Day1 research stream_1700_emerging_digital_platforms_millward_brown


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Day1 research stream_1700_emerging_digital_platforms_millward_brown

  1. 1. FAD OR FABEvaluating New Opportunities in Digital Media
  2. 2. THE DANGER OF FADS Fad [fad]: a temporary fashion, notion, manner of conduct, etc., especially one followed enthusiastically by a group... busy oneself with trifles...” Source:
  3. 3. UNDERSTANDING FAB VALUE IN THREE PARTS Value to the consumer Commercial value Value to the brand3
  4. 4. VALUE TO THE CONSUMER What is the consumer benefit? How does it fit into people’s lives? What is the perceived value or catch?4
  5. 5. THE VALUE OF UNDERSTANDING WHY - APPLE“By placing the “why?” at thecenter of all that Apple did,Jobs avoided being defined byor confined to a particularproduct category.The astonishing financialgrowth of Apple reportedbyThe Wall Street Journal wasa byproduct, not a driver, ofJobs’sdecision to serve the ideal ofself-expression.” Source: Millward Brown POV Mario Simon MD Optimor: Americas5
  6. 6. CONSUMER CAPACITY FRAMEWORK High Increasing Capacity Penetration or Breadth of offer to Consume Reach Low High Depth of offer Time spent6
  7. 7. CONSUMER CAPACITY FRAMEWORK Viral video High Adoption path Consumer Display journey Display on Online video social sites Reach Social networking fanpages Mobile Low High Time Spent7
  8. 8. COMMERCIAL VALUE How does this provide something new to how we can communicate? How does it compare to other commercial alternatives? Which is the best opportunity for consumer impact?8
  9. 9. Web TV – What is the best Strategic use?
  10. 10. Reach of the Campaigns...
  11. 11. Investment in traditional TV hits heavy viewersexponentially more than light viewers... 63% % Ratings served to each group 27% Heavy TV 10% Medium TV Light TV
  12. 12. And adding more TV doesn’t help the problem... 87% % Ratings served to each group 35% Heavy TV 14% Medium TV Light TV
  13. 13. Reach of the Campaigns (revisited)...
  14. 14. Reach of the Campaigns...Among Lighter TV Viewers
  15. 15. Less than a Quarter of Lighter TV Viewers meetan optimal level of exposure through TV alone... Winning Post -79% 21% Fail Succeed -35% 65% (4+ Exposures)
  16. 16. WebTV adds significantly to the success rate amonglight TV viewers. Winning Post -68% 42% Fail Succeed -35% 65% (4+ Exposures)
  17. 17. BT Vision – Spotify
  18. 18. METHODOLOGY FRAMEWORKPre-Campaign recruitment 8 week Campaign N=200 No Recruitment for 6 weeks N=200 Banner Only Audio Only Banner & Audio Video & Audio + Control (no exposure)
  19. 19. THE COMBINATION OF AUDIO & BANNER ADS TOGETHER WEREBY FAR THE MOST EFFECTIVE PLACEMENTS FOR THE BRAND +13.2 Campaign +7.9 +8.8 Impact +6.0 +3.8 Aided Brand Online Ad Message Brand Purchase Awareness Awareness Association Favourability Intent Statistically Significant Increase
  20. 20. BRAND PERCEPTIONS STRONGEST AMONG 25+ < 25yrs 25yrs + Brand Perceptions: BT... Ctrl  Ctrl  Brand perception 1 26% +9.1* 9% +7.3* Brand perception 2 32% +7.1 18% +14.6* Brand perception 3 28% +13.5* 14% +10.6* Brand perception 4 25% +4.0 18% +9.6* Brand perception 5 16% +4.9 8% +3.8 Brand perception 6 25% +6.8 14% +12.5* Brand perception 7 36% +8.6 26% +16.6* Brand perception 8 30% +18.5* 22% +11.9* Sample Size c=121; e=160 c=111; e=155 Statistically Significant Increase
  21. 21. VALUE TO THE BRANDCampaigns that really stand out in their use of new media have:• Insight into the consumer needs and benefits from the new platform• Inspired commercial understanding of how this new platform works best to drive their brand objectivesThe following examples show how this is brought to life.21
  22. 22. WFA – Value of a FanFull report is available on request to WFA members:
  23. 23. Fans already outspend non-fans by over 4x. Thefan page challenge is to deepen the relationship Fans Non-Fans 4% Bonding 1% 62% Advantage 19% 67% Performance 31% 83% Relevance 37% 100% Presence 50% 13.4% Share of wallet 2.8%Source: Brandz, 2010 global database
  24. 24. Listening is key to success Ignoring social Thoughtfully integrated Jumping on media, program bandwagon — staying out of game "must be there" • Less relevant/current • Ability to listen to • Consumers see right and trustworthy consumers and through this — and it • Complete loss of understand their needs kills credibility control (consumers • Consumers co-own • Traditional marketing define the brand by the brand and approaches alienate themselves) evangelize consumersSource: Firefly Language of Love
  25. 25. Methodology Wall post: "Dear BRAND fans, your opinion is important to us! Please help us improve this page by answering our short 5 minute survey."
  26. 26. Bigger fan pages generally rated betterBut number of fans doesn’t tell the whole story High Correlation: 0.28 FanIndex Rating Low 0 500,000 1,000,000 1,500,000 # of Fans
  27. 27. Checklist Contests/ Giveaways New product Expected info Fun Expected Differentiator Variety Community Differentiator DifferentiatorRegularpostsExpected Offers Trustworthy Expected brand news Expected Innovation Interaction Differentiator Differentiator
  28. 28. Smirnoff / TimeOut iPhone App
  29. 29. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE 2. Deeper communication of the ‘There’ messaging: Bespoke Microsite Driving downloads 1. Mass awareness: High Impact branding & Driving to Microsite 3. Downloading the app: Co-branded Smirnoff & TimeOut iPhone application
  30. 30. When analysing results during the peak download THE APP FILLED A CONSUMER NEEDperiod, in January 2010, overall response is verypositive Peak download period * Iphone Application Stats provided by Diageo
  31. 31. Methodology Exposed* Do the results indicate a difference? Both groups ∆ +8 are surveyed 47% at the SAME 39% time about their attitudes Control* toward the brand in the creative Control Exposed
  32. 32. AND DROVE PURCHASE INTENT AMONG THEIRCORE TARGET Bulls Eye Target: 18-30yr old Vodka Drinkers living in London +67.6* +16.2* Ad Purchase Awareness Intent Statistically Significant Increase @ 90% Control (n=68) Exposed (n=91)
  33. 33. IN SUMMARYAvoid busying yourself with trifles by:Understand why, not what... from the consumer perspectiveLook for the difference... the opportunity can provideOptimise the context... to maximise what the new platform does best33
  34. 34. 34