 27 34 30 44 Global Data Jan. 2011 Creativity in Motion™
  11. 11. V-commerce video player examplesBespoke player with product video, tutorial or commercials to engage with customers. In-player purchase links to shopping bag. Creativity in Motion™
  12. 12. Social media video examplesFacebook fan page with video’s and In-player purchase links Youtube channel with wide range of brand videos Creativity in Motion™
  13. 13. Opportunities•  Brands are turning into media channels. Video content is playing a central role in this; corporate video, commercial, viral, short film or infomercial.•  Social media is creating an emotional responds with interactivity – shareability and discussability which makes this ad medium unique.•  Video content combined with social media combined with a call to action results in brand building, customer engagement and proven sales.•  Adding videos to your website optimizes your SEO dramatically. Creativity in Motion™
  14. 14. Why ReeldealHD•  REELDEALHD is a frontrunner in the potential of video. Bringing you the culmination of 10 years industry experience of producing high quality video productions with a vision for the future of our media landscape. We offer you bespoke video and stock footage, combining creativity with V-commerce.•  REELDEALHD offers customized and dynamic video players to create a strong brand channel on your own website.•  REELDEALHD helps to create a social media strategy with integrated and syndicated content on Facebook and Youtube with a direct call to action.•  REELDEALHD creates dynamic E-magazines. Viewable online, on mobile and tablets and include video to engage better with your customers.•  REELDEALHD offers in-house expertise combined external specialism. We work project specific with low overhead, creating competitive pricing and flexibility. Creativity in Motion™
  16. 16. Our clients Creativity in Motion™
  17. 17. Case study – Hays Recruitment " Create branding video showing HAYS recruitment world wide. " Website player and viral on social media networks. " Result in strong number of people sharing in social media landscape, creating brand awareness and large number of new recruitments. Creativity in Motion™
  18. 18. Case study – Select magazine " Create a dynamic e-magazine for the more than 25 years running photographic B2B; select-magazine. " Online edition includes showreels and interviews produced by reeldealHD. Viewable online, on tablets and mobile. " The dashboard enables us torate. page views and click trough track Results; increased magazine sales trough the app store and bookings. Creativity in Motion™
  19. 19. Contact details Creativity in Motion™